10-Step Guide to Impressing a Modern Girl


The unspoken code of the patriarchal society says that a man must look for the best ways to impress a girl, and a woman should only take signs of attention or reject them. Everyone has already agreed that a woman should be a keeper of some mystery. While men, according to this logic, shouldn’t have any mystery at all. Men should be ordinary, predictable, like the schedule of German trains. This is just public opinion. So, impress or not impress – what is better?

ways to impress a girl

On the one hand, nobody argues. It is very convenient to live in accordance with this rule. There is no place for lashing and suffering, there is no mystery, life is clear and beautiful. On the other hand, the attempt to turn yourself into such a mutant of simplicity and unpretentiousness has all chances to end badly. In the sense that the girls don’t like such primitive nature. That is, she says aloud, "He is so reliable, sweet and decent, he is like a stone wall."

However, she sighs silently and thinks that everything is wonderful but somehow boring. There are no desired shocks, adventures and any kinds of surprises. After all, women are incredibly curious by nature, they will not calm down until the interesting man will not be in their nest for a comprehensive study. How to impress any girl and become an object of their interest? How to let her know that you're not like everyone else, and that's cool? Firstly, you can be born a talented adventurer with progressive schizophrenia. Secondly, you can read appropriate articles and take advantage of the given tips.

Important things to impress a girl

To impress the girl, you do not need to do the splits on the first date, to demonstrate the ability to speak six languages or to dance with swords. It is enough to show yourself in the manner of communication, conversation, and behavior. How to dress to impress a girl? The main thing is to wear clothes of your own size. Your outfit should be a good fit, clean and well-matched.

Besides, to make girls like you, you need to have certain qualities. Girls want to get a set of opposing feelings and emotions. When you hear that a man should be gentle, strong, slightly insolent, loyal, and he should be able to speak on various topics, you imagine different men. Can a man have so many qualities? Certain manifestations of these qualities are present in every man. Each girl has a certain emotional request. If you manage to satisfy the requests, you can conquer her heart. It is difficult enough to anticipate the girl's emotional request in advance. When a girl gets exactly the emotions that she needs, the onslaught of these emotions ruins her idea of a man, she falls in love with him and his actions.

How to impress a girl on a date: a 10-step guide

If you are going to make a good impression, forget about standard techniques and use your imagination.

how to impress a girl you like1. Present a non-standard bouquet. In order to make a good impression from the first sight, you should be ready in advance. Try to gather information about the girl. Nowadays, we don’t live in the information vacuum, and the girl surely uses several popular social networks that can provide you with general information, interests, hobbies and social contacts. You can find out her favorite places, flowers, and some small dreams. If you know the general information, you will be able to avoid some boundary issues. For example, you can figure out that she doesn’t like a standard bunch of flowers and considers them to be “dead.” However, she adores cactus or orchid and buys it at every opportunity. How to impress a girl on a first date? Use gathered information, buy her a cactus and decorate it with a ribbon of a bright color. She will surely be impressed. In general, there are so many great florists who adore their job and will be glad to help you compose an amazing bouquet.

2. Open a car door for her. You don’t know how to impress a girl on a date, do you? A mission called "Dinner by all the rules of etiquette" begins at the door of the car that takes you to the main destination. Opening the door for the girl is a charming and gentlemanly way to show your manners and care from the very beginning. It is in the best traditions of the old school in the spirit of James Bond.

3. Choose an appropriate place. The first meeting is an acquaintance that does not allow any liberties with the sexual context, but, at the same time, it analyzes the possibility of such connections in the future. Choosing an atmosphere for a date, you should stop at a fairly crowded place, suggesting relative solitude. You can ask the girl out to a fashionable restaurant, where each table is in a separate niche but not in absolute isolation.

During the first meeting, you shouldn’t show all your stock of originality and create the illusion of ultimate disclosure of personality. Resist the temptation to make a date endless. The girl needs half an hour to realize the desire, and the remaining time is just for gaining additional emotions.

4. Help take off her coat and pull out the chair for her. Regardless of the case, whether it's the first or second date, you should stand behind the woman, help her take off her coat and hang it yourself. Perhaps it will be embarrassing for you, but since everything is so formal and solemn, and your lady is smartly dressed, you simply show your excellent manners and your attitude towards the girl. Following the rules of etiquette, you will impress her because usually, men forget about all that stuff. Besides, do not rush to sit down, Romeo. Stand behind the chair and help get her chair for her. Only after these manipulations, you can take your place. It looks wonderful, the girl will be pleased with your manners.

5. Choose topics for conversation. To impress a girl with a conversation, you should talk, but try not to offend or make her bored. Ironically, women tend to easily take offense at all sorts of things, without showing it externally. If you are not the best friends who know each other for a hundred years, then do not criticize her, do not give her advice unless she asks for it, and try not to knock her out of the comfort zone. And, of course, don’t talk with a girl about topics that only you are interested in.

6. Show confidence. According to numerous surveys, it has turned out that girls just love when a man keeps composure and shows determination in every possible way. At the same time, the girls do not like cold, detached people, so don’t overdo. How do you impress a girl? The best way to impress her is to hold yourself with dignity but without arrogance. To be confident means not to worry, not to make superfluous movements and not to stutter. Behave with dignity. Girls like that.

7. Don’t drink too much alcohol. Even if you know how to drink alcohol with the skill of an experienced sailor and without unpleasant consequences, it is still not the quality that should be shown to someone on the first date. The general depressiveness of the surrounding world has led to the fact that modern people smoke and drink a lot. Men who get out of these statistics make a good impression. However, if you are well versed in alcohol, then you can afford a glass of wine or champagne, showing your knowledge of a sommelier. Just present it as an interesting story, and not as an encyclopedic reference, so that the girl does not consider you a snob.

8. Talk about books. The world of modern literature is extensive and diverse. If you like to read, and you have something to say about the books that you have read, do not hesitate to talk about it. Even if the girl prefers some other genre, she will still find something to say about literature in general or her favorite books. Interestingly, according to statistics, women read more than men and tend to talk more about interesting books. Take this fact into service. Note that you shouldn’t discuss a book that a girl will hardly read.

9. Discuss some world-famous events. The social world of women and men is different. Men like to talk about "big things" like politics, sports, economics, and news, but most girls prefer safer topics for conversation. If you are interested in something of a major global scale that potentially can be of interest to the girls, then try to follow the latest news and trends. So, you will be able to talk with the girl not only about your lives but also about global events. The girl will be interested to know your worldview, she will gladly tell her own vision of the situation, and the time will pass very quickly in such a casual conversation.

However, pay attention that you should better not talk about politics, economics or sports if she does not like it. Let the opinion be really yours, and the time for "preparing" opinions will benefit you and bring pleasant memories. In global topics, there are so many interesting and varied things that you will surely find something to your liking.

things to impress a girl10. Think about an effective retreat. How to impress a girl you like? When you have finished the dinner, and you have paid the bill, help her with the sleeves of the coat, hold the door if it's not automatic, go from the side of the sidewalk, open the door of a car, and smile at her with your best smile of the rock star. Then behave depending on circumstances, you can either get behind the wheel or take another car if there is no third arrangement.

Bonus: how to impress a girl over text

The modern possibilities and infinity of the Internet simply consume the minds and fantasies of young people. However, the world web wipes out distances, the difference in social status, incomes, and even eliminates language barriers. Nonetheless, men still need to have some knowledge to put their best foot forward and be able to start communicating with some pretty girls. How to impress a girl on chat?

  • While using online dating services or social websites, you are not able to charm a girl with your charisma, therefore, you should show some originality.
  • To interest the girl you like, you need to write a message that will be very different from a template message and awful pickup lines.
  • Don’t start communication with a smiling or winking emoji.
  • Use your wit and good jokes to impress a girl. There should be at least little novelty for the girl.
  • The brain is considered one of the most sexual parts of a man’s body, so don’t hesitate to use it. However, many young men make mistakes, taking tediousness for the manifestations of intelligence and wit.
  • How to really impress a girl over text? Firstly, you need to study the interests of the girl, find out her hobbies and preferences, and then impress her with your knowledge of the interesting facts related to her interests.
  • To start a conversation, you need to ask questions. However, it is necessary to accompany the interrogative sentences with various stories to involve the young lady into the discussion. Phrases should be simple but meaningful.
  • Never forget about the grammar rules.

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