55. Nikolaev, Ukraine
  • 126 lb - 57 kg
  • 5'6" - 167 cm
  • blonde hair
  • blue eyes
  • I don't drink
  • I don't smoke
More details about me
  • 01/13/1967
  • Christian
Self development
  • university
  • Caretaker
  • I speak English good
Marriage & children
  • I'm divorced
  • I have 1 child
About me, my character

What can a woman tell about herself? I'll start with my bad sides. I love ice cream more than anything in the world and I can eat it in the morning, afternoon, evening... maybe at night in bed, will you keep me company eating all kinds of ice cream that we find? wink

I also love pizza dough. Yes! I'm the kind of woman who always eats them even though they say it's not good LOL I'm crazy about olives. Yum! My good sides. I am gentle and I love it when a man is not shy to be gentle with me. I love romance because it's wonderful when two people are not shy about doing cute things together, cherish each other, pamper each other. Who said that only women should be pampered? I would also like to pamper my future man. Why not? A happy smile in return is priceless! I am compassionate. My father always taught me to give the most of what I have to those who need it most. Sometimes it works against me, but I don't regret anything. I don't like to talk about myself much, although I am a good listener. So maybe this is the moment when you write to me and tell me about yourself? Don't be shy, I don't bite, hehe

I have an adult daughter who gave birth to my two wonderful grandchildren. I may not be young on the outside, but I am definitely young at heart. If you would like to meet a mature woman who has achieved everything she wanted, if you are looking for a woman who will not pressure you to have more children, maybe I will interest you? Who knows, let's try!

My hobbies

traveling, reading, cooking, being with grandchildren

Partner I'm looking for

I usually don't select anyone based on some list of criteria. So I will count the few human traits that I would like to see in my future partner, but this is not necessary. Why? Because first of all here, on this dating site, I am looking for a person with his own shortcomings and virtues, with his capricious days and happy days. The world for me does not look only good or bad, it consists of many shades of gray, which I also want to see in my future partner. But I hope that he will be kind, compassionate, critical thinking and self-confident, and will know what he wants and what he does not want. I would like him to speak directly about the things that are in his head, because I cannot read minds, and his directness would greatly help in building our relationship. Summing up, I just want a normal man, and no less.

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