How to Start a Chat with a Girl and Impress Her: 10 Great Ways


Women are mysterious and so cute beings, but some men are afraid of their inner confidence and often are too shy to make the first steps. We’ll solve a problem that worries hundreds of guys: how to start a chat with a girl and how to arouse interest in her? Every girl is a different personality and using the same method to approach different girls won’t help you much. If you don’t feel confident at all, because you have tried many times, and all those times you failed, then maybe the best option is to search for a single girl online. Online dating is a great tool that allows shy people to search for partners from all around the world.

In this article, we will share our secrets of successful dating, both online and offline. Remember, everyone deserves to be happy, and if you have always had problems approaching and starting a conversation with girls, it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done to this. There are no hopeless situations in this life.

how to start a chat with a girl

Chat with Girls: Are There Any Unspoken Rules?

There is one, very important, but unspoken rule: don’t be afraid of girls! If you notice that the girl is comfortable and pleasant in your company, you can take her hand or give her a little hug. You can stroke her hair or touch, as if by accident. Thus, you send her signals showing your interest, and the sexual contact occurs between the couple, which is very important for future relationships. To explain this is very simple: with the help of touch, the distance between the girl and the guy is reduced, which causes the lady to feel more confident in her partner. A good way to gain her trust is something intimate that only you can tell her. Knowing one secret for two makes the couple even closer to each other.

Show your interest in her

For example, you are using some website where you can meet a single girl online, and you even have found someone, what should you do next? The most important thing is to talk to her. Girls love with their ears, and she must notice a healthy interest from your side. If you are a little afraid or not strong in any topic, you can always try to make the conversation fun. You can use a few silly jokes, try to show sincerer emotions. But be careful with jokes if you have a very strange sense of humor.

Girls love to watch children's photos, so an intricate story from childhood is quite suitable. The main thing here is not to overdo it. For example, it is not worth mentioning the jokes that you have learned from trash comedies. This can create an awkward situation. And all this is because the female sense of humor is fundamentally different from the male one.

Besides, girls love everything beautiful and luxurious. It is important to let her feel all this: do not skimp on gifts, even if these are small trinkets. You can pamper her with the most expensive cocktail. What can we say about flowers? Just imagine the delight of any girl at the sight of a gorgeous immense bouquet that you will present to her at the beginning of a romantic dinner. Such actions show the girl your stable social position, and this affects the subsequent rapprochement. Remember that successful men have always impressed and attracted women.

You need to have individuality. If you have an opinion, then don’t be afraid to express it, even if you think that the girl doesn’t agree with you. You should not be banal: don’t use words hackneyed to holes, such as dear, baby, etc. It is worth finding the right word only for her. The situation created can help. The main thing is to act spontaneously. Of course, you can create the initial plan of the date, but still, it is better if it is spontaneous. Everything mysterious and secret attracts girls. Old tricks, such as, “I was accidentally passing by and since we've met, let's go get some coffee” won’t work, modern girls are more impressed with directness, and sometimes even arrogance. It’s better to say directly, "I invite you to share a glass of wine or martini with me while watching a simple comedy." You can even take her hand, thereby deciding for her. But if the girl resists, then you should accept her choice, because it will be an honest act.

Compliments are the key but do not overdo it

Compliments are a very nice way to impress a girl. There are many different ways to compliment a girl. For example, apart from complimenting her looks, you can compliment her intelligence or achievements. Generally, every positive aspect of her personality can be complimented. But you should make compliments correctly. A compliment should be honest. A girl will easily notice that you are not honest with her by looking into your with single ladies If you say something like, “You have a beautiful look today,” even without looking at the girl, then in the best case, she will not pay attention and “will not hear,” and in the worst-case scenario, she will simply answer, "Okay, fine, thank you.” You should look at the girl when you want to compliment her. So, when you take her hand, gently touching her fingers, and you see that they are so thin, well-groomed, with a fresh manicure, and generally are cool. If you are looking at her hands, it’s just enough to say, “Your hands are very beautiful, I like your manicure. It suits you.” That is it.

No need to be too creative, and compare anything with stars, rubies, berries, and other garbage. Compliments help a great deal not only when they are told correctly, but also when you don’t overdo them. By complimenting literary everything about this girl, you will look silly and at least strange. A girl will believe that this is your very first experience with the opposite gender and that you simply have no idea what you are doing. This happens because by telling too many compliments, you significantly reduce their value, and you may make a girl feel very uncomfortable.

The situation becomes even worse if you start giving her compliments when you don’t know what else you can say. For example, when an awkward silence appears, and you deal with it with a compliment, a girl will understand that you've made this compliment just because you have no idea what else to say. Remember the golden rule of complimenting women: your compliments must come from your heart. And you should never tell more than two compliments in a row.

10 Ways to Start Chatting with a Single Girl and Impress Them

Don’t know how to impress a girl over text? Our list of 10 ways how to start chatting with a single girl and impress her must help you in this very hard and dangerous affair. In fact, we are only providing you with examples of how other people have been chatting with single ladies. Ideally, our examples should inspire you to create your own way of chatting with single ladies. But if you are just a beginner, and you don’t have enough experience to create something unique, then feel free to use our ways.

1. Forget about common topics

The worst way to start your conversation is to write something like, “Hi, how are you?” Even if a girl answers, which is very unlikely, continuing conversation by common and boring things will be complete overkill. Because small talk on common topics will tell her, firstly, that you are boring, and secondly that you consider her to be boring too. Look for a topic of conversation that is connected with the present. If you are texting online, then write something about her bio or photos, but not just, "Oh, what a nice story” or "Wow, you look really nice.”

2. Go on the offensive

Immediately take an interest in the opinion of the partner on a particular issue. Ask directly, “How do you feel about the contribution to the law banning olives in a martini?” Girls are very flattered when men are interested in their opinions. True, you run the risk of having not a dialogue, but a monologue when a person who is left behind will get a pile of papers and say, “I have long been waiting for this question! Here I have everything described in detail, and now I’ll tell you...” This is why it is better to begin with small jokes. Thus, you will know if you are on the same page with her.

3. Introduce yourself

This should be something small and interesting at the same time. In online chatting, she already knows your name, so there is no point in mentioning it. Instead of it, you should explain to her who you are and why do you want to chat with her. Be honest here. If you are afraid to look too serious, then you may try to apply some humor. In online dating, you should apply humor only if a girl does it in her bio. In offline dating, you should do this only if the situation allows you to.

4. Say hello

This traditional moment is often ignored. Although this approach may seem too common, it is still one of the most effective ways to start a chat with a single girl. In offline dating, by saying “hello” first, you show that you are a polite person. In this case, it is just enough to start a conversation with girls, especially if you look stylish. But in online dating, you cannot expect any success if you just send “Hello” to a girl without sending anything else. She may simply ignore you.

5. Ask a question that requires a detailed answer

It would be nice to start a conversation so that it does not stop at the first sentence. Besides, it is advisable to ask and answer questions. However, you should avoid invading her private life too much. This question depends on where you have met this girl. Usually, you should ask her about something that surrounds you. In online dating, you may try to look at her hobbies to ask something about one of them. In both cases, you should be ready to continue the conversation about this topic.

6. Comment on what surrounds you

Sometimes the best way to start a conversation with someone is to comment on something around you that caught her attention. This one of the ways to impress a girl with your knowledge or interest in something. This way you can start a casual conversation and smoothly move on to common topics. As you have guessed, this tactic will only work in offline dating.

7. Help her escape the daily routine

Another way to start a conversation in the real world. If you notice an attractive woman preoccupied with problems (for example, at a bus stop), say something that will make her forget about the everyday routine. Most likely, she will be happy to start a conversation and forget about problems for a while. But first, make sure she’s not very busy before starting a conversation. Don't wait for a perfect moment, because it will never come. Here is what you can say, “And why do these buses run so rarely? We should better take a taxi. What do you think?” or “There are so many goods in this store, but there’s nothing original. You don’t know where to find any unusual gift?"

how to start a chat with a girl8. Show a sense of humor

Of course, the best way to start chat with a girl is via the help of humor. Squeezing a smile out of her is like giving her a small dose of a love potion. Remember, women like men who can make them laugh. A good joke can help even in the worst situation. Humor sets a benevolent mood and shows that you are a person with whom she won’t be bored. Of course, humor is a very personal thing, but we dare to suggest a couple of phrases. For example, "Did you happen to see my grandmother? I lost her somewhere along the way.” Or "Could you please take me home because I’m very afraid of the darkness."

9. Go ahead and be honest

This approach is for those who are not afraid to be straightforward. Admittedly, it works pretty well at times. A man who does not beat around the bush but demonstrates self-confidence and makes it clear that he controls the situation often affects women endearingly. Most likely, she will take your self-confidence for a sign that she should talk with you. You can say something like, “I thought that if I spend too much time thinking about how to approach you, then you will leave. So maybe we just get to know each other? Don't mind if we chat a minute?"

10. Find out if she has a boyfriend

You still want to know at some point: whether she is married or maybe she has a boyfriend. So why not get it over with right away? Even if you are not afraid of any competition, all the same, by demonstrating your integrity, you greatly increase your chances. However, this approach requires courage. Because the answer may not be in your favor. And yet, it’s worth a try: finding out from a woman whether she is single, you immediately let her know your intentions and get rid of possible misunderstandings in the future. How can I formulate this question? For example, “Oh, a beautiful stranger, before I ask your name, which is undoubtedly as beautiful as you, I must know: are you not married?” Or just “Can I hope that you are now as single as I am?

Chat with Girls: Main Mistakes

Unfortunately, men, when choosing words to start conversations with girls, often make terrible mistakes. And even if your poor word choice, in the first message, can be redeemed, then your terrible manner of conversation will end your communication once and for all. This is why we are going to give you a small list of the main mistakes that men make when they chat with girls.

Too many questions

By asking questions, you can learn more about your new friend. Thus, you will find out how many things you have in common, and this will allow you to find new topics and ideas for dates. But asking too many questions is a very big mistake. By doing that, you may scary the girl. Thus, she won’t be able to feel comfortable with you and will leave. This approach is wrong both in online and offline dating.

Too much texting

Often when a man finds a woman he likes, he tends to text her a lot and very often. This is a terrible mistake. Of course, disappearing for a couple of days is even worse, but too much texting doesn’t do anything good either. Another problem with texting is when you text for too long, without asking her to go on a date. Remember, the main goal of online dating is to have a date in the real world. If you both are so interested in each other, then instead of texting, you should go on a real date.

Being predictable

Nowadays, it is very hard to be unique. Everyone understands that, but still, no one likes predictable people, especially in dating. You should be very cunning and resourceful when choosing words when start with a chat. Of course, she expects that you will ask her to go on a date, but she must never be able to predict the way how you will do this.

Too many compliments

As we have mentioned before in this article, compliments are very powerful tools to make a girl feel happier and more confident with you. But too many compliments work in quite the opposite way. You will only make a girl feel uncomfortable, and she would like to live if you have met offline. In online dating, you will easily notice that you compliment her too much because her answers will be very simple, "Okay,” “Thank you,” “I appreciate it,” and so on.


Forcing anyone to do something that they don’t want to do is inappropriate. For example, if she doesn’t want to discuss this topic, then you shouldn’t make her do it. Remember, relationships between two people are about mutual interest and desire to be with each other and do something together, and not about forcing someone to do something.

We hope that after reading this article, you feel more confident, and now you have an idea of how to start a chat with a girl and how to impress her. Remember, you should never be afraid of starting conversations with girls. Of course, worrying just a little is completely fine because it is normal for people. But don’t let it turn into fear and control your life.

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