Seven Little Secrets Girls Keep From Men


Girls are mysterious. Well, they might look so. In fact, most of them do not understand themselves – and cannot explain their feelings to others. Filthy little secrets they keep are a bit more intriguing than you expect them to be. This article is devoted to a humble attempt of revealing some things girls keep underneath the surface. How did we do that? In the dirtiest way ever imagined. In our editorial office, we talked a female spy into telling us about every single thing women discuss but do no tell men. Hope you are ready! Some of them might turn out to be quite disappointing.


  1. They love being slovenly. Not all of them, but a good majority. Not all of them, but a good majority. They are keen on throwing stuff around, stay at home for the whole weekend eating chips etc. Do you think they take showers during this lazy vacation? Certainly not. The cutest girl you have ever met might have had the dirtiest and most disgusting room in the world. Why bother if no one actually sees the room?

  2. Some of them do not know what orgasm is. The issue of female orgasm has been a thing for quite a long time. You might not believe it but some women never experienced orgasm. Yep, they just do not know what that is. Those of them who were lucky enough to have continuous relationships have been imitating it for the whole period – just to make their lovers happy. Little white lies have never hurt anybody, by far.

  3. They secretly hate your friends. Most of them talk about it openly. If your girlfriend has never told you about that, it does not mean it is not a thing. She probably can accept your bros and colleagues (unless you spend too much time with them). What she cannot put up with is your female friend. By far, it is one of the biggest triggers for arguments.

  4. Girls need A LOT of private space. If you think your girlfriend is happy to have you somewhere nearby all the time – you are terribly wrong. She needs time and space for creativity, for her special beauty tricks and so on. Sometimes, she just needs to spend some time alone. A girl will not admit it because she is assured it will hurt you. Leave her alone from time to time – it will make your relationships stronger.

  5. They are very tired of high heels. You have probably met both girls who love wearing heels and girls who hate it. Well, you should know that all girls hate it. Some of them just accept it as the best way to accomplish their looks. They get really exhausted of walking on high heels. And yes, sometimes it just hurts badly. But men love it, so they are ought to wear these horrifying shoes over and over again.

  6. Women are much smarter than you think. Guys often assume girls are cutely dumb and love the irrelevant girlish stuff. You are going to be terribly disappointed, but, in fact, girls are intelligent. They use their cuteness to manipulate men – make guys do stuff for them, help them with the computer, drive them home etc. Woman are truly keen on using the dumb-blonde image.

  7. They are afraid of commitment. Yes, you got it right – girls are not that fond of making someone their life partners. Just as you are, they are not ready to leave bachelor life and become mothers and significant others. Women get frightened every time you kneel in front or near them – YOU MIGHT PROPOSE. Girls just tend to keep it a secret - and to deal with it, by expressing it, discussing it, and coming to understand it. That is why you might think girls love such things. No, they do their best to learn how to live with it, just in case.

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