Confirming a Date: Is it Necessary and How to Do It?


Date confirmation is an ancient dating tradition. Many young folks say that it is completely redundant, meaning that if two people want to meet, they will meet anyway. Why do we want to confirm the date? Do you confirm a date beforehand? What is confirmation?

“Confirming a date” the night before means texting your partner and asking whether the date is still on the schedule. You don’t go out or flake, you need to approve the time and the place one more time just to make sure the other one is coming.

confirming a date

Confirming a Date: Redundancy or Necessity?

Some men think that confirming a date is below dignity. “Why do I have to wait around until she decides? I don’t have to sit around all week in anticipation!” So, is confirming a date with a girl a redundancy and a waste of time?

For most modern people, confirming a date is outside their comfort zone. Many males are too busy to check on a woman to make sure she is in the mood. Some might say it’s degrading. Others might feel like it gives a girl the right of passage to flake on you at the last minute.

Confirmation is overall a good rule and a manifestation of a male’s courtesy. To women, it does not read as “desperate” at all. Moreover, most females would like to receive a text with a question about conforming to a date. That shows how much a guy cares to meet them and misses the time you can spend together. It manifests serious intentions. If a man can find time to confirm a date, he isn't going to disappear, being interested in a date. So, even in modern terms, confirmation is flattering and desirable for most women.

Why Do You Need to Confirm a Date?

People text to confirm the date for various reasons. What if you meet girls online and want to know whether they've got safely to your city and still can meet up? There are still many more reasons as to why confirming is beneficial for both males and females.

1. We confirm the date because of the partner’s anxiety. When the first date is too much to handle, females often feel dizzy and light-headed. Yes, anticipation is very stressful and can become bittersweet. Especially if you are dating a girl with social anxiety disorder, it can be hard for her to prepare mentally for a date. She puts away the date of confirmation to check on her feelings and make sure she is going to handle it. Sometimes females don’t know what to wear, how to present themselves, or what to talk about. Confirmation is their rescue card to take a deep breath and reevaluate the situation.

2. Girls want to seem busier than they are. Some women are indeed working hard and unable to find the time for a date. Others ask their date to check confirmation to not seem equally desperate for a meeting. They want to sound casual, bossy, and busy so that the man has more respect. She doesn’t know whether you can meet this week, but will certainly try to get the day off or finish the work earlier. Many females have caught themselves being overly attached, waiting for a man to answer the call. After a few bad experiences, they would rather come off as flaky or not “100% down for it” because it’s easier to manipulate than being manipulated.

3. It’s a test. Women are very tired of flaky men who cancel the date last minute and come up with a clever excuse. To combat this, females decide to be “busy” and “not sure” to see whether you will make that extra effort to ask them twice. They want to know whether you are reliable and manly enough to step outside your comfort zone, ascend over your pride, and ask twice. Confirmation is among normal online dating questions, so why would you not do it? We spend twenty minutes to an hour on texting. That is more than 94 texts we send and receive. So why is it so hard to dedicate one text confirm a date. Women think you can’t be THAT busy to go for an extra step.

4. She got it from her momma. do you confirm a date?If her family is traditional, confirming a date is the right thing to do. A woman might expect you to manifest courtesy just because her father treats her mother the same. In fact, it is a good tradition because it shows extra care and attentiveness.

5. She is not sure you like her. Women can become self-conscious and emerge themselves to a pond of tears and self-loathing. Some of them might be disappointing if you don’t text too much. And this is where all the pettiness comes from. She thinks that if you like her that much, you would be courageous enough to ask twice and check on her.

6. She is not sure she likes you. If her feelings are not 100% yet, she just wants that slight chance to flake on you in case of what. Women can be players too, so you never know who you are going to come across. Generally, some females can ask you to confirm later to use all the time in the world to think about this decision.

7. She still doesn’t know what to do with her ex. If your date is in the in-and-out relationship with her forever reoccurring ex, she still does not know whether she’s single or not. And this can be a bummer because both people in a toxic rollercoaster relationship are, well, toxic. If you know about her situation, don’t diminish yourself to a second option and never agree for that dating. In that case, ask her to call you later once she ended with another person.

Text to Confirm a Date: Examples and Tips

How to confirm a date without sounding desperate? Should I text to confirm the date? If you want to master the art of confirmation, check out the list of examples and feel free to implement them in your daily conversation.

1.“Hey, I was just checking to make sure you’re down for a date.”

It is a pretty standard way to ask for confirmation. The main tip is to see how fast a woman responds to that. If she takes her time for more than a day, you can pronounce the date canceled. If she confirmed the date right before the meeting, although it was agreed to tell at least a day prior (without a valid excuse), you have every right to be suddenly busy. All rights should be validated, and it’s equally sad to be flaked on regardless of gender.

2.“Hey, are we still good for tonight's date?”

It is a more casual and a shorter version of confirmation. It sounds cool and not desperate. With this text, you will still display your interest, but also low-key show that you’re not going to wait for too long in case she’s not down for it. You have your standards, and it’s alright if she can’t meet.

3.“…., we will see when we meet up.”

If you are concurrently texting each other on a daily basis while you’re still trying to confirm, it will be easier to implement that line in a casual conversation.

4.“You’ll see what I've got for you on a date.”

Women love presents. Who doesn’t like to be surprised? If you tease her with anticipation, there is no possible chance for her to flake on you. It is the easiest way to confirm a date, although it will take some wit to figure out what that present is.

5.“Actually, I have a better idea for tomorrow…”

Build that anticipation in her. Nothing screams more “fun” like a man who loves a sudden change of plans (only if they are for the better!) If you suddenly decide to take her to a pricey restaurant instead of a picnic, drop a hint that she has to wear a fancy dress. Be suave and forward-looking, so that a change of plans will bring joy to your girl, not upset her.texting to confirm a date

6.“I’ll pick you up at 7 pm tomorrow.”

This is actual alpha energy right here. You don’t even assume she would cancel the date. You just ask her to accept the fact of you two meeting without being annoying or obnoxious. Besides, it sounds like you care and want to give her the ride. Who would reject such a guy?

7.“What type of flowers you like?”

Women live for hints and charades. She would absolutely love to share that information with you, as long as you ask something romantic instead of texting to confirm a date straightforwardly. She definitely remembers your upcoming date, and receiving her favorite flowers will be even better motivation.

8.“When will you be free tomorrow?”

Girls love confident guys who can take care of them. So if you don’t know how to confirm a date, just be sure that you will meet. Additionally, she will be pleased to hear about you wanting to escort her.

9.“I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow.”

This is self-explanatory. Instead of asking for her approval, don’t wait and use a positive approach. Who is going to reject you if you are that excited?

10.“I’m taking this date seriously, so don’t be late.”

This might sound a little manipulative, but you can press on the feeling of responsibility. She would think that you are working so hard to impress her, you can expect the girl to arrive with a 100% chance.

And this is how to confirm a date with a girl via text. There are more tricks you can learn along the way. Don’t be scared to sound desperate. But don’t ask too many questions. Even though you are asking her out, assume she has already confirmed the date.

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