What do Russian women think about interracial partnerships?


The concept of Destiny or Fate is dominating in Russian culture. It largely explains the views of Russians on life and their perception of relationships. They think that fate will inevitably bring a woman and a man together no matter what. If a Russian woman meets a man, falls in love with him and his attitude to her, she doesn’t really care much about his age, appearance, nationality, or race.


With the introduction of online dating, intercultural relationships have become very popular. This fact proves that love knows no boundaries and doesn’t distinguish between nations. Many Russian women register on the dating sites in hopes of finding decent potential partners out of Russia. They are aware of cultural differences that exist between the countries and understand that those may affect international couples. However, they are wise enough to prevent possible controversies.

Apart from intercultural partnerships, there are interracial ones where the partners belong to different races, e.g. Black and White, White and Asian, etc. The prevailing majority of Russians belong to the White (Caucasian) race. Since there are many native inhabitants of Asian race living on the territory of the Russian Federation, White-Asian partnerships are pretty commonplace here and considered a norm. The other situation is with the representatives of the Black race (for example, of African origin). Russians of the older generation are still surprised if they bump into a black guy in the street. However, younger people are absolutely OK with that because they understand that they live in the globalized world and in a multicultural country.

interracial couplesMany colored men from other countries often ask whether Russian women would consider them as potential partners. According to some surveys, for 5% of Russian girls man’s race is of no consequence to them. 10% of women would consider an Asian man. The rest 85% of the respondents said they would prefer white men. These findings suggest that European and American men have the greatest chances with Russian women. Arabs will have lower chances due to the different religious views – Russians are Christians. Good news for mulattos and Indians: Russian girls are attracted to “tanned” men.

Anyway, you shouldn’t be afraid of writing to Russian women on online dating sites just because you have some doubts about her attitude to your race. Most dating sites have a search option using which a woman can facilitate her search results by indicating the race of a potential partner. If a colored man wants to know whether a girl wouldn’t mind meeting him, he can read a girl’s profile information, particularly the section where she indicates the race of men she is looking for. Also, be prepared for rejection from some women because of your race. Each woman creates an image of her ideal partner in her head and she thinks through a single detail of his appearance and traits of character.

If the color of skin isn’t that important criterion for her, then she’ll consider you as a potential partner. Many black men interested in Russian girls wonder if they can win the heart of a Russian beauty. There are instances of interracial partnerships between Russian women and men belonging to different from the White race and African men were among those lucky ones. You can’t rely on statistics much because in real life no one can know for sure whom they will fall for. Since Russian women are governed mainly by their heart and listen to the guts of their mysterious soul, everything is possible.

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