A big city or a small town: where would Russian women like to live?


Many foreigners frequently ask this question. As a rule, those Russian women who live in big cities are used to its pace and atmosphere. The same can be said about the ladies born and raised in small towns and villages. Most of these women would prefer to move to the similar places. However, village girls and small-town dwellers usually want to move to a big city because the Russian provinces are poor and daunting. Small towns abroad are a far cry from Russian ones, so you should take that into account communicating with a Russian girl and explain the difference to her.

The place where people live shapes their character and views on life. Russian girls who have grown up in big cities and those ones from villages differ from one another in their upbringing and habits. You may be wondering what the differences between Russian urban and rural life are.

girl in the city

The main difference lies in the society and relationships within it. A sense of community is typical of small towns and villages. People know each other and the news and gossips spread with the speed of lightning. The life here flows at a slow pace and people never hurry. A keep-up-with-the-Joneses tendency is commonplace here. Provincial girls (those living in small towns and villages) get a strict traditional upbringing. They believe that their primary goal in life is to tie a knot, give birth to a child, and become a housekeeper. These women tend to be more old-fashioned, family-oriented, and religious in comparison with the women from the capital and other big cities. Also, they can be described as naïve, trustful, sympathetic, loyal, and supportive. Their main characteristic is their adaptability to any life circumstances. Provincial girls (especially girls from rural communities) are industrious and are not afraid of hard work. They know the value of money that is why thrift is one of their distinctive features. These girls are mainly focused on their family and children rather than on education and career.

In contrast to them, there is another type of rural girls who don’t want to waste their life in villages where they can’t fulfill their ambitions. These girls want to get an education, find a remunerative job, build a successful career, and become independent and financially secure. It is obvious that they can’t achieve all these things in their village or small town, so they move to bigger cities or even the capital and become city girls.

City girls are similar all over the world. They are more career-oriented and they start thinking about starting a family after they have achieved something in life. However, if the true love strikes them, they are ready to give up their careers and dedicate themselves to their family. Since they are highly educated, well-read, and intelligent, they are looking for a compatible partner. City girls pay much more attention to their appearance than provincial girls do. They keep up with the fashion tendencies and do their best to keep fit going to gyms. Their entertainment also differs from the leisure time of provincial girls. Big cities offer a lot of places where people can spend their weekend or free time, from theaters to shopping malls.

So, now you see the differences between the views and habits of Russian provincial and metropolitan, so to speak, girls. If you are from a small town and your potential Russian date comes from a big city such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, it’s likely she wouldn’t be eager to move. However, no matter where a woman lives, send her the pictures of your town or city and tell her more about it. Maybe, this particular girl living in a big city is looking for peace and quiet of a small town.

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