7 Places for a Perfect Date in Moscow


Online dating services have given a perfect opportunity for Western men to meet girls from Russia. Russian dating came in vogue after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, with Western men having an obsessive desire to meet those gorgeous Russian females known for their complete devotion to men, obedience, and acceptance of traditional gender roles. Thus, Russian women attract those who were tired of career-oriented Western women and those who want a more close acquaintance with eastern European beauty.

Online sites that offer Russian women dating gave the possibility to both parties to get to know each other before going on the first date thus reducing the risk of having nothing to talk about or having language barrier problems. You chat for a few months getting to know each other before going on the first offline date. Your first date will most likely take place in her homeland, as it would be much cheaper for you to visit Russia than for her to make a trip to your country. Most of the girls who are eager to date foreigners live in Moscow. According to Russian culture, men are responsible for arranging the first date, so it is crucial to know places for a perfect date in Moscow.

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Patriarchal Bridge

Moscow girls like when foreigners know the touristic spots in their city. The Patriarchal Bridge is located near the Cathedral of the Saint Savior. This place where you can admire the beautiful architecture of the 19th Century is reachable only for pedestrians, which means you won't be disturbed by cars.

Tree of Love

“Tree of Love” near the Luzhkov Bridge is the place that is a must for those who are in love. It's a love bridge just like those in New York, Rome, or Paris where couples celebrate and declare their true feelings and everlasting love. Thus, the Tree of Love is one of the best places to declare your love to one of your Moscow women.

Serebryany Bor Park

Russian girls dating requires being as romantic as possible, and a walk in the Serebryany Bor Park, which is a perfect balance between fun and recreational activities, is one of the perfect places in Moscow to go for a date. It is peaceful and quiet, just what a couple needs to get to know each other properly.

Aptekarsky Ogorod

Aptekarsky Ogorod

If you know this place, you will definitely surprise your Russian girlfriend. Aptekarsky Ogorod, despite being in the heart of Moscow, is hidden from the eyes of the passers-by, and your Russian beauty might not even know about it herself. Winter is probably the best time to visit Aptekarsky Ogorod when the ice-sculptures exhibitions and orchid festivals are held.

The Observation Deck of the Academy of Science

You can observe the whole Moscow from the deck of the Academy of Science or “Golden Brains” as the citizens of Russia's capital call it. Being together while viewing the whole city from the top will make you feel like the world's royal couple.

Hermitage Garden

Dating in Russia without visiting Hermitage Garden makes no point, as it is the most romantic place in Moscow. You can host a picnic in spring and summer when jazz festivals are held, and you can enjoy a glass of wine after skating in winter. Moreover, it is the place where all the lovers gather on St. Valentine's Day.

Mosfilm Movie Studio

Russian cinema may not be known for blockbusters, but it is known for great romantic films. Isn't it the best place to start directing your own love story in the place where most of the great Russian stories had been shot?

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