Workplace Flirting Signs from a Woman: How to Notice Them


Do you feel that work absorbs all your time, and there is simply no energy left for new acquaintances? Take a look around, an office romance will help you cheer up and will become the basis for a serious relationship in the future. Today we will discuss everything that has to do with flirting at work. We will talk about issues like workplace flirting signs, answer the question, "How to find out does my coworker like me?" and everything in between. But we will start with some of the main pros of such a relationship.

signs she's flirting at work

Romance With a Coworker Has Its Particular Qualities

Before we jump into the signs a coworker likes you, let’s talk about some qualities of such a relationship. The debate about whether to engage in an office romance at work is endless. Such relationships do not always end as perfect as one would like. But there are very good examples. And if you try not to take it too seriously from the very beginning, you will be provided with inspiration and vivid emotions.

Here are the pros of such a relationship.

  1. No need to go far. To meet your lover, you do have to sit on a dating site and attend endless dates with strange candidates. To date online is great, but dating a coworker has its pros as well.
  2. You have common interests. At least professional. If you both adore your work and can talk about it indefinitely, congratulations, you have found each other!
  3. You know exactly what your partner is doing. And this, apparently, suits you. When dating a colleague, you are guaranteed to avoid being lied to when it comes to career and the time they spend without you.
  4. An emotional outburst motivates. You have a ton of new ideas for development, you are literally in full swing with energy, you are fulfilling the plan without any problems, and you are not at all lazy to carefully take care of yourself before going to work. Love is inspiring!
  5. You spend a lot of time together. Especially if you work in one department. A love affair at work with a colleague will definitely not put you in a situation where couples see each other only on weekends, as they work a lot on weekdays.

Let’s now list some signs your coworker has feelings for you.

Signs a Female Coworker Likes You

Let’s talk about signs a female coworker is attracted to you. When someone finds you attractive in an informal setting, this is obvious, but not everyone knows how to understand that a female work colleague likes you. The reason is quite simple: having a romantic relationship with the person you work with is not always the best idea. Maybe this confuses the coworker, and they are afraid to express their feelings? They may be just a sociable person, and there is no subtext in their behavior. You have to be at least somewhat aware of the common signs of affection, otherwise, you will make a whole lot of assumptions, not knowing what is going on, "Is she is hard to get, is she attracted to me, does she want to have sex with me?"

Common Symptoms That a Coworker Likes You

How to tell if a coworker likes you? If a woman likes a man, it's hard to hide. But they may impose restrictions on working conditions. In a business environment, sympathy may not be as noticeable as in an informal setting. Remember how a woman behaves and compare with the following symptoms.

signs a female coworker is attracted to youMimicry and look

Here’s the second of signs a coworker is attracted to you. When you attract someone, they do not take their eyes off you. Do you catch her look when you meet each other during meetings or in the relaxation room? Does a woman look into your eyes more often than other colleagues? Long-term eye contact can be very intimate, it is a way to “touch” you. Pay attention to how a person behaves in your presence. For example, it would be normal for them to look at you if you are giving a presentation or expressing an opinion on working issues. But if other people speak, and they look only at you, it means that they find you more interesting than the others.

If a girl’s pupils dilate when her look is fixed in your direction, then they are feeling something. This is chemistry. It is important to be able to notice such a sign. This is difficult to do if the light in the room is bright or, conversely, dark, or when you are at a great distance from the woman. You will look strange if you focus on trying to measure the pupil size of a woman. Find out carefully and in a comfortable environment.

When you are near them, the woman smiles or tries to hide the smile. If a person likes someone, they are happy to be near them. When a person experiences happiness, it’s hard to hide a smile. If the corners of a girl's eyes squint when they are looking at you, then they are sincere. A false or business smile will stop at the mouth, and your eyes will remain fully open.

If a person sees what they like, the corners of their mouth rise reflexively. Women do this subconsciously when they are interested. This happens quickly, in just a split second.

Touch and gestures

Here’s one of the most signs she's flirting at work. When a woman likes you, you become a magnet. They cannot resist the attraction. A female colleague may accidentally touch your hand, hug you, remove a piece of hair from your face. They will find “innocent” ways to touch you, which are not as obvious as gentle caresses. How to tell if a woman is attracted to you at work? Pay attention to the body of a woman when you communicate with them.

If a person shows interest in the interlocutor, they are inclined to agree with the person of their interest. It is difficult to deceive the body, therefore, this gesture belongs to the category of instinctive behavior. When a woman is interested in you, she will lean forward, even if their hearing is perfect. Reducing distance creates proximity and intimacy. Most people protect their privacy. This boundary changes when they like someone.

The body tells a lot about the person and their thoughts. Look how her legs are positioned. If she likes you, then she will involuntarily place her knees in your direction.

Private messages

Now let’s look at some signs a female coworker likes you that have to do with texting.

Remember how often they contact you

I am interested in signs a female coworker likes me. If her messages look dry, then she is hardly hinting at feelings. For example, “We have a meeting at 9 am,” “There’s a need to redo the presentation,” or “Good report.” But if a woman shares interesting posts that do not relate to work issues, or often asks, “Hey, how are you?” then she is interested in sharing emotions with you, you are not indifferent to her. If her messages are franker, they seem to have a sexual or romantic subtext, then everything is much clearer – she feels something for you.

Signs of attention

How to tell if a female coworker is flirting with you? A woman may begin to compliment you. In the business environment, it is not customary to focus on the appearance of a person. But if a colleague often begins to talk about what a nice shirt you wear, or to notice changes in your hairstyle, it means that she pays attention to you. Did a colleague begin to treat you during lunch? They are trying to show their attention and concern. This also includes when a woman brings you coffee or treats you to sweets. It all says that a woman likes you.

Other symptoms

Does a woman talk to you much more often than before? She shows signs of interest. If she talks with you (especially on abstract topics), then this means that her sympathy goes beyond working issues.

Did she start to dress better? And when she comes to you, does the aroma of the perfume just applied come from her? If so, she likely uses it for you. This suggests she cares what you think about her. She can also try to fix her appearance in your presence: straighten her hair or start chewing on a piece of gum. This is all a manifestation of the fact that a woman wants to look perfect in your presence.

When a girl is near you, she does not seem to care about the world around her. A colleague does not check the phone, even if she receives calls or text messages. A woman fully focuses on you.

The woman is not afraid of touch you. For example, when you are near (for example, sitting in a meeting), and your legs accidentally touch, the girl instinctively does not push them away and remains motionless. When a person is interested in someone, they do not mind that their object of sympathy violates personal space a little.

How does the boss show sympathy

An interested boss can have two goals:

  • sincere desire to have a fruitful relationship;
  • to get you into their bed.

Depending on these goals, a certain model of behavior will be built. You must be able to notice when your boss likes you. If she is cold to other men, it means that she has feelings for you. The only difference between general courtship methods is that the boss feels more at ease in the workplace. Actions on her part may be more active or even impudent.

How to understand that a married coworker likes you

In most cases, the purpose of such a woman is to have an affair on the side. It is not beneficial for her to be exposed, so the woman will be very careful.

How to distinguish a colleague's love from lust

If you don’t want to plunge into a storm of gossip and condemnation from colleagues, you need to be able to notice female sympathy in the office. It is also important to distinguish sincere sympathy from the desire to sleep with you. The first thing that can help you with the issue of identifying differences is the woman’s look. A fascinating study was conducted on this topic in Geneva. In its course, it was scientifically confirmed that:

  • the look of a person in love is concentrated on the eyes and face of the partner;
  • the look of a person who focuses only on sex is distributed across your body.

After that, it becomes clear how to understand whether a woman likes you sincerely or if she just wants you. Just remember how she looks at you.

Well, of course, think about how a woman talks to you. What topics does a colleague bring? If they are interested in your inner world, they will talk about everything in the world, find out how you are doing, and share their thoughts. When they are interested in sex, everything will come down to just that.

What to do if she is flirting at work with you

Is there any special mysterious girl in your life? Does she constantly flirt with you? Want to know if she likes you? In fact, to understand whether a girl likes you is much easier than it seems. All you need to do is to pay attention to her words and how she speaks, as well as to her behavior. If you pay attention to these factors, there is a good chance that you can correctly understand the girl and invite her to meet or ignore her.

signs your coworker has feelings for youFlirt with her

Believe it or not, it is scientifically proven that flirting has a certain effect. Besides, studies show that the most successful people are not necessarily physically attractive. It’s just that these people express themselves through confidence and the basic technique of flirting (for example, a smile, and eye contact). As for men, the most successful flirting techniques can be considered glances, as well as "maximum" poses - that is, when a guy sits with his hand on the back of a nearby chair. These steps show not only your interest but also self-confidence.

Show your interest in this girl

If you like a girl, show her this with your behavior. Do not just flirt - try to draw her attention. Pay attention to what she is dressed in, what she likes and dislikes and what she is interested in. In short, just listen carefully to her. You may be surprised at how important these little things are. If a girl likes you, you have very good chances, you just need to remember that she likes to watch Gilmore Girls and is interested in astrophysics. Ask her questions. Do not be intrusive, just show interest in her by asking about what she likes and dislikes, about her interests and how she is doing. Give her a compliment about her appearance. For example, you can say something simple, “Wow, is this a new skirt? She really suits you!” This says two things: that you pay attention to her appearance and you like her.

Invite her somewhere

At some point, you will come to this step anyway to see if she really likes you. Invite her on a date! Yes, this is a little exciting, but the worst deal in this situation is her refusal. Then you will be sure that she just played with you. The girl’s positive response to your invitation will be proof that she definitely likes you! If a girl begins to behave strangely with you and stops communicating with you, most likely, she likes someone else, and she does not feel comfortable. If a girl wants to leave your relationship at this level and not change anything, most likely, she just plays with you. Give her some time and space so she can figure it out if she is embarrassed. An evasive answer may mean that she is not sure - perhaps she has begun to feel something for you, but she is not yet sure about it. All you can do in this case is to give her some time and space.

Respect her answer

Accept calmly any answer. If a girl refuses you, there is no point in continuing this courtship. Perhaps she just flirted with you, not considering you as a potential partner. In case of refusal, do not swear and do not get angry but simply move on. Resist the temptation to display your emotions. If a girl doesn’t like you, it is unlikely that something will change over time. Try to find the girl you are really interested in. Take into account all the tips from this article and continue to look for the special one that will become your girlfriend.

Always check your assumptions about whether a female colleague likes you. In a business environment, it is easy to confuse sympathy and gallantry.

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