Great Ways to Flirt With Body Language Only


Flirting is an important part of our lives. Many people are sure that this skill is necessary but, for some reason, they spend their free time alone or with friends. To properly send signals to single women, you need to know certain rules that are based on the laws of psychology. Everyone knows that first, women pay attention to appearance. At the first meeting, it doesn’t matter to them who you are by profession or what your zodiac sign is because no one knows how your acquaintance will end.

Sexuality and the ability to flirt with body language give you special winning qualities. Skillful flirting opens many doors in front of you, it elevates you to the rank of popular and sought-after personalities as well as gives your image an exquisite charm and a desire to communicate with you more closely.

how to flirt with your body language

Flirting with Body Language – Why Is It Important in Communicating with Girls?

When attraction arises between a man and a woman, they communicate not only with words but also with the body, gestures, and looks. Flirting is a set of verbal (speech) and nonverbal (gestures, facial expressions) actions to express attraction for a person. Words, gestures, and behavior in the process of flirting help attract the attention of representatives of the opposite sex and overcome barriers of communication. Flirting can serve as the beginning of a serious relationship or it can remain an innocent love game to attract attention. The topic of flirting is currently very relevant, as it relates to relationships and understanding of the psychology of men and women. Doctors say that only happy people flirt. They like to flirt, relax, and be in languid expectation.

One of the main and big topics of flirting is body language (non-verbal communication). Many men don’t understand women’s body language signs. But a person perceives most of all information through gestures and facial expressions. And each gesture has its own meaning, and sometimes even a few. That is why, the most important and first rule of reading bodily signs, which should be remembered is that each gesture must be interpreted in conjunction with others, and not separately. Sometimes our body speaks independently, bypassing consciousness, that is, we don’t suspect what information was transmitted.

How to Flirt with Body Language: Pivotal Ingredients

Only 7% of the information is transmitted using the tongue. In 38%, the perception of the transmitted message depends on our intonation or the sound of our voice. For example, a trembling, intermittent voice makes it possible to assume that a person is shy, scared or lying. A clear and loud voice is perceived by us as confidential. Men receive the remaining 55% of the information, reading girls' body language. These statistics show that people who know how to control their bodies and voice are considered more attractive than someone who knows a little about seduction. So, how to flirt with body language? What is important?

how to flirt with eyesSmile

How to attract women with body language? Smile! But your smile should be sincere. Such a smile suggests that people are pleased to be together, and they trust each other. Everyone knows that a smile is contagious. It makes people more open. A smile combined with the right eye contact is a good signal to start a game.


If people flirt, they change their behavior. The easiest way to notice this is by looking at their posture. They straighten their back, thinking that it will look more attractive in the eyes of others. They begin to speak more energetically and enthusiastically with someone. In general, if the posture changes, this may mean that they are already ready for acquaintance.


The most common and speaking part of the body is the eyes. Indeed, you often hear that they are a mirror of the soul, and you can understand what a person feels. Eye contact is one of the types of flirting signals. The best option for the duration of eye contact is from 2 to 4 seconds. Looking directly into the eyes is already a sign of confidence that makes butterflies in the stomach fly faster in a certain way.

Hands and gestures

Lively and moderately active gesticulation speaks of the sincerity of the words spoken. Gesticulation perfectly complements facial expressions. With its help, you can add more meaning to words and make them more expressive, which is just fine in the art of flirting. In gestures, people can add involuntary touches to each other, which also helps bring two barely familiar people together.

How to Attract Women with Body Language

Body language is undeniably one of the most important aspects of communication. It carries a lot more meaning than it seems to us. Using this language, we express completely different emotions: fear, happiness, anger, embarrassment, and distrust. And even flirting is completely impossible without it.

1. Making eye contact

This is how a man shows he likes a woman. This behavior was practiced by cavemen. As experts explain, eye contact helps people remember you better. How to flirt with eyes? When a man wants to make a good and lasting impression on a woman, he will try to keep her gaze. A gaze in combination with a charming smile can push a woman to a positive answer. By the way, this is also one of the favorite female body language signs. Ladies also use this technique.

2. Be delicate

Delicacy is another important aspect of flirting with a girl. You shouldn’t say to her straightforwardly that she interested you. It is necessary to leave room for imagination and use indirect hints. Those who want to learn how to flirt with a girl will have to learn the skill of aesthetics and subtle hints. This art involves a kind of game.

3. Lick your lips

A guide on how to flirt with body language for guys says that lips are one of the most erotic areas of the human body. And a man can instinctively use them to demonstrate to a woman that she attracts him. He can also lick his lips or touch them to calm down. This means that he is nervous or feels close to a girl, especially if he has no idea if she likes him. However, this shows his strong feelings.

4. Touch her

When we like someone, we will find different reasons to touch them. So, try to touch a girl by the shoulders or easily touch her arm or knee. If you are in a crowded place, then get closer to her. These physical contacts help a man see how a woman will respond to his initiative. Such touches can literally “burn” her.

how to attract women with body language5. Hidden vulgarity

Yes, it’s exactly hidden. After all, if you discuss the weather with ladies, they are unlikely to want you after such a conversation. Therefore, you need to be able to very softly turn a conversation into a sexual direction. But each girl has a framework in communication. When you meet, carefully watch her so that not to push her away.

6. Change the timbre of your voice

What other ways to flirt with body language can be used? A male voice can flirt without the participation of the man himself. Sometimes flirting with a girl on the phone is even more effective than the live option – the girl is not distracted by anything other than a strong male timbre.

7. Show confidence

In addition to general characteristics, there are also individual manifestations in the behavior of men and women. When an attractive woman is in the visibility range of a man, he can strain muscles, as if playing them, straighten his shoulders to appear taller and stronger. Men show their readiness for action by putting a hand on a belt or thumb on a belt buckle. In most cases, it is simply perceived by women as a pose of confidence.

8. Mirror her

How to flirt with your body language? We can make others feel comfortable reflecting their behavior. In this case, two people are as if synchronized with each other. The more people find common ground, the stronger their interest in each other will be. This effect is called mirroring. Actions should be carried out at the same pace and rhythm, otherwise, a girl may consider you to be strange.

9. Active facial expressions

They are showing interest and openness on the face – the key to success in flirting. Mimic reactions indicate the sincerity of pronounced phrases. No need to hide feelings behind the lifeless grimace of the face. And here gesture is a great addition to facial expressions, but it’s important not to go too far.

10. Watch for female body language signs

Girls tend to give hints to men they like. However, they do it very subtly, and sometimes it’s quite difficult to decipher their actions and body language. Therefore, watch the girl. The sure signs that a girl likes you are her playful look, smile, play with hair, a demonstration of the neck, décolleté, touching your hand, etc.

There are many more flirt body language signs that both men and women show. Nevertheless, we have sorted out the most basic and common ones. Now you can recognize women flirting and also use body language yourself to express your attraction.

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