• 26.06.2020 Why and How to Write a Love Note for Your Girlfriend
    Love needs fuel to stay the same charming and passionate. There are many different ways to show women online and offline what you feel for them, how much you value, and just love them. One of the easiest and, at the same time, effective options is about writing a love note.
  • 18.06.2020 Confirming a Date: Is it Necessary and How to Do It?
    Date confirmation is an ancient dating tradition. Many young folks say that it is completely redundant, meaning that if two people want to meet, they will meet anyway. Why do we want to confirm the date? Do you confirm a date beforehand? What is confirmation?
  • 16.06.2020 10 Signs a Relationship is Getting Serious and What to Do Next
    How do you know if your partner is serious about you? When does a relationship become serious? What are the signs she wants a serious relationship with you? The psychology of relationships is complicated because analyzing another person is like composing a map of a vast dark forest.
  • 14.05.2020 A Detailed Guide on How to Plan a Date to Make it Perfect
    So, you finally decided to ask a woman you like to go on a date with you. Congratulations! You have already made a huge step towards your happiness. Assuming that she has agreed, now you will have to overcome many obstacles on your way to a perfect date.
  • 13.05.2020 How to Be More Masculine: Tips and Advice
    Perhaps masculinity is the only quality, the attitude to which has not practically changed over the ages. But the actions characteristic of a man who is masculine and attracts women are changing. Attitude to women, style, ways of conflicts resolving - this century dictates its own rules.
  • 12.05.2020 How to Date and Where to Meet BBW Girls
    If you live and preach for a “my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun” line, then you are a true BBW fan. With years, society has drifted away from a sad standard that all beauty fits one size. If your girl has trouble getting in those jeans, it is a great thing. Nowadays, BBW girls are the embodiment of sexiness, health, and desirability.
  • 14.04.2020 Emotional Labor in Relationships
    Why do we get involved in romantic relationships? For various reasons, actually. For example, we simply can't live alone, and we always need someone to support us. Of course, this is not the only big reason for people to strive for love and relationship, but it plays a huge role when it comes to living together with someone as a couple.
  • 14.04.2020 ADHD and Romantic Relationships: How to Make It Work
    A few important things you should remember about a person with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to build relationships with the emotional roller coaster that your partner is. Today we will talk about ADHD symptoms in adult relationships and how to maintain relationships with ADHD.
  • 14.04.2020 Top 15 At Home Date Night Ideas
    Any relationship specialist will tell you that if you want to keep the spark alive between you and your beloved partner, you should continue to woo your soulmate even if you have been living together for 10 years. Romance is one of the keys to harmonious and happy long-term relationships without betrayals and constant misunderstandings.
  • 31.03.2020 Half Your Age Plus 7 Rule – What Is It and Does It Work?
    Most people don’t know what the perfect age difference in relationships is. That’s why when they run into the half your age plus 7 rule somewhere on the Web, they hope it can become their safety ring and magic formula of healthy and happy relationships.
  • 16.03.2020 Overweight Dating: Tips for Single Guys
    Unfortunately, even today, people still pay too much attention to physical attraction when they try to find romantic partners. Although nowadays, we have a body-positive movement, everyone still focuses on looks when they decide whether they want to get acquainted with someone or not.
  • 16.03.2020 Workplace Flirting Signs from a Woman: How to Notice Them
    Today we will discuss everything that has to do with flirting at work. We will talk about issues like workplace flirting signs, answer the question, "How to find out does my coworker like me?" and everything in between. But we will start with some of the main pros of such a relationship.
  • 19.02.2020 Ultimate Guide on How to Be More Romantic in a Relationship
    We get married, being completely confident that love will continue to hold us together. However, romantic meetings are being replaced by everyday life and all its companions: mortgage, work, children, house chores, and quarrels with relatives.
  • 17.02.2020 Main Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Over You and Is Moving On
    How many times have you ordered something you didn’t like at your favorite place, then thought that maybe this time it would taste different and ordered it again? Then it turned out that you still did not enjoy that meal. But these are all harmless mistakes. However, why people keep doing the same with their lives and keep rebuilding doomed relationships?
  • 12.02.2020 Taking a Break in a Relationship: Why and How to Make It Right
    Relationships can’t be easy, understandable, and simple. Life circumstances are changing, people are changing over time, and along with this, relationships between people are changing as well. In the life of probably each couple, there are situations when coexistence seems completely meaningless. People suddenly realize that they are missing something important. There are doubts. But long-term relationships are also the result of serious work, and many people don’t want to put effort, but they decide that taking a break in a relationship is the best idea.
  • 12.02.2020 Great Ways to Flirt With Body Language Only
    Sexuality and the ability to flirt with body language give you special winning qualities. Skillful flirting opens many doors in front of you, it elevates you to the rank of popular and sought-after personalities as well as gives your image an exquisite charm and a desire to communicate with you more closely.
  • 03.02.2020 Important Online Dating Questions to Ask Before Meeting IRL
    It turns out that quite simple knowledge and skills are needed to communicate normally if you date women online. However, everything is not that easy, and even if you have managed to interest a girl online, you shouldn’t forget about the questions to ask before you start dating.
  • 29.01.2020 How Hobbies for Couples Can Strengthen Your Relationships?
    It is crucial for romantic partners to have common hobbies and interests. So, you should have many ideas about interesting hobbies to pick up, for cases when you face this problem. Of course, you can leave your current partner and find a woman online, but what if you are head over heels in love with your current partner? How to find fun activities for couples to do together if partners have almost nothing in common?
  • 20.01.2020 Adventurous Date Ideas and Tips
    Today’s article covers everything that you should know about adventurous dates. What is an adventurous date? What are some adventurous things to do on a date? We will answer these questions and more, but for now, before we list some adventurous cheap date ideas, let’s talk about the importance of such dates.
  • 24.12.2019 Dating a Friend's Ex: Is It a Good Idea?
    Dating best friend’s ex is an ambiguous story, which is fraught with many pitfalls. There are a lot of opinions in society, but it is impossible to come to a single one. So that your life doesn’t turn into hell, you need to be prepared for the difficulties that may arise in such relationships. And in general, is it okay to date your friend’s ex girlfriend?