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  • 11.04.2016 A big city or a small town: where would Russian women like to live?
    Many foreigners often ask this question. As a rule, those Russian women who live in big cities are used to its pace and atmosphere. The same can be said about the ladies born and raised in small towns and villages.
  • 10.04.2016 What do Russian women think about interracial partnerships?
    The concept of Destiny or Fate is dominating in Russian culture. It largely explains the views of Russians on life and their perception of relationships. They think that fate will inevitably bring a woman and a man together no matter what.
  • 10.04.2016 Popular myths about Russian Women
    There are a lot of misconceptions about Russia and Russian women circulating around the world. All stereotypes usually emerge from a particular case and start being associated with the whole nation. Although stereotypes can’t be called groundless, still they are always exaggerated. It’s high time to dispel all the myths and reveal the true facts.
  • 28.03.2016 How Your Children Can Help You Pick Up a Russian Girl
    Meeting a new girl is always exciting. However, if you decided to get a Russian woman as your woman, you would need some special skills and, of course, a special approach. In this guide, we are going to reveal an interesting fact – your kids from a previous marriage can help you pick up a beautiful Russian girl...
  • 14.03.2016 Seven Little Secrets Girls Keep From Men
    Girls are mysterious. Well, they might look so. In fact, most of them do not understand themselves – and cannot explain their feelings to others.
  • 12.03.2016 Why women are so obsessed with their looks?
    Women have always been interested in improving their physical appearance. In fact, both men and women are obsessed with their exteriors – but for absolutely different reasons.
  • 12.03.2016 Why does your girlfriend hate your female friends?
    Starting relationships is a beautiful moment! Everyone loves this adorable period of permanent attention, cute presents, sweets and flowers…