Top Signs She's Playing Hard to Get


Women are programmed by nature to weed out males that are in the mood for one-time sex, so they often seem to be hard to get. Inaccessibility as the quality of the person is a tendency not to allow people to get close to you, to be exaggeratedly touchy, sensitive, and not able to react to attempts to talk openly.

How do psychologists treat the type of woman that is playing hard to get? They believe that there is nothing wrong with this as long as the person is emotionally stable and chooses this strategy for a conscious reason. A girl playing hard to get behaves with dignity if she is not trying to overuse this trick. But the majority of men prefer to avoid such women because, being alone with the impregnable beauty, the man feels discomfort and tension. He does not know how to behave in her company and doesn’t know the answer to the question, "Is she playing hard to get or not interested?" A man is afraid of being humiliated and rejected.

how to play hard to get

The truth is that there are men who love to conquer the world. Such representatives of the strong half of humanity are experiencing sports interest and excitement when they notice a girl playing hard to get. They love to overcome difficulties and will use any means to achieve their goal. But, having received the desired, such a man goes away to seek new victories. So, why do girls play hard to get?

Why Do Girls Play Hard to Get?

Usually, a man is an interested party because they want sex more than women, as a rule. In addition, a woman is taught from childhood to be modest and shy. Moreover, this behavior is present in her on the instinctive level because of mother nature itself. After all, the ancient task of a woman is to filter hundreds of unnecessary males who will make their way to her in the hope of getting sex and select only the best among them.

The woman is the continuer of the human race. If she tried to please all the men approaching her, every weak body and spirit, our species would soon die out because such offspring would be unable to survive. That answers the question, "Why do women play hard to get?" since it is necessary to produce the strongest, smartest, and bravest offspring.

Moreover, if a girl plays hard to get for you, she is hard to get PERSONALLY for you. Imagine that a boy she liked would be flirting with her instead of you, probably, the girl would have behaved a little differently with him. Likewise, and vice versa, if you manage to seduce a girl quickly and easily, this does not mean that she is a frivolous woman. This means that she has opened up to you because you are interesting for her as a man. But for another man, less interesting for her, she will seem hard to get.

why do girls play hard to get?It also happens that a girl behaves as if she is hard to get not only because she was brought up this way, but due to her own intentions. For example, such women share greater popularity among the men of her circle, so she knows that the more modest you are, the bigger your chances are. Usually, it’s hard not to notice such a game: the girl tries to seem impregnable, but as soon as the guy’s attention wanes, she tries to establish contact herself. From here it becomes clear how to deal with such a girl - just do not react to her whims.

Should I play hard to get?

This is a tricky question. It seems that the less the person we like cares for us, the more we like her/him. So, it works both ways, and it means you can try to use such a tactic with a girl you like. But remember that if your crush doesn’t pay attention to you, there are chances that these relationships will not develop into anything. Do guys play hard to get? Yes. Yet in most cases, you shouldn’t use any tricks to grab someone’s attention, and if the girl is interested in you, she will show it and if not – playing hard to get will not help.

How to Tell If a Girl Is Playing Hard to Get?

Here are the main signs of a typical "I may be interested in you, but I will pretend I am not" girl and tips on how to recognize her behavior.

1. She does not immediately respond to your SMS. The phone is almost glued to her hand, and she spends all her time on Twitter, she is updating it right now! But then why doesn’t she respond to your text messages? Unfortunately, she's playing hard to get. How to know if she is still interested? She responds to a more direct and personal form of communication, for example, to the good old phone call. In this case, she lets you know that you are special and that you deserve a little bit more time. In the long run, a text message can be sent to hundreds of friends at once, and the conversation is always unique.

2. She is always busy. She declines all your invitations and comes up with excuses. Three interpretations are possible here: she is truly obsessed with parties and going out, you are not interesting for her, or she sends you a signal. Perhaps she wants you to understand that she is not sitting at home, waiting for your call or in this way she protects herself from falling into a routine of an everyday relationship.

She is still interested if she says yes to last-minute invitations. She does not want you to think that she is free all the time, or that she is ready to give up everything just to see you. But if she dodges more than once or twice, she may just want to avoid your courtship.

3. She talks about other men. For example, she talks about her ex or male best friend in particular as well as her male colleagues or the guy who tried to get her number at the bar last night. If she constantly talks about other men in her life, perhaps she shows you that the demand for her is very high. The Economic Theory of Proposal is applicable here — the theory that economic growth can be stimulated by lifting the prohibitions, created by government regulation. In this scheme, she is the state, and the goods are your courtship and the courtship of other men, and, by lifting the restrictions on flirting, she meets universal adoration. She makes you understand that she’s not just busy, but she is busy due to flirting with other men.

She is still interested if her conversations about other guys are devoid of a romantic hue. This is her way of stirring you up and letting you know that there is a battle going on for her.

4. She is whimsical. You went on a date with her, and everything was fine, and now she is detached and cold. Or you have appointed her a meeting for tomorrow, and she cancels it under the absurd excuse. This is her way of protection. She does not want to seem sticky, and she over-compensates for this by allowing herself to be detached.

She is still interested if she leaves the door open for the future. Relationships are a game in which you need to retreat and advance, and she knows this. Therefore, if she cancels the meeting or stops texting, pay attention to the clues she leaves. She has a “time gap” next week, or she casually resumes her correspondence.

Is She Playing Hard to Get or Not Interested?

Now that you have learned why girls play hard to get, and it is time to find out the difference between girls using this psychological trick and behaving like this unintentionally. There are some cases when really shy people have psychological problems, concerning communication with the opposite sex. Here are the signs that will tell you a woman actually has problems more serious than pretending she is hard to get:

  • she is inaccessible to close and trusting relationships. In relationships, she stays emotionally cold, keeps the distance, and she is afraid to open up and become vulnerable;
  • if she enters into a relationship, then it is in order to get patronage, protection, material support, and not to love (although the opposite is stated);
  • she seems socially immature, she confuses objective reality with fictitious;
  • she is hard to getsuch a woman is endowing herself with exceptional qualities having unreasonably high expectations towards men;
  • she is not free, but she still cannot decide on things related to the relationship, she can constantly hesitate even between her husband and a lover on a side;
  • these women are usually men-haters who openly dislike men but are forced to “endure” the presence of men in their own lives;
  • she will expect the man to take the initiative, buy gifts, help in solving their problems (which makes their men very tired).

How to Play Hard to Get With a Girl?

Disappear for a while. The longer you have been communicating, the longer you should disappear for. During your absence, your old image will be somewhat erased in her head, and it will be easier for you to appear before her as another person. This is especially useful if you want to know how to play hard to get over text. This trick is particularly easy to use in online conversation. You can take pauses in texting a girl a few times per day as if to show that you are busy, and she will understand the signal you are sending.

Another tip on how to play hard to get for men is to approach her in several steps. A drop wears away a stone, and any fortress surrenders after a long siege. It is important not to squander all the forces at once but be prepared for long-term exposure. Seducing an inaccessible girl is not a sprint but a marathon. The winner is not the fastest but the most enduring and patient. Therefore, if you want to achieve such a woman, seduce her gradually but confidently. One day you show a little attention, then you ignore for two days.

Let her do something for you. This will help you in learning how to play hard to get with your girlfriend. Unobtrusively put her in such conditions so that she will give you signs of attention, make her confess to you in love, as if for fun, or say that she likes you. These words and actions can make her reconsider her attitude towards you.

Treat her as you would treat all other women. A guy, trying to please the woman of his dreams, often begins to behave like a donkey or a silly boy. Therefore, if you want to seduce an unapproachable girl, communicate with her in the same way as with one-night stand, who in general, is indifferent to you. Let her know world peace is not riding on your being together.

In order for a man to love a woman and find the desire to marry her, he must be mature enough for this and recognize her as a person. Getting too close during a second or third date prevents this. That is why so many women choose to play hard to get. Being an easily accessible woman and being “touchy” are two sides of one coin. And only a fine line lies between these two notions.

There is no need to be one or the other. A woman needs to know her value and treat men with dignity. This way it would be easier for them to act and read her behavior. In other words, modern psychology believes that in order to conquer a man, one does not need to be either touchy or easily accessible woman who is ready to surrender on the very first evening. Truth is in the middle. A woman should combine both of these qualities but address them to different people: be available for one and touchy for all other men. Hopefully, we have shed light on the questions, “Why do women play hard to get? How should you deal with them not to get into the trap of their games?”

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