How to Hook Up and Make It Right


Do you know how to hook up? People search by these sacred techniques. What if you are a guy and want to get laid, or get closer to a certain girl, but you don’t know how? Unfortunately, people often have an idea of how a perfect hook up looks, but they are simply incapable of doing it right. All they lack is a bit of theory and some practice.

Ultimately, hook up culture has become dirtier with centuries, and now some women just can’t differentiate it from assault because it is so aggressive and unnecessary sexual. Today we will find out everything about the best way to hook up, the best places to hook up, and go over some essential techniques.

how to hook up

What Does Hook Up Mean?

So, what is a hookup exactly? Surprisingly, everyone has heard of the word "hookup," but almost no one knows what it means. English informal dictionary says that to hook up means to start romantic relationships with a person; to go steady, whereas an Urban Dictionary says that hooking up means simply kissing or having sex with someone. Most of American teenagers and youngsters boast they hooked up on a party at a college campus. But they don’t mean starting a steady relationship, right?

What does hook up mean to a guy? Probably something sexual. But girls might hope for something more romantic. They will definitely recite their own latest hookup stories with excitement and embarrassment, as hookup always starts either as an accident, or a start of amazing relationships.

So how can we learn how to hook up if we don’t have a single definition of this term? For the sake of accuracy, let’s talk about those three notions in general, uniting kissing, having sex and a possible relationship afterward.

How to Hook Up with a Girl: Challenging Truth

Generally, girls don’t like to be "hooked up" because it tells about them as a trophy, as if they are animals to be hunted. Hooking up is linked with a distinctive gender marker, where the guy is supposed to pick her up. It makes them look vulnerable and feel inferior to fellow males. So, the point of all hooking up process is to mask the fact of hooking up. Nobody wants to understand it’s all a shallow one-night stand, and everything between two people is quite superficial (unless a girl chooses to hook up and has a definite desire to meet and have casual sex). How to hook up with someone? Follow these simple steps!

1. Keep your eyes on the prize. To make a girl hook up with you, find the desired girl first. You can look for available individuals, who drink too much at the bar, although it comes with some consequences – STDs are big fans of available people. Remember, easy doesn’t always mean better. Some girls are too far-fetched and seem conceited, but who doesn’t like a good competition? Remember that cold girls are so interesting to hook up with! Ironically, it makes them hot, and you will definitely want her ten times more at the end of a challenge!

2. Earn her attention. Find some good hook up lines, although that’s always kind of lame when said unironically. Usually, the best conversation starter is when you grab one piece of information that is happening in your environment right now and comment on it out loud. If the girl is interested, she will continue the conversation. If she is not, well, what’s the point in hitting on an annoyed girl? It’s a quick test to let you know the water first.

what is a hook up3. Flirt, flirt, flirt. Hook up dating is all about complimenting each other. When you approach a girl, she must feel special as if you didn’t choose her because she was the only single on the perimeter, or because all of her prettier friends are too cool for you, so you had to choose her. She MUST feel like it was destiny that made you decide on her over everyone else on the planet. SHE is special, and you are too, not some kind of jerk who only wants sex. Flirt imaginatively.

4. Win her appreciation, and then get to the second base. Invite her over. If she feels uncomfortable or shy, take her out for coffee.

5. Get closer. Start dropping hints that you want some action, and then, if she feels comfortable enough, proceed to the next base.

6. Kiss her. When you see that she feels excited and hot, it is the right time to hit the spot with some touchy-feely actions. Be sure she will like a touch on her cheek, a light kiss of her skin or hair. Don’t go too fast to French kiss. Be consecutive.

7. Have sex, maybe? Although, that’s completely optional, and you don’t need to go that far. Always bring contraceptives and remember about consent. If she hesitates or is too drunk, even if the temptation might be huge, do nothing.

8. Thank her for a perfect night and be nice afterward. She might feel vulnerable after a hookup, so let her feel like home.

The Hookup Culture: 10 Important Facts

These facts will help you not only hook up with local girls but strive for anyone more distant.

  1. Hooking up isn’t a rush. There wasn’t a single record of successful "go-getters" who had entered the club and immediately kissed a random hot chick. You can be charged with harassment.
  2. Hooking up depends on the environment. Among people who gravitate towards hookups are liberated women, college campus students, females who aren’t involved in a religion, white women, and drunk people (statistically this is correct).
  3. People use the hook up sites when they break up with boyfriends/girlfriends, get drunk and in large groups of friends just for kicks.
  4. 90% of American college students perform hookups at least twice a year. But when it comes to sex, only 37% of people agree to hook up.
  5. About 30 to 40% of people understand the word hookup as "having sex," and 25 to 33 percent of them think it involves kissing or touching.
  6. Hooking up has nothing to do with an individual’s upbringing, status or intellectual abilities – it is a matter of choice.
  7. A bigger percentage of people who just hooked up never meet again.
  8. Hooking up (even involved kissing and hugging) is still identified as cheating in 80% of people.
  9. Men feel fine when friends occasionally hook up with their exes, however, women get extremely mad when their women friends kiss or go out on dates with their exes, even though they were the ones to dump their ex-boyfriend.
  10. Females often lie about not hooking up with a person, however, men often make up hookup stories that never happened.

Best Hookup Sites

Hooking up doesn’t necessarily need to happen in real life. What if the person you want to fling with is so far away? And what is the best way to bring a person closer, say, for a prolonged date? Hook up sites are not the same as sex sites because they feature less privacy, not all of the sites have a mutual webcam feature. Quick dating is a new type of flings that allows you to choose and meet a person in an instant without sending a number of messages or even knowing each other well for that matter. It is the best way to conduct a series of the one-night stand while remaining completely untouched and unbothered. Here are some famous hookup sites.

1. XMatch

It is a rather naughty site for online sexting, sending nude pics, talking, webcamming and lots of stuff. It never claimed to be a pure and angelic place for those who want to find a match. This is a site for singles and swingers who want to hook up without sentiments.

hook up apps2. Plenty of Fish

This site is meant for hookups. It was even featured in Lady Gaga’s frisky video where a person casually searched through this website while looking after prisoners. It has a reputation of the world’s best hookup site for over ten years. Now that is what we call dedication to traditions and experience!

3. Passion

A site where lots of options are considered. You can be a single, a couple of swingers, gay, lesbian, transgender, crossdresser and equestrian – there is a date for you all. But don’t forget that this site is not about dating and marriages – its profile photo of two naked people should drop some hints. But… who knows? Love is always unexpected!

Best Hookup Apps

1. Bumble

Although Bumble is considered a dating site, it uses location to find you a date. How convenient is it when two of you just want to hook up, make out, have sex and then leave each other’s houses and hearts? Easy than that.

2. DOWN Dating

Well, DOWN Dating is definitely worth a mention because it uses an interesting system, finding mutual friends if you are friends on Facebook. Although it is a task that you are fully capable of doing yourself, why not delegate it to a smarter and quicker app that can sort out the list of your stranger acquaintances for you?

3. Happn

This app says what a person attends the same bar or gym as you, and you decide whether they are cute or not. You can send a message and see their location only if you press the like button mutually. It is a perfect app for quick flings that runs free on both IOS and Android. The interface is also very pleasant and simple.

4. Pure

It is a very interesting sex-positive app that allows you to stay anonymous. It is full of erotic art, and your privacy is sure to be preserved. The app cares whether you have the same likes and expectations from the hookups. Every day you are a pure and innocent person. So yay, nudes!

It was a long journey you have managed to successfully pass. Now you know more information about hookups, frequency, statistics, facts, apps, and sites. From this very moment, you can be called a Master of Hookups, allowing yourself to text the cutest girl from your neighborhood and invite her over a coffee or martini. And you know what happens next. Depending on your intentions, you can either fling with a person, kiss or hug them, ask for their number and, hopefully, go steady. Whatever your intentions are, please, be safe and think about the consequences of this great hobby called hooking up!

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