Ultimate Guide on How to Be More Romantic in a Relationship


We get married, being completely confident that love will continue to hold us together. However, romantic meetings are being replaced by everyday life and all its companions: mortgage, work, children, house chores, and quarrels with relatives. We are getting stuck in a routine, and romance is out of the question. We were not ready for this. Shifting all obligations to love, a person forgets that the basis of a strong marriage is not an initial love, but mutual understanding and the ability to come to an agreement.

It is a calm and balanced personality that can create lasting relationships with single ladies online from the very beginning. However, such a person does not immediately find a response in our hearts. And only in several years of living together, after some quarrels and resolved domestic problems, a love of a completely different level arises between two people if they don’t forget how to be more romantic. This is the strongest connection based on support, acceptance of another person and mutual understanding. This is true mature love, thanks to which a harmonious marriage is built.

how to be more romantic to your girlfriend

The Importance of Being Romantic in Dating and Marriage

Perhaps, each couple notices that after a certain time, romance leaves the relationship, being killed by daily life and the same boring set of actions. Couples have nothing to talk about, and children become the only unifying factor. At the same time, there are those who manage to keep warm romantic feelings even after many years.

Is it possible to maintain feelings and mutual interest at the same level in a relationship? Or should we accept the fact that love inevitably turns into a habit? However, if romance leaves the relationship, then only obligations remain in the marriage. And such couples decide to break up sooner or later. Can you save love and passion to not experience indifference in the union? If you know how to be romantic with your wife, then everything is possible. Some psychotherapists believe that the secret of a happy relationship is to find a balance between your need for freedom and expression, on the one hand, and the desire for closeness and unity when you can talk about sex with your partner, on the other hand.

Romance arises as a result of a person’s desire to express their love and show a special, sensitive and careful attitude towards the partner. Indeed, a person who is in love with their partner wants to take care of a beloved person in all possible ways. And if you don’t show your feelings, then how can your partner understand that you are not indifferent? Sometimes, men and women understand and perceive romance in different ways.

For women, in most cases, it comes down to actions or gifts that affect feelings, increases positive emotions, and provoke a response in the form of a desire to surprise the partner. And if a man does nothing, then both partners will not get the required portion of positive emotions, so over time, one of them may look for them on the side.how to be romantic to your girlfriend

Why It's So Hard to Maintain Romance in Long-Lasting Relationships

When you have just started dating, your position isn’t stable enough to relax and feel yourself in the comfort zone. You want to conquer the person and make them stay with you forever. Such desire is supported by novelty and a powerful cocktail of hormones in your veins that makes you feel high and forces you to come up with romantic ideas for her. You are extremely excited and want to demonstrate your feelings. However, your body cannot live in such a rhythm for too long, so sooner or later, you calm down, your needs come first again, and it turns out that you don’t know (suddenly) how to be more romantic with your wife.

Routine and boredom

A long-lasting relationship is hard work 24/7 without coffee breaks, but many people forget about that as soon as they settle down and start living an ordinary life. Household chores, work, and similar activities every day make you feel stuck. You become lazy and start postponing your life until tomorrow that never comes. You feel bored in your relationships and miss all these bright emotions and moments that were at the beginning. You believe that you can do nothing about that because there is nothing new here, and you have walked this path already. You are sure that there is no need to reflect on how to be romantic over text because a couple of sweet messages will not spice up your relationships.

A strong need in personal space

When you reach a certain point in your relationships, you may feel an acute need to devote more time to yourself. At some moment, you can be even annoyed with the presence of another person within your personal space. And you have a tremendous desire to look for ways how to be more romantic with your girlfriend only when you feel happy and satisfied with everything. So, it resembles a vicious circle.

A stereotype that romance and tenderness is for teenagers

We don’t know where this awful stereotype has come from, but many people sincerely believe in it and feel embarrassed and ashamed even at the very thought that they want to do something romantic to their partners. They tell themselves, “It’s so stupid! What am I thinking about? I am not a teenager already.” So, even if they reflect on how to be more romantic in a relationship before bedtime, they are afraid to do anything because of prejudices.

How to Be More Romantic With Your Wife

A couple can be happy only when a woman is happy in it. A husband who seeks to return the joy of relationships and reach new heights in life must learn to think something like, “My woman comes first.” Anyway, the mood of everyone around depends on her well-being. Close relationships and fun activities are the two cornerstones in the life of a modern woman. To restore hormonal balance, she needs pleasant things. Women often forget about their own needs and desires, being under stress. Women need men for hormonal balance, and women need romance. On the Internet, you can find many how to be a romantic husband ideas, but the main thing is to do something and not just read those.

1. Create the right mood

You should study all the possible tips on how to be more romantic to your girlfriend or wife and think about what you can do right now. For example, you can meet your spouse after work and take a stroll in the nearest park. You can ask her out on a short date during working hours, for example, to have lunch together. You can find 12 cozy places in your city and go to a new place every week, and it can become your family tradition. Such little things will bring you closer and help you enjoy a great pastime together. Even a strong couple can lack romance without such rituals.

2. Try something new together

Boredom is one of the most powerful enemies of all couples. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other, but if you do nothing together except for watching TV shows, you will lose interest in your relationship over time. You shouldn’t turn all pleasant romantic things into another routine and do everything on schedule. People who don’t try anything new in their relationships suffer from boredom and mutual dissatisfaction. While those love partners who have managed to find new sources of fresh emotions keep an interest in each other. How to be a romantic person? Start small. For example, find an interesting master class or ask your wife out to dance. It should be something new and unusual.

3. Remember bright moments

If you want to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, you should remember things that you do when you asked yourself, “How to be romantic to your girlfriend?” The fact that your girlfriend has already become your beloved wife doesn’t mean that you should forget about making efforts. You should visit those old places that are associated with some very pleasant memories, repeat some old rituals that have been forgotten for one reason or another. You should do things that bring a tremendous charge of positive vibes, love, and tenderness.

4. Go on vacation without children

A vacation without children and friends is another important thing that can help strengthen the family and spice up your relationships. Small kids need constant supervision, so resting with them does not contribute to strengthening romantic ties. Going on a vacation without them, you can feel young and reckless again. It’s not true that you cannot go for it since even 2-3 days will be enough to recharge yourselves and get a new portion of emotions.

5. Pay attention and compliments

Sometimes, women need much more attention than men are ready to provide their spouses with. If you belong to this category of spouses, then if you are looking for a romantic thing to do for your wife, think about paying 100% attention to her as well as paying compliments when she wants to talk. Put aside your laptop, phone or whatever you devote your attention to, and ask your partner what she is worried about and what she wants to discuss. Make her feel beloved and important to you. Besides, don’t forget that an ordinary compliment has strong hidden powers, so look into your wife’s eyes, smile gently and say that she is a gorgeous woman and how much you are happy to be with her. Just don’t overdo it.

How to Be Romantic in Bed With Your Partner

Everyone needs love. It is like food or air. Whatever anyone might say, you don’t want to be a Robinson Crusoe of the 21st century. The most delicious thing in a relationship is emotions. If there are no emotions or they have faded away, then people start looking for their replacement on the side. If partners have been married for more than a year, and it seems the word “romance” has not even been mentioned for a long time, then you should urgently think about how to be more romantic in bed and reanimate your relationships. Your woman needs to get a good portion of oxytocin.

1. Let her feel sexy

A study conducted in 2010 examined the sexual satisfaction of women on various grounds and criteria. It showed that sexual satisfaction directly depends on the high assessment of her body by the partner, as well as the absence of distracting thoughts during the intercourse e.g. about doing something wrong etc. Therefore, do not be stingy with compliments, either before or during sex, or after it. Believe us, sincerity will improve the situation, and the enhanced sincerity can move mountains. If you don’t know how to be romantic in bed, start with words.

2. Don’t forget about a foreplay

We understand that during sexual intimacy, you reflect on how to quickly undress and move on to the physical interaction. However, you shouldn’t rush things since the foreplay is of great importance especially when you want to add some romance to your sexual relationships. For example, kisses have a crucial meaning here, but many men ignore them. Nonetheless, a study showed that they can be a major part of good foreplay and sex itself, as they play an even greater role in choosing a partner. And it’s all about chemical elements released during this process. Besides, kisses increase the excitement level.

3. Try new positions

It is the simplest and most effortless way. To do this, you need a woman, porn or a guide to the world of sexual tricks, that is, the Kama Sutra. Choose together the right one and practice! In the Kama Sutra, however, there are positions that require excellent mastery of your body and a good stretching. But the impressions of the experiments will be very vivid. Porn is an option closer to reality. Usually, there are no “downward facing dog” positions. Or did we confuse it with yoga? Okay, it does not matter. So, in movies for adults, you will see positions that you can easily repeat.

4. Try new places

In this case, you will have to leave the house. If you have a car, you can try it. If you don’t have a car, you can experiment with the situation: book a hotel room or do that right in the porch, elevator or on the roof, in the cinema. At the risk of being caught in the act, the sensations will be piquant, but you should not forget about caution.

5. Give her a massage

Gentle massage has been proven to awaken libido in both men and women. So, you should better learn how to do it. Offer her a massage in the evening after a working day. She will not refuse. When she is relaxed enough, you can move lower from her neck, shoulders, and back. By the way, do not neglect massage cosmetics, oils, gels and creams for massage. Many of them contain pheromones and other substances that cause arousal in women. This will help you turn on your partner and find the shorter road to the essence of the process.

Cute Romantic Gestures for Her to Try on Every Phase of Relationships

If you want to make your relationships more romantic, you should analyze your lifestyle, determine the weak spots and understand the nature of your communication. When did everything change dramatically that you started facing boredom and slight annoyance? What is the root cause? Do you think that romantic gestures for her will improve your relationships? It doesn’t matter whether you will answer with yes or no, you should try anyway if you don't want to blame yourself that you haven’t done everything possible.

1. Instead of asking all the time where your girlfriend wants to dine on Friday, offer her several new cozy places or book a table in one of them and make a surprise.

2. Play with her hair when you are watching your favorite TV series and kiss her head gently. Such light touches are very romantic and cause spine goosebumps.

3. Praise her for every small achievement and be grateful for everything she does for you every day.

4. Stop criticizing her too much. We all have drawbacks and want to be accepted by partners as we are.

5. Arrange a small trip to another city or country on a weekend.

6. If you know that she had a hard day at work, send her a message that you are going to order takeout and open a bottle of wine, ask her what she would like to eat.

7. Take her face in your hands when you are kissing her.

8. Present her small gifts. It can be a nice cup in the style she likes, or a T-shirt, or a beautiful notebook.

9. Be sure she takes an umbrella with her if it is raining outside.

10. Talk more about different things. For example, ask her what she imagines when she hears the word “rope.”

11. Come up with an interesting game for two of you.

12. Send her a cute text during working hours, make her smile and think about you.

13. Prepare a bubble bath for her when she comes back home.

14. Feed her with her favorite ice cream, having asked to close her eyes beforehand.

15. Bring her a cup of coffee in the morning and cook breakfast.

16. Ask her out on a romantic date.

Romance Gradually Disappears from Any Relationship

Unfortunately, everyone can wake up one day and realize that their relationships have lost one important component, and you don’t feel that much happy as you were used to. However, you should not expect that the problem will take care of itself. If you realize this problem and want to change the situation dramatically, you should start acting. Communicate with your partner, talk about problems, make pleasant surprises for each other, spend time together in unusual ways, and you will see over time that your relationships have become vivid and emotional again. What can be better than to fall in love with your partner again?

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