Main Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Over You and Is Moving On


How many times have you ordered something you didn’t like at your favorite place, then thought that maybe this time it would taste different and ordered it again? Then it turned out that you still did not enjoy that meal. But these are all harmless mistakes. However, why people keep doing the same with their lives and keep rebuilding doomed relationships?

Breakups happen because of various reasons. Sooner or later this happens to everyone, and at that time, it seems to be the only right decision. But days, weeks, months pass, and the pain and loneliness do not subside, and now you are already beginning to regret the breakup. But before you pick up the phone and dial the coveted number just because your ex has shown signs she will come back to you, think carefully whether it does not mean making the same mistake twice.

signs she's over you

Is There a Chance to Win Her Back If Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Over You?

To have dual feelings after the breakup is absolutely natural. If your “ex” cheated on you, you faced destructive behavior in a relationship or aggression from the part of your beloved one in one way or another, then most likely, you should hardly regret the breakup. But what if you gave up too early and there is still a chance to reach an agreement? Or were circumstances unfavorable? Or was the breakup too sudden and influenced by an unexpected quarrel? Is she over me or not yet?

If you suddenly can’t formulate the exact reason for your breakup or if you think you were in a hurry with a breakup, there is still a chance. With a sharp transition from living with someone to living alone, you will naturally feel sadness and loneliness, so you should doubt the decision to get back many times before finally getting to the action. As with any other loss, some period of “mourning” must pass, during which you will inevitably grieve. Try not to look back and cast doubt on your decision to leave until the period of adaptation has passed. But if after some time you notice signs your ex-girlfriend is pretending to be over you when she is really not, you can try to lessen her torments and reunite.

Main Breakup Reasons You Should Not Try to Win Her Back

signs she's over you after breakupRemember the reasons for the breakup or a break in a relationship as some of them run contrary to any base for the reunion. Time and distance tend to soften your vision of the situation, so it is so easy, looking back at the past, to see only the positive aspects of things. You spend days on a ladies dating site, feel bored and miss the past. It is natural that thoughts about how to get it back arise. But you had some serious arguments in favor of your parting. It's time to remember them in detail. Trust yourself and your intuition. If once your relationship seemed to you not quite good, then maybe they really were like that? Then what makes you think that things will change?

Cheating. If you were systematically cheated on, this is not a one-time case or a mistake made under the influence of alcohol, remember that regular cheating is a pattern of behavior that a person has developed regarding you. Whatever she says now, seeking to renew your relationship and believe that this scheme of behavior will not return is naive. If you broke up due to irreconcilable differences on this basis, then nothing will change.

Abusing. You two felt frankly terrible together 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Psychological pressure, passive aggression or needless to say physical violence is unacceptable in relationships. When the girl abuses you, she shows disrespect and undermines your confidence, she wants you to suffer and feel miserable. Abusing is a way of thinking. A girl manipulates because she is selfish and doesn’t care about your feelings. Sounds horrible. So, why do you think she has improved?

Mutual distrust. Relationships in which both partners have similar needs are usually successful. Relationships in which partners have different needs but try to satisfy each other's needs, too. In these cases, the reunion with an ex-partner is possible, and the chances are high. But relationships in which one or both partners have needs that are unacceptable to the other are doomed to failure sooner or later. When people feel they do not know what to expect from their partners, as if they do not know each other means distrust. And living in constant nervous tension is not good especially for your health. So, even if you do not notice signs your ex-girlfriend is over you and want her back, rethink the reasons for your breakup. They will tell you whether it is worth it.

10 Signs Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved on, and It's All Over

Stages people go through after the breakup run differently in everyone. For some, just a few weeks are enough to start over again with a new person. While others can miss the past love for years and close inside themselves. That is why we have prepared some obvious signs ex-girlfriend has moved on that tell you to stop dreaming about the reunion.

She blocked you in all messengers and social networks. If earlier a girl literally asked how your day went, then now she is absolutely not interested in what is going on. She doesn’t want you to text her and will not do it either. She doesn’t even want you to see how her life is going. She shows that she feels disgusted about your possible stalking her and cuts all attempts to reach out to her. So, how to tell she is over you? This is one of the most obvious reasons. She doesn’t care about your excuses concerning why you did what you did. She has made a final decision for herself.
She has changed her number. The reason is the same, she doesn’t give you ways to approach her. But if blocking you in messengers still doesn't fully limit your communication, the changing number does. It means you won't be able to create a fake account to text her on Instagram or ask a friend's phone to make a call. The next step can be just moving to another place to disable you to meet even in real life. But if we are talking about signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on in a figurative meaning, this is one of them.

She has cut all the connections with your friends. In the past, your friends were her friends, and you were spending all your time together. Photos on Instagram, big joint parties and trips to another city – you two had a small family besides each other. Your acquaintances could even have grown into the really close friends of your ex that are now not depending on you as a linking bond for their communication. And when she decided to get rid of you in her life, the same applied to the people around you. Your ex wants to start life from scratch and, unfortunately, the old friends will become a reminder of the past struggles.

She is in new relationships. And you are sure that she is happy. She doesn't pretend or show all the details of her personal life. She doesn't attract too much attention to her current partner, especially by posting photos that you may see or telling all your acquaintances about how she feels in love. You are sure that she is simply over and build a new story with someone else. The quiet family life without trying to impress somebody or show that she doesn’t waste time without you. When your former girlfriend enters relationships with someone else, and you are confident that they are real, this is one of the signs she has moved on.

She is mad when you try to talk to her. Changing phone number or blocking you in all social media can be not enough. You will still find ways to talk to her, explain that you are sorry or miss her, that you wish you were back together, and you beg to give you at least a few minutes of a conversation. Or it may happen that she didn’t block you, and you still can contact her at any moment. But there is one thing that makes it impossible. She doesn’t even want to hear you in any case. She has made a final decision, and your promises or persuasions will not work, she only gets mad and angry when you talk to her. So, waste neither yours nor her time when you notice such signs she's over you after a breakup.

Her friends you know don't communicate with you. She can cut out your friends from her life, but what to do with people you trusted and thought they were your friends? Now they are on her side and will not talk to you. No matter who was wrong or right in the situation with the breakup, she talked them into cutting all ties with you. She may force them to choose between you two, and as they had known her long before you met, the choice was obvious. Do not try to reach out to them or explain or ask them to go out, do not text them or invite to meet as soon as you notice the first signs of ignoring. You should understand that this is a common practice. You have separate lives now, and everything that was between you, including common people, will fade away.

She took all her stuff away from your apartment. She took everything starting with her toothbrush and to that lovely doormat that she had decorated the steps with. She may even take some things you were buying together or which were her presents to you. It means she is not planning to come back. It is a normal case for the couple after a breakup. Not many people will just give up the stuff they have left at somebody’s home and leave it to your consideration without turning back. More often, a girl comes to your apartment to finally pack every small detail she has left or asks you to pack it so that those things do not make you miss or feel miserable either. In this situation, just pack them in a box, order a taxi and pass the stuff to her, including your dreams about the reunion.signs your ex girlfriend has moved on

She gave all your gifts back. Because she doesn’t want any reminders about you around her. Or she doesn't simply feel right using something that you gifted, some people do not tolerate using a piece of household appliance presented by an ex every day. Even if she copes with these feelings, they still arise every time she will notice that thing in the house or use it. And the only way out of this vicious circle of torments of conscience is to give all the gifts back to you. You can regift them to your friends, sell or bring back to the shop in case you saved the receipts. Things keep memories so it is normal that she doesn’t want to be constantly reminded about them when she's over you.

Your new relationships and affairs don't bother her. Apart from blocking you in her social media because she wants you to live your life and do not get bothered, she may also stay indifferent to your state of things. This makes sense if she has decided to focus on herself now and start a new chapter. Do you follow the live updates of all people you were used to being friends with in the past or those who you cannot stand? So, apply these answers to her. How to know if your ex-girlfriend is over you? Just track whether she is watching your feed, likes, comments, or if you meet in real life and she shows no knowledge of your latest news, all this will tell you whether she follows how your life is going or has been busy arranging her personal life.

She is happy without you. If you were lucky enough not to be blocked, her social media page shows various signs she's over you. She may post pictures with a new man, upload photos from meeting with friends, working days, trips, festivals and doing the craziest things she was telling you she had been dreaming of when she was in relationships with you. It means she is having the time of her life. You were an obstacle for her, and now when she feels liberated, nothing stops her from enjoying every moment. How to know if she is really done with you? If news about this comes to you in moderation, you hear about her wonderful experiences from time to time, then this means she is not doing everything at once to teach you a lesson. She is not doing this to stand out and make you feel jealous, your past girlfriend is sincerely enjoying life.

Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Pretending to Be Over You

Time will pass, and it doesn't matter how it all ended for your couple, or what emotions guided you. But the memories you've created together will still overtake you wherever you are. Yes, time passes, and these memories fade away, but if you've broken up recently, then your ex is likely to still think about you every day.

If you have met someone who influenced your life, then you will not be able to forget about this person just like that. You can throw away things related to past love, but it is not so easy to get rid of memories. And it doesn’t matter who was wrong and who is to blame. The main thing is that unless you still have a feeling for each other and the desire to change, you can give each other the second chance. So, what are signs your ex-girlfriend is not over you?

She is impulsively posting too many photos to demonstrate she is happy

After parting, people like to let in a wave of mystery. Someone is listening to sad songs; someone is watching romantic films or reads sentimental stories. Where do you think all these soap operas have come from? If you see such things on the page of your ex in one of the social networks, then this is a clear sign that she thinks of you. And if your ex behaves in an unusual way for her, for example, shares a huge number of photos, then she can thus pretend that she is doing well. This is one of the tricks girls use when they know you visit their page and will notice her hints telling you she no longer cares. But posting too many happy photos is not one of the signs ex-girlfriends is over you, she may just pretend.

She texts you random things just like before (and when she is drunk)

They say we are the most real version of ourselves when we get drunk. No fears, no misconception and total forgetting of the role you've tried to play. If she starts missing you and suddenly calls when she feels bad, this means she has been used to seek help from you and doesn't have other people to turn to. She wants everything to be as it was, she wants your sympathy and loves back. Another reason for unexpected calls, expect for drinking too much and losing control, maybe that she is manipulating to make you think about her once again. For example, she may call you in the middle of the night and then say that she has just confused the numbers. Do not believe her, she wants your heart to beat faster from the memories about the past.

She is interested in your personal life

She still has some interest in you and secretly wants to get you back. So, naturally, she wonders how your life is going and whether you didn't find anyone new. Reading all your posts, asking friends about you, not deleting you from friends on Facebook and staying subscribed to your other social media – she wants to know everything about your life. Now that you are not together, she feels an urge to keep at least a slightest connection with you, and this can be reached by stalking your pages. If you do not talk, she doesn’t have other sources to get information from. And if you do, she may text you from time to time openly asking about how your day went.

Your friends say she was asking about you

In case she doesn’t want to get caught (but she will be in the long run) she will not contact you personally or stalk your social media even using fake accounts. You still have common friends she can ask about your latest news, and if she loves you, she will use this opportunity. If you want to check whether you still have chances with your ex, ask your friends if she was inquiring any information about you or you can ask them to start a conversation about you on purpose. They will tell you about her reaction, whether she will change the topic, get lost or try to ask more about you.

Maybe in some cases, it’s worth trying to reunite, but in reality, such a “return to the past” is rarely successful. Why? Parting is a very serious and difficult step for both sides. If the separation occurred, then there were good reasons for this. Before you think about reconciliation, you need to thoroughly understand what these reasons were and whether they can be eliminated.

In each failed relationship, there is one common factor: the expectations and life needs of one of the partners were not satisfied. Why this happened is another question. Perhaps the second partner did not want to satisfy them, or perhaps these needs were overstated. So, not to make the same mistake twice, think the overall pros and cons of reuniting. In addition, make sure you notice obvious signs your ex wants to do this not to look like a fool.

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