How to Be More Masculine: Tips and Advice


Perhaps masculinity is the only quality, the attitude to which has not practically changed over the ages. But the actions characteristic of a man who is masculine and attracts women are changing. Attitude to women, style, ways of conflicts resolving - this century dictates its own rules. The pacifism of the sixties, the tolerance of the two-thousands, and much more left their mark on modern concepts of masculinity. What you should do to appear more confident and attractive to women and how not to overdo it - read below.

how to be more masculine

The Concept of Masculinity

In general, male behavior and masculine energy are always referred to as the opposite of female behavior and femininity. These concepts make sense only in this way. What is masculinity? Masculinity is a certain set of practices and ideas that answer the question of what it means to be the right man at a given time and in a given social environment. That is, meet certain social expectations. Masculinity always means striving for success. Actually, those qualities that are marked as masculine in society are qualities that lead to success based on competition. Today masculinity can be measured by many achievements, starting with the number of girls online a man has conquered and to his personal and career discoveries.

Masculinity can mean completely different things. This is most often a combination of qualities that should be characteristic not only of the strong but also of the weaker sex. However, it is a mistake to believe that fearlessness and perseverance are the main ones - it happens because masculinity is associated with brave military men who are awarded symbolic medals. No less important is victory over fear, the ability to admit defeat, the ability to go against one’s principles, the willingness to help even one’s sworn enemy. In the Middle Ages, this was called honor - justice and dignity were the trademark difference between noble knights and ordinary peasants. In the past, the noble knights knew what being more romantic in relationships meant and respected their women. But they were merciless towards the enemies.

However, as we have already noted, it is not necessary to be a fearless soldier to be called masculine. Today those concepts have moved more towards the direction of personal attributes more than courageous deeds and physical achievements. Most often, masculinity is manifested through honesty, dignity, respect, tolerance, intelligence, and confidence. In the 20th century, gentlemen were the representatives of moderate masculinity as the result of the anti-war movements of the 1960th. In the new millennium, masculinity has grown into something even more peaceful. Because the gender boundaries are now fading, to be called a real man you need to follow at least some of the past patterns. And among them are simple things like being ready to financially support the family, being determined, goal-oriented, focused on self-development and personal growth, protect your beloved, and be confident. And how to make your face look more masculine? Grow a bird! It looks stylish and is trendy at least.

Do Women Really Look for a Masculine Man?

The two most important masculine traits are confidence and intelligence. Yes, women care about them very much, and this has been historically so. Even on the subconscious level, in those notorious 30 seconds during which the first impression is made, all women seek these features in men. A woman makes a decision based on the level a particular guy corresponds to these requirements. This decision is concerned with his level of testosterone and the ability to pass on his genetic material. These instincts are inherent and that is why traditionally men who show healthy masculinity will be more popular with women. So, let’s talk about the two traits women really look for in men.

Confidence is half the success

A self-confident man looks manly. He clearly understands who he is, what he is, what he wants from life, what goals he wants to achieve, and what kind of woman he sees next to him. He is completely the master of his life and will not allow anyone to influence the course of the events. A strong and unshakable position arouses respect among women and in their eyes, a man takes a winning position. Representatives of the fair sex feel completely safe, they know that they can rely on their confident lover. Self-confidence looks sexy, so this trait needs to be worked on first.


It plays no less important role. And this is not about having a higher education or high IQ. A man should be an interesting human being, show resourcefulness, ability to cope with challenges, difficult situations, be emotionally intelligent as well. In many cases, the mind wins on the background of pumped muscles. Let the brain be the sexiest part of your body. Therefore, if a young man cannot express his thoughts and freely support any topic, the girl will become bored and leave. So, how to be more masculine? Develop your personal qualities, read, learn new languages, programming, marketing, management, practically anything that is now on a peak. You should be aware of what is happening in the world and ready to solve any problems for the sake of your woman.

However, masculinity has a side that is sometimes called negative. This is aggressiveness, rigidity, sometimes cruelty. But in reality, these qualities are natural for a man and are necessary for him in certain life situations. Nature made a man this way so that he would be able to protect (his woman, family), get food, fight and win. So, even slight aggressiveness sometimes attract women. But in case you have aggressiveness issues, you should work on their elimination.

Which Masculine Features in Men Are Most Attractive for Women?

We bet all women would like to be confident in their partners, know that they can rely on them, be respected and show respect to them, be taken care of, and therefore look into the bright future. Only near such men a woman truly flourishes and starts to radiate her female power. But how do women detect such men? Which features do they pay attention to? Let’s take a look at to be a masculine man

Attitude towards women

Of course, respect for the fair sex has always been one of the commandments for the real men. Mainly because of their ability to bear children and the ability to keep a home. Moreover, when relationships are growing into families, a woman becomes the main value in a man’s life (although sometimes her dowry served as a guarantee of this). Today, despite discrimination and feminists fighting it, women in most countries feel quite comfortable. And the set of rules for communicating with them, according to temporary trends, also changed a little. Now you don’t need to take off your hat and get up at the sight of a lady but liking her new posts in social media and asking her how she feels on a daily basis is a must.


In the current 21st century, men no longer wear togas and armor, but elegant suits and tuxedos perfectly emphasize the steel masculine character. And, like all of the above, a suit must be chosen with attention to the brand, quality, and reputation of the seller or salon. Not only expensive suits make a man appear masculine and elegant. You should look stylish and radiate confidence every day. How to appear more masculine? Your best option here is black. And all the dark colors like maroon, dark brown, grey, navy blue, and a little bit of white. The minimum patterns and bright colors are what make the man look sexy and orderly. If you avoid the temporary trends and wild combinations, you will never look odd or silly, come up with your own style and stick to it instead of following the fast fashion. Some things never get out of style. And trust us, women get crazy when they notice a man who knows how to look good and pays attention to his image.

Conflicts and standing up for oneself

Of course, you should be able to defend yourself, but in the case of a fight, everything becomes somewhat more complicated, depending on the situation. Common sense dictates its own rules, and you only need to understand one thing - negotiate or run because not a single broken nose is worth your confidence. A scuffle is a dishonest thing, and sometimes nothing stops the opponent to get a knife and instantly change the balance of power. There is no need to fight for a girl if there are at least three opponents, and no one is nearby. Run together - let your girlfriend think whatever she wants but stay alive. This is not cowardice and not an attempt to avoid responsibility, but just a desire to live on. If the arrangement of the “teams” is completely equivalent, and the attempt to resolve the conflict has exhausted itself as a peaceful dispute, then go use your hands - act, defend the honor. The main thing is not to overdo it, do not humiliate in case of victory - karma is effective, no matter what they say.


We can find many examples of how an ordinary accountant became a famous actor, and an experienced veterinarian became a renowned novelist. But why do you need this? It's about your life and nobody else, so you should not spend it on what makes you unhappy. Most obviously, the golden mountains are not waiting for you if you suddenly decide to change your career, but if you have already ventured into such an act, you simply don’t care about the money (at least not so much). And we are not agitating here at all, so that right now you get out of place and go to study cooking courses, because you have long dreamed of becoming a chef. It is only a controversial situation when you need to make a strong-willed decision. This applies not only to work but to everything in general - a masculine man knows how to set a rational task and follow it at all costs. So, how to sound more masculine? Talk about the future in the contexts of what you do to achieve the goals. But never tell a girl too much about your profession or career, let her think you are a little more mysterious and talented than you even really are.

Men's responsibility

The most popular qualities of a real man that women talk about are responsibility and honesty. But how to understand that a man is responsible? Of course, judging for his deeds. Please do not confuse it with simple actions. For example, if a man is ready to live with you, then he is ready to proceed to practice, not just keeps talking about this. If a man decides to live together, it means he takes responsibility for the woman, demonstrating his willingness to let her into his space. And then he takes some steps for this: rents or buys an apartment, they move in and spend more time together. Is this about responsibility? Yes. Another form of male responsibility relates to finances. When a man provides a woman and says that only he will be responsible for the family budget, then he expresses his responsibility. In this way he protects her from anxiety and stress, thoughts about what she or their children will eat tomorrow. This doesn’t mean that the girl cannot work if she wants to. Everything she earns she can spend on whatever she needs, but the man will be the main breadwinner thinking about the rent, the food, and the future big expenses.


It is about being goal-oriented. This quality is inherent in men who look only ahead. Such men do not think about their old regrets and are not tormented with the sense of guilt, are not in a passive position. They see the target and see no obstacles. Being goal-oriented is an important quality of a real man. At the first meeting, the best way to understand whether a man is goal-oriented or not is to figure out what his achievements are, what changes have occurred in his life over the past 2 years. And if there were no dynamics during this period, then there is no purposefulness in him either. There is a misconception that all women need some kind of oligarch or superman owning international multi businesses. But there is a downside to this since often successful businessmen do not have time for relationships at all. The best option for the woman is to meet a man who is at the beginning of his great path and be with him until the very successful end.

How to Become More Masculine

Most men would like to stay masculine and attractive to women, however, to develop this quality in oneself is sometimes not as easy as it seems at first glance. It’s not enough just to grow a beard, declare football your favorite sport, or speak in a low voice. Masculinity is an internal state that needs to be formed and maintained by regularly challenging oneself. How to become more masculine and grow the desired qualities in yourself? Read on.masculine traits

Go in for extreme sports

It is not necessary to become a professional or achieve great success in extreme sports so that others look at you with admiration. They will appreciate your courage and masculinity, even if you are just starting out in climbing, surfing, or diving. Only a determined and fearless person can go sky-diving, go dive to the bottom of the sea or go rafting on a mountain river. And these are the qualities that distinguish a real man. In addition, such activities will contribute to the personal improvement and maintenance of great shape. As well as make life risky and eventful, as if you are the hero of an exciting movie or book.

Ponder your image

To consider that taking care of how you look is not masculine is a big mistake. Clothing, shoes, and hairstyle can tell a lot about us, and because women love men who look stylish and orderly, you should take the time to always look perfect. Think over your image to the smallest detail, but don’t let it appear that you worry too much about how you look. How to be masculine? Change teenage sweatshirts, funny printed t-shirts, and stretched jeans for more austere and stylish clothes, prefer dark colors. Show others that you are a serious and confident person. And to complete the image, add a drop of perfume with intriguing notes of wood or tobacco. These are considered strong aphrodisiacs.

Be punctual

Being late is extremely disrespectful no matter what sex you are. Even if women can take a long time in front of a mirror, suddenly change dresses over and over again, and perfect their makeup, delays are bad. A self-confident man always arrives on time or even earlier, is in no hurry, and remains calm. Even if deciding which tie is best, black or gray, takes you long, and you can spend forty minutes on a hairstyle, still try to think about this in advance and always be in place at the appointed time. This will show others that you are a reliable person and a real man.

Save the girl

It is not at all necessary to save the girl from the villain-kidnapper or to rescue her from a high tower. In the modern world, you will become a real hero in women's eyes if you can just “save” the girl from a spider that scares her like a real monster, or save her from leg pain if you order a taxi instead of making her turn back home on high hills. The main thing is to make it clear that you are always ready to help, and if a problem arises, you will solve it without delay. How to be a masculine man? Make the problems of your beloved your number one priority and never let her suffer from something that you can solve.

Do not overdo with hyper-masculine behavior

Although masculinity is intended to be a strategy for success, in reality, it creates numerous stresses and risks. There is a whole trend in gender studies, which deals with men’s problems, risks, and the difficult situations that men face in modern society. Because hyper-masculine men are acting overly aggressively under the pressure from various kinds of public institutions, their families, and society.

How are boys raised? Mainly through the suggestion of inadmissibility to manifest feelings and emotions too openly. The next psychological attitudes are introduced into the boy’s subconscious, “Only girls can demonstrate their tenderness, weakness, helplessness, emotionality, and sensuality. It’s a female thing to be passive and desirable, you must avoid this, otherwise, you will be considered weak, not masculine. A man must be restrained, decisive, courageous, and aggressive. Men do not cry." When such a man gets older, even experiencing a true rush of tender feelings towards his loved ones, he is unable to step over his nature. They were not taught to be affectionate, and they do not know how to show tenderness either verbally or tactilely.

So, know the difference between being hyper-masculine, toxic, aggressive, ossified, and being confident, affectionate, ready to open, and show feelings. Men do cry and feelings are natural. Even the most callous man will one day be ready to give everything that he has, to make his woman happy. And in her embrace, he will finally feel weak and calm.

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