How Your Children Can Help You Pick Up a Russian Girl


Meeting a new girl is always exciting. However, if you decided to get a Russian woman as your significant other, you would need some special skills and, of course, a special approach. In this guide, we are going to reveal an interesting fact – your kids from a previous woman can help you pick up a beautiful Russian girl! But how, you might ask. Most of the women would prefer you to have no kids – for different reasons (they do not want to raise someone else’s kids; women sometimes assume these kids are an encumbrance etc.). We have simple explanations for that.


So, for the begging, let us explain to you why Russian girls would not mind and even like you to have kids:

1. Russians love children. They love literally every single child in the world. The concept of family in Russia and having children are inseparable phenomena. Mothers in Russia are fully responsible for bringing up children and they pass all their maternity skills and mastery to their kids. Fortunately, most of them become even better parents.

2. Your children are a sign. Well, for a woman – no matter if, she is Russian or not – it is both a good and a bad sign. It is a good sign because it demonstrates your readiness to start a family and become a parent. It is a good sign because she can evaluate your parental skills in advance and, therefore, avoid dating a child-hater. It is a good sign because it depicts your flourishing financial state. However, it is a bad sign because you might not want or be ready to have another child. Russian girls often want to give birth, and not just raise a kid. That is why you should discuss such topics beforehand, or your relationships will end up miserably.

3. She might also have children from previous life partners. If you date someone, you probably know such important things. What we would like to point out is that there are many single mothers in Russia – almost too many. As a matter of fact, single mothers are not endemic in Russian culture. Nevertheless, they are quite frequent. It is a cause of traditional patriarchal influence on a Russian family. Men allow themselves to be abusive alcoholics; domestic violence is all lover the place. Modern Russian women evolved and decided to break up with their worthless husband – better off anyways. So if you meet an attractive and intelligent single mother from Russia, do not dump her for that fact and try to stand in her shoes.

Therefore, children are a great matter of connection. Yes, that is right – you can “use” your children, both literally and figuratively, to build a strong connection between you and your potential mate. First, children are a great topic to discuss. Well, not for your first date, of course. Later on, you can tell funny stories about your kids and mention significant parts of their life. In this way, you will demonstrate how important they are for you. Remember one simple thing: when a Russian girl dates a man, she sees him not as a provider, bus as a friend and father of her children!

When you start to date and build a trust, you can ask her to look after you kids for several hours or even a whole day. It will help her become familiar with your children and, as well, will help them understand that you are really into this woman. No matter what kind of conditions resulted in the absence of your life partner and your children’s mother, a new woman in a family will be shocking for kids. So, aside from thinking about your developing relationships, you should also take care of your children – they are mentally fragile and need your assistance. Never forget what is truly important in your life!

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