Popular myths about Russian Women


There are a lot of misconceptions about Russia and Russian women circulating around the world. All stereotypes usually emerge from a particular case and start being associated with the whole nation. Although stereotypes can’t be called groundless, still they are always exaggerated. It’s high time to dispel all the myths and reveal the true facts.

Popular myths about Russian Women

Myth #1: Russian women hate Russian men. Due to the great number of Russian women looking for a foreign husband a common misconception has appeared. It says they are frustrated with Russian men that is why they look for guys outside Russia. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary with Russian men and the ratio of good guys to jerks is the same as in any other country. The truth is that there is a shortage of male population in Russia. There are more women than men in Russia. It often turns out that there are no eligible men when a woman is in her early 30s. Since Russian women want to create a family, they start looking for a husband abroad using dating sites.

Myth #2: They want to leave Russia. According to this stereotype, the main aim of most Russian girls is to find a husband abroad and move to his country. Russians have very close ties with their families so it’s very hard for a Russian girl to be far away from their kin. Any person will feel homesick thousands of miles away from their homeland. Russian girls would gladly fall for a local man so that they could visit their families from time to time. However, if they meet a great man from abroad and he can’t move to Russia, they will follow him.

Myth #3: Russian girls require too much. Great looks of Russian women make some men think that it will cost them an arm and a leg to provide for these girls. Those men are scared of the sums of money they will have to spend on lady’s clothes, cosmetics, and perfumes. They can’t even imagine that Russian girls can take care of their appearance without spending a lot of money. They know a thing or two about thrift.

Myth #4. They are submissive housekeepers. Russian women are family oriented and they put their families above their jobs. Due to this, another misconception has spread. According to it, Russian women are claimed to be obedient housekeepers without any ambitions and aspirations. In reality, many Russian women manage to combine their family and professional lives. What is more, Russians say that a man is ahead and a woman is a neck – the head will look in that direction where the neck turns.

Myth #5. They are undereducated. This stereotype should be ruined once and for all because it is far from reality. The prevailing majority of Russian girls have a university or college degree. They are the specialists in different fields and they want to be successful in their careers. Some of them don’t stop after the first diploma and continue their studies and get another degree in a different area of knowledge.

Myth #6. They will fall for any foreigner. One of the common misconceptions has it that Russian women are looking for any man who is not Russian. The truth is that a man’s nationality doesn’t matter to them. They want to meet a reliable, loyal, honest, and loving partner who will become a great husband and father. Russian women start using an online dating site not out of despair but out of their desire to find a suitable partner. These women are picky and will tie the knot only with the most compatible man.

Myth #7. Russian women like tough men. This myth has appeared due to a popular Russian saying “if he beats you, he loves you”. In fact, every Russian woman (and any other woman) is looking for a tender and kind man who will respect her and take care of her.

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