Overweight Dating: Tips for Single Guys


Unfortunately, even today, people still pay too much attention to physical attraction when they try to find romantic partners. Although nowadays, we have a body-positive movement, everyone still focuses on looks when they decide whether they want to get acquainted with someone or not. Due to this fact, those people frequently miss opportunities to find really good friends or romantic partners. Surely, this is bad for everyone, and the only way out from this is to change your attitude to this matter. Therefore, overweight people have problems when they want to find new relationships. This often becomes a reason for their depressions. Even in online dating, obese people still have fewer chances to find partners.

Surely, online dating while overweight seems like a very good idea. For this very reason, there are so many overweight people in various online dating apps and websites. However, as we have said before, even in online dating, people still focus on looks. You see, your profile pictures are the only thing that other people see about you in dating apps. Yes, you can write a huge bio, but if someone doesn't like your photos, then nothing in this world can make them read it. This is why, from this perspective, online dating is even more severe on overweight people than dating in real life. After all, in real life, you can try to impress a girl with your charisma and intelligence.

dating when overweight

If I Am Plump, Does It Mean I Should Date Only Someone Overweight?

In short, of course, not! Of course, dating someone overweight may seem like a very good idea. After all, chances are higher that you both will have a similar lifestyle, hobbies, and interests. However, I know many mixed couples. It is absolutely normal when slim and overweight people fall in love and have romantic relationships. Probably, you also know many examples of mixed couples who are very happy together. This happens because love knows no bounds. Yes, you may not like active sports as your partner does, but you may share the same ideas in goals in this life. And this is way more important.

By believing that dating when you are overweight is harder than dating when you are slim, you put limitations on yourself. Those limitations will affect your behavior and manners. Those two are crucial. You see, one of the biggest problems of obese people is that they often have a hard time making a good positive impression. However, this doesn't mean that a girl will turn around and run away from you when you try to start a conversation with her. Thus, instead of focusing on your excessive weight and place restrictions on yourself, you should accept yourself for who you are. Also, this is very important when you go on a first date.

One of the greatest advantages of online dating, when you're overweight, is that you don't have to search for a place to get acquainted with a woman. As you may know, in some places, you have better chances to find a romantic partner than in other ones. From this perspective, online dating equals the odds for you. Also, we can't forget about filters. All dating apps have different filters, but they always have filters related to weight. Thus, by filling the information about your body, you will avoid people who search only for skinny people.

What Are the Main Traits in Men That Women Are Looking for Except the Looks?

Needless to say, dating when overweight is more demanding than dating when you are skinny. We have already discussed that overweight people have problems with a positive first impression. Despite everything, there are still people who judge by looks. Thus, if, in some cases, you can't win with your look, you should be better in other aspects. This is why here we are going to share some traits that women enjoy in their men. We hope that this small list will serve as guidance for you to know what you should start with when you decide to work on yourself.online dating while overweight

1. Self-confidence

Way too often, overweight people say something like, "I feel too fat to date." If they don't believe in themselves, then how can they possibly think they will make others do this? Your self-confidence is key to your success in dating. Remember, women will never notice unconfident men. They may want to help them, but they will ever see unconfident men as possible romantic partners.

2. Bravery

Bravery is not about your ability to go off to battle. In the modern world, this is more about taking risks and understanding your responsibilities. Note, your first steps towards acquaintance with a woman can serve as a great example of your bravery. So, being brave is not that hard, but you will have to learn how to deal with your doubts, though.

3. A good sense of humor

A good sense of humor always attracts people. It attracts both friends and possible romantic partners. As you may hear, boredom is the worst enemy of happy relationships. And with your good sense of humor, you not only show your possible romantic partners that you are a very witty person, but also that they will never feel bored with you.

4. You are a caring person

There is one small myth about being plus size and dating. It says that plus-size people are very caring and gentle. As you have guessed, you should use this myth to your own advantage. No one wants to date a cold person. Women always search for warm-hearted men even if they hide it behind masks. In turn, you don't have to hide anything. Let others know that you are a very caring person.

5. A sense of romance

They say that old-school romance is dead. And you know what? Maybe it is dead for them, but you can use their delusions to your advantage. All women like romantic stuff. Flowers, petals, aroma candles, dinners under the stars, and so on. Women enjoy this, and they would definitely like to be with someone who knows a thing or two about creating a romantic atmosphere.

Main Tips for Dating When You Are an Overweight Man

So, can fat people find love? Without a single doubt! Even if you don't feel confident yet, here we are going to share the best male tips for dating when overweight. Don't worry because you are not the only one who searches for a good plus size dating advice. After all, this is normal when people who don't know something, want to learn more about this problem to find better ways of solving it. Dating for overweight people has never been a very easy task. We hope that with this article, we made our small contribution to easing this process for people.

1. You should like yourself

Your main task, when you try to date a girl, is to emphasize your best qualities. Maybe you have a good sense of humor, or you know poetry. By emphasizing your strong sides, you will hide your weaknesses. But how can you possibly do this if you don't like yourself? In this case, you will never be able to see your positive qualities and strong sides. Consequently, if you want to find a nice romantic partner, you, first of all, have to concentrate on yourself. Change your attitude to yourself if you see that you tend to underestimate yourself. There are many ways to do it.

2. You should make an attractive profile

As we have already said, online dating is an awesome tool that can help you find many romantic partners. But it is crucial to know how to use it. As you already know, in online dating, people, first of all, see your profile pictures. Thus, you need to make sure that they are awesome. Prepare for your photoshoot. Try to find nice and stylish clothes that suit you. However, don't try to lie about your body. Your pictures should be good and of high quality, but they should never hide your weight. This will allow other people to see real you.

3. Be prepared for some unpleasant moments

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee you anything when it comes to dating. Being fat and dating is no different here. Everyone can face scammers or manipulative psychopaths. Also, you may meet fetishists. Needless to say, it is better to stay away from them. Plus, you can't expect that you will find a romantic partner very fast. Online dating is about having many dating options, but not about reducing the required time to get to know your possible partners better. Remember, there is no victory without a defeat. With time, you will find a nice romantic partner who will appreciate you for who you are.dating when you are overweight

4. Be initiative

Surely you can wait for some beautiful girl to accidentally come to your place and fall in love with you, but this is no very good dating strategy. This one is one of this simplest dating while fat tips. You should always be initiative and active. For example, if you see a beautiful girl in a bar, instead of sitting and dreaming about a relationship with her, go and try to get acquainted. The more attempts you make, the more skilled and experienced you become. Thus, future attempts will be much easier for you. The more active and initiative you are, the more other people will be interested in you.

5. Be optimistic, and don’t complain

You need to know that women hate guys who always complain. Sometimes we have problems in our lives, but it doesn't mean that we should share them with everyone. Especially if you have problems in dating. Never share this information with your potential romantic partners. Instead of complaining, talk about your problems as if they are something you are going to fix soon. Omit your failed attempts and tell how you are working on resolving them. This looks a lot more attractive. Also, even if you often receive refusals, you should never lose your optimism. In dating, a positive approach may be a real game-changer.

6. Don’t focus on your weight

Unfortunately, overweight people way to often focus on their weight. Sometimes some people immediately begin to apologize for their excessive weight. They often say that they are going to change their lifestyle soon. While other people immediately begin to attack others. They say that they are comfortable and happy with their bodies even though no one asked them. Both of these approaches are bad. Instead of apologizing or attacking, just be yourself. After all, you are searching for a romantic partner who will love real you and not some imagined picture of future you. If you don't seem to be focused on your weight, others may not notice it at all.

7. Don’t be ashamed of your body

Your body is what represents you in this world. Surely, you want it to be perfect. However, nobody is perfect. There are many reasons why people have different flaws. Thus, you are not the only one with problems. Also, the problems themselves are very blurry. Something that may be a problem for someone, for others may be a good thing. Thus, you must learn not to be ashamed of your body. For example, if your friends are inviting you to a sauna or beach, you should never refuse them because you are ashamed of your body. In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable and will have to pay efforts. But, with time, you will get used to loving your body.

As you can see, dating is for everyone. In the modern world, we all not only deserve but also have many opportunities to be happy. When it comes to overweight dating, you must never focus on your flaws. You see, plump people often restrict themselves. They do it when they believe that something is not for them. Because they don't deserve it. Forget about all those concepts. Love is free, and it is for everyone. If you haven't found a partner yet, it doesn't mean that you never will. I some cases, people get tired of trying. As a result, they begin to believe that they are meant to be lonely. Of course, this is not true. It only means that they need to change something in their attitude to themselves and dating.

Remember, even the most successful people sometimes have problems. Happiness is not about living without problems. But about being able to approach and solve them most efficiently. Also, it is always nice to remain positive and optimistic. Love will always find a way to people's hearts. With time, you will find the most efficient approach to dating. In turn, we hope that with this article, we've made the search just a little bit easier for you.

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