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Let’s assume that your chances to go on a second date are 100%. Now, what is more and what is less important when we ask our ladies to go on a second date? I encourage you to go through all the key ingredients to your success and make a list of some cool ideas for your second date.

good second date ideas

10 Tips To Ensure The Success Of A Second Date

50% of your second date success depends on whether you are smart enough and whether you have the gift of gab or not.

1. Answer her questions with enthusiasm – girls want to learn a few facts about their man. It even may look like an interview. The key thing for you is not to be afraid to share the facts from your childhood or school. Admit that you used to sleep with a Teddy bear until the age of 12. Tell honestly about your hobbies and tastes, say that you used to say hello to cats on the street as a kid and sometimes when there is nobody around you do it even being a grownup. Do not be afraid to seem a little ridiculous and eccentric, few women like reserved men and even fewer like too ordinary ones. This is my favorite of all second date tips.

2. You should not be a simpleton who tells unpleasant facts about himself. It is more important to be sincere and open. This way the girl will feel a soul mate in you. This is what will lead you to a successful second date.

3. Do not forget to embellish the story a little when telling about yourself. Just keep in mind the difference: to embellish does not mean to lie. Girls use cosmetics to hide minor flaws, put on corrective underwear, increase the size of breasts wearing bras, hide their age and make a thousand and one tricks, so you have every right to slightly embellish the story about your job or personal life.

4. Do not forget to listen carefully while she is talking. It’s not that pleasant for her, as it is useful for you. Remember what cops say: “Anything you say can and will be used against you.” Thus, the forth one, perhaps, is the most important among our second date conversation tips.

25% of your success depends on your behavior during the first date.

5. The way you open the door of a car, talk with the waiter, eat with a knife and fork, pay the bill – not a tiny thing will sneak away from her curious eyes and will influence your successful second date.

second date idea 6. Your confident calm speech and behavior will give her a feeling of reliability and strength; your smile will certify your friendliness; being attentive to what she says will tell her that you are truly interested in the conversation; your gentle and light touches will speak for your deep desires.

7. Another important thing in the list of tips for second date is: you should pay for the bill. In case if she offers to share it in an aggressive manner, then either she is an avid supporter of gender equality, or knows that there will be no second date. Do not let this happen!

20% of your success depends on whether you can show your intention during the first date.

8. This is a love meeting and you must let her know it from the first minute of your communication. Hints, flirting, touching, talking – everything should speak for attraction and desire. All this distinguishes you from her friend because hitting the camp of “friends” makes it almost impossible to get out of there. Second date tips are diverse but this one is 100% worth remembering and following.

9. People say that the first kiss can occur not only on the first date. This is true but it happens rarely. It's unlikely that you will meet a nun in a modern metropolis. Therefore, converge and kiss her in the end of the evening. If she has shied away, it still does not say anything. You'll try your luck the next time, apparently.

5% of your success depends on the way you ask her on a second date.

10. “What are your plans for the Friday night?” you ask. However, you do not need to call her right away. Yes, she is beautiful, charming, funny, intelligent and wonderful, but this is not the reason not to make her suffer a little. Every day, every hour, every minute and second will turn into a great expectation for her. Time plays into your hand and makes her imagination work. She will wonder if you like her or not.

The rule of 72 hours has not been canceled yet! Of course, you can call the next day, but you will lose points. And it's not only that. She will tell her friends that you called the next day, they will tell it their girlfriends. Finally, all the women in the world will wait for the call the next day. You undermine the age-old foundations and bring all the male fraternity down. So better don’t do it.

Cool Second Date Ideas To Get The Best Of It

It may seem to be a challenge, coming up with an idea for a second date. You have already made a good impression, but you have no idea where to go with your “new date”. Where to get a bunch of fresh and fun second date ideas? Use the following trouble-free tips. Of course, you can repeat yourself and go to the same place for the second time. But it does not sound like a good second date idea. Movement is a way out. All great second date ideas are based on movement and mutual development. Shopping mall, roller skates or picnic – all these things will help you spend your date in motion. They are good second dates ideas because in such places you have the opportunity to move around, flirt more and get to know each other better.

We offer several ideas for a second date, which will guarantee you a third one.

A Shopping mall

During shopping or window shopping without the purpose of buying here and now, you have many topics for conversation, both important and funny. The shopping center allows you to see a person in a natural environment and a relaxed atmosphere. Shopping is a great way to learn about the true tastes and interests of the chosen one. Since both people are constantly on the move, this makes communication much more energetic and lively. The guy will immediately understand if the girl can save money, and she, in turn, will see how generous her new young man is.

fun second date ideas​ Flea market

Walking through the flea market, you can find many wonderful things that you have never seen or have not seen for ages. It provides you with an almost endless source of conversation. If your first date was not very dynamic, it's a great second date idea. Usually, such markets include live music and very unusual cafes with delicious food. Make sure you buy a girlfriend a small souvenir during the date.

Bowling / skating rink

Bowling is an excellent way to actively spend a second date. To begin with, the guy needs to make sure that the girl does not consider herself "too cool for events such as bowling or videos." But if the girl immediately agrees, then she loves adventure, she is active and fun. The only rule is to carelessly spend time and in no case be upset about the lost party.

A Cinema

The cinema is a great place to invite a girl on a date, but not on the first one, because it's hard to spend time with someone you see for the first time, when you cannot talk to the one during the movie. The best choice is to go to a premiere. However, if you want to stay alone, choose a movie that was released at least two weeks ago, then the hall will be half empty. Always take into account the interests of your girlfriend as a viewer, and choose light films to watch: comedies or romantic dramas.

Live music

Live performances of musicians are always accompanied by an explosion of emotions, so the concert can be an excellent experience. For the second date, it's better to find a small concert: in a club, a restaurant or on the street. You should not spend much money on the tickets of a famous star at this stage. Besides, you will be able to communicate more among a small group of people than at a stadium among 15,000 people.

A Bike Ride

We are not talking about mountain slopes and high-speed bicycles. Simply invite the girl for a quiet bike ride in the nearest area: this can be a picturesque view or an interesting city corner. But do not tell her where you are going in advance. Women love a bit of mystery and love realizing that they can rely on a man. This is one of the fun second date ideas we have been talking about in the beginning. It will help you determine if a girl wants to leave her comfort zone and try new things or not. Here is the “but” (as usual) – ask your girlfriend to wear jeans or shorts in advance.

A Picnic

A picnic is a classic and trouble-free option for a second date. A good way to diversify the nature trip is to plan a picnic for the whole day. A park is a standard place for a picnic, but you can go to another place: to the beach or the lake. The second date in the open will 100% go easier after a formal and intense first date in a restaurant, for example.

A Dinner at home / Cooking together

Women adore men who can cook. The meals should not be extravagant, because the date, in the first place, should demonstrate simple cooking skills, not the high skill of Jamie Oliver. However, if you are the chef, you can hit the girl with your Risotto or Bœuf Bourguignon. Do not experiment and better cook meals you are really good at. You should not start before your girlfriend arrives, but make sure you have all the ingredients you’ll need. And do not forget about wine.

Amusement park

Wake up a kid in you and your girlfriend. The amusement park will help you liberate much better than all other places. Here you can fool around, flirt, overcome your fears together, eat sweet cotton candy and scream together on the “roller coaster”. Your second date will definitely become active and very emotional.

All in all, the essential thing when choosing your strategy is to get inspired studying this list of good second date ideas. Of course, you may follow one of these ideas for a second date without making any amendments.

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