The Importance of Sex in a Relationship


Why Sex Is Important

One of the answers lies deep in the human body. All the nerves in the human body have a control center in the brain. This is a well-known fact. A good sexual relationship promotes the release of chemicals, which relax the brain. Researchers have documented that these chemicals dull pain and reduce stress.

why is sex important in a relationship

What is the importance of sex to health? Its influence on our energy level and creative activity is less explored and not yet documented. It is known that a lot of energy is needed for bursts of creativity. How can you raise your level of energy? The answer is in two words: make love. Or in three words: have awesome sex! It’s not only just about a momentary release of dopamine in the brain, but it’s also about long-term benefits on your health. It makes you happier, more energetic, uses all of your leftover energy in the evening so that it is easier for you to fall asleep and, as you know (or should know), sleep is very important to our health since broken sleeping schedule results in all sorts of problems, it’s the domino effect.

The positive effect of sex for a person’s biochemical system is unsurpassed, nothing can rival it. Making love with a partner contributes to the emergence of creative impulses and better concentration. If you have an interview or an important meeting, where you need to present yourself in the best possible way, do not refrain from sex the night before it! Active physical intimacy will give you lots of confidence and strength.

In the evening, when you are very tired, and you really want to utter the notorious excuse about a headache and turn away, try to go against this desire. Turn to your partner, let the hormones do their work, and gradually you will begin to rage with passion. In the morning you are going to wake up well rested and fresh.

Why sex is important in a relationship? Games in bed are important to relationships because they can make us happy, and also help cope with stress and difficulties. And what is also good and important is that both partners get pleasure from making love.

How Important Is Sex in a Marriage?

Let’s answer the question of how and why sex is important in a marriage?

how important is sex to a man in a relationshipAny couple can face the period in their family life when they replace sex with other priorities of their life like work, everyday routine, and children. It would be okay if there were no problems in a relationship at the same time, but if a couple loses all sense of intimacy, mutual goals, ambitions, desires, then it makes them very distant to each other, and absence of sex doesn’t help it as well, thus, their relationship starts cracking apart.

Of course, this period in the life of a couple comes for various reasons: they become parents, have more worries, a lot of work and etc. Hence, they face fatigue, irritability, discontent with others and sometimes even with themselves.

Sex is very important in keeping the pieces together. The importance of sex in a relationship cannot be over-exaggerated. And everyone seems to understand everything. And they understand why they are no longer as close as they used to be, they find reasons, they can voice them, but at the same time, nothing changes in their relationship, regular sex doesn’t come back into their life.

How important is sex in a long-term relationship? The nature of sex is fundamental to every single relationship out there because only through sex and those mechanisms in the body that are affected by it can the mental and physical state of the body get stable. That is why couples who do not have sex, or in general people who don’t have a full sexual life, feel uncomfortable in society, and their well-being is also changing for the worse. And there are many different disorders and even diseases associated with it.

Often, they say, "Sex is not the main thing in the family." This is true, but it is hard to have a happy family without sex. It doesn’t make sex the most important thing in a relationship, no. It just so happens that sex for a human is not only about physical satisfaction and reproduction of offspring, sex carries much more complex emotional connections that determine the degree of closeness between a man and a woman. With the help of sex, we express feelings that cannot be expressed in other ways. It is also impossible not to take into account the physical need for sex, which is expressed in different ways for everyone, but a person that doesn’t live a proper sexual life gets irritated, angry, blames everyone around them for their lack of sex in life.

Therefore, the absence of sex is like the absence of a certain link, without which it is possible to live together, but for many people such life becomes inferior and, in order to fill the gap, husbands and wives start searching for ways to satisfy themselves in sex with other people. Each of them may have their own reasons for this, for example, husbands just want to have sex more often, and wives want to get the missing emotions back into their lives.

So, is sex important in a marriage? It turns out that the family life cannot exist without sex, this is the foundation of your relationship, without which the house cannot be built. This building is your family relationship.

What Should One Do About It?

Understand and find out why you have stopped having sex. What causes and events in life led you to this? Maybe this is fatigue, and you just need to learn how to distribute the load of life and be able to set priorities for yourself, being able to relax and let yourself go for some time?

One of my friends told me the following thing.

“I am madly in love with my spouse, and I love to make all sorts of culinary delights for them, and now, once again, I’ve made the most amazing steak. They came home from work, asked me what’s for dinner, we ate food, we talked. When the time came to sleep, I was so exhausted that, of course, I closed my eyes and began to fall asleep. The spouse went to bed, they wanted to start to caress me, but they saw that I was “asleep” and said, “oral sex would have been a lot better…”

One should draw conclusions, as there is a lot to learn on why sex is important in a relationship. Maybe, sometimes you should not make a brilliant dinner or a bring a gift for your partner but order a pizza instead of it while retaining your strength to give them all you have in bed. Lots of sexual energy may be the best gift that your partner needs in their life in general. We differ from animals not only in our ability to control our instincts but also in our ability to adapt and do things that are not in your interests for the greater good.

For example, to succumb to caresses even at the moment when you are not really into it. After all, usually, in such cases, it is hard only at the beginning of caressing, then it all goes back to you. And you want sex in such a way that you’ve surprised yourself in this change of your own attitude.

If the problems in the absence of sex are more serious, or you cannot figure it out yourself and decide how to cope and improve your family and sex life, then you can turn to specialists. They will help you find the root of the problem and tell you how to get out of this situation so that sexual relations can be improved in your family.

How Important Is Sex to a Man?

Let’s answer another important question on the mind of a lot of women, "How important is sex in a marriage to a man?"

Most men, without hesitation, often divide the entire feminine sex into two categories: unintelligible girls of easy virtue, that have sex right and left, or asexual and frigid beauties, who sincerely consider sex as a gift for a guy and a duty for themselves. The first ones are in high demand for a short period, while the second ones are won for a long time, while they consider mastering two sex positions in the shadows as if they have mastered the art of making love.

how important is sex in a long term relationshipTake the eternal "Guys want only sex!" as an example. Who doesn’t want sex? Think and look at yourself, only women are able to savor their last night with their friends, discussing how a man “did this and that,” “turned me like this,” and then “it was just amazing.” Men in these terms are much more restrained, and attention is paid only to the fact of sex. “Did you do it last night?” “Yep.” “Well done!” That's it.

How important is sex to a man in a relationship? It’s very important, but maybe not for the same reasons that many women think of. Guys do not want just sex, it’s just that without sex, everything else fades into the background. Men need sex, but they don’t need it with someone they don’t love, it’s pretty much that simple. Sure, there are exceptions to this rule, especially among young people that are gushing energy left and right and want to try everything this world has to offer. But an adult man needs sex as a way to release all of the primal energy, anger, frustration, all of the excess emotions into one single act, it’s quite amazing actually, anger and frustration turns into positive energy, happiness, and excitement during the course of sex. No men should be denied in this, and, while it will sound very men-biased, can you really blame a guy for cheating considering all that has been said above? Yeah, sure, such problems must be solved with rational dialogues with your partner, but it’s not always that easy if your partner is associated with anger, pain, and frustration to you.

Why is sex so important to men? A man is polygamous by nature, instinctively seeking to fertilize/sleep with the maximum number of females, but quality, regularity, and diversity can conquer the quantity. Why should a man cheat on his wife, when she can do the same thing and be even better at it because she has known him for a long time. High-quality sex at times reduces the threat of random cheating, based on sexual dissatisfaction. After all, why would a man risk by looking for another woman, spend all of that time, money and effort if there is a woman waiting for him at home who can satisfy all of his sexual needs and desires. There is no such reason.

Sometimes it seems that many couples are simply unable to speak out loud about sex, hiding their sexual fantasies for years. Sex is important in life. You should be more open about them, communicate, joke, do not be afraid of the topic of sex. You are not 15 years old, and there are no parents around. And remember that sex preserves comfort in relationships and heals a couple both physically and mentally. After all, regular sex in life makes both partners look after themselves and their health, and the absence of obsessive thoughts about all of the things that a person wanted to do in bed that had to be forgotten about, the joy of intimacy with a person you love is the best guarantee of a good mood and great atmosphere in a family. There is nothing that can compete with sex in this, never forget about the importance of sex in a marriage.

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