What Women Want in a Relationship & Other Relationship Needs


At first, everything is brightly colored with love and romance. But with time, there comes the next stage – more relaxed and rational. At this stage, we begin to think that something is going wrong. Everything that could be done together, was done in the honeymoon period: a candlelight dinner, a serenade under the window, and a nightly film show. We are confused: has love really gone? Where is that storm of mutual feelings for many years that we are used to seeing in Hollywood melodramas? How to learn to live together in happiness and harmony, without conflict, resentment, and regret? The fact is that everyone has their own deep relationship needs and wants, which they should receive from a partner. We suggest you get acquainted with the information about them!

what are my needs in a relationship?

What Are the Basic Relationship Needs and Wants?

We regularly watch Hollywood melodramas and, therefore, we are sure that romantic love is real! And everything else is not about love at all, but about a boring routine. But how to prevent relationships from falling into a vicious circle of recurring conflicts, grievances, and complaints, regrets, and memories? Let’s talk about our deepest relationship needs and how to learn to respond to them mutually. Talk about "What love is made of?”

  • Safety and stability

Any person wants to know that their little union is the very place where he or she can be themselves, without fear of losing respect, warmth or looking foolish in the eyes of partners. We need to realize and accept for granted that a loved one doesn’t hurt our vulnerable soul. When there is no doubt about the stability of the partner, it gives coziness and comfort.

  • Need for recognition

Many of us ask ourselves, “What are my needs in a relationship?” But the answer is quite easy. Most often, we want to feel meaningful. Indeed, why enter into love affairs with those who don’t value us, don’t care for us and don’t respect us? Alas, in life, we often meet with the opposite situation. How many couples have been living in mutual depreciation for decades? But at the same time, they remain not valuable for each other.

  • Emotional response

We want to be accepted by the person in whom we are interested. And in moments of difficult life circumstances, he or she could also protect us (both physically and emotionally). Lovers must be that “strong shoulder” for each other.

  • Self-determination

It makes a person unique. The need for reciprocity and self-determination are completely opposite to each other, however, these are two sides of the same coin. Everyone is unique in their own way and different from other people. Self-determination makes a person unique. By the way, this is one of the commonest things a woman needs in a relationship. All of them want to be the one and only for their men.

  • Need for the initiative

Show interest to the partner, smile, take a hand, take care, and hug. Unions in which only one person constantly takes the initiative and the first step will never become reliable, close and safe. Sooner or later they will become painful and filled with dissatisfaction and insults.

  • Expression and acceptance of love

Some people hide the need for love and care. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, if in childhood, in response to the need for love, a person didn’t receive a response from the mother and now they are simply afraid to express his/her feelings due to fear of being rejected. A person closes and becomes inactive, but the need for love doesn’t disappear anywhere, remaining unsatisfied.

What a Woman Needs in a Relationship

Some men think it is impossible to understand a woman. And it is almost impossible to figure out what she needs in love. In fact, everything is not so difficult.

  • Respect her

What are women’s emotional needs in a relationship? First of all, it is respect. It is undoubtedly an extremely necessary indicator to which any woman aspires. It doesn’t matter what type of affair you have with her, anyway, respect is one of the bases of any communication.

  • Appreciationwhat do men want in a relationship

Women love compliments. With the help of them, they feel that you love them, you are grateful and close to them. At the same time, your compliments should be diverse, sincere, and aimed at their qualities. Every woman wants to feel valuable and necessary. They want to know that you accept each cooked dinner gratefully, value every clean shirt in your closet, and think that her beauty means a lot to you.

  • Romance

It is always necessary, and this is what women want in a relationship. A walk along the beach, a gorgeous bouquet of roses, a song written or performed specially for her – these are just a few romantic ideas!

  • Sense of protection

Any woman is vulnerable and sensitive. If you want a woman to be always beautiful and feminine, then take care of her. Most of all women need masculine care, which also gives a sense of protection.

  • Desire to be sexually attracted

Do you think men want only sex? Women want it no less. They just don’t show this desire so openly. And another thing: a woman should be comfortable with a man, he should really attract her, and most importantly, she has to feel sexually attracted. This is a very big matter.

  • Individuality

In the list of “wants and needs in a relationship,” the recognition of her 100% uniqueness is in a very important place. No woman likes comparison, even if you compare her to Angelina Jolie. Don't do that! A woman wants to be the one and only.

  • Positive

This is the last but necessary aspect. Every woman wants their love affairs to be full of joy and positive emotions! Few people love too serious and boring people living a measured life, but all of us are attracted to sociable, cheerful people with a sense of humor. If there is no joy and positive, then there is no sense in being together.

What a Man Needs in a Relationship

Of course, it is nice if a woman can cook, but it is not enough for a man. We will tell you what is really necessary for your loved one.

  • Personal space

A woman shouldn’t try to take all the personal space of a man. This is the first thing what a man needs from a woman in a relationship. He also needs to breathe freely. Surprisingly, the more freedom a woman gives, the less he needs it. To live one life for two is an idea for romantic films, and not for the harsh reality. There is nothing critical about just being alone with yourself.

  • Support

This doesn’t mean that a woman needs to exempt a man from responsibility, solve all his problems, begin to patronize, crush everyone around. Simple female tenderness is enough. Hug a loved one, be sure it works. A man wants to hear from a woman, “Darling, I see how you try, I am with you.”

  • Fidelity

If a woman loves, she doesn’t imagine herself with anyone else because she doesn’t need it. A woman can forgive cheating, but a man will never do so.

  • Sex

This parable is as old as the world. A woman can be a legendary cook, have a luxurious appearance, but if she doesn’t want to have sex, then she doesn’t want to have a real relationship as well. In addition, another sad fact: if a man doesn’t receive it from his woman, there will definitely be the one who will give him everything he needs, and the choice is obvious here.

  • Intimacy

The romantic period ends sooner or later. In theory, romance and passion should be replaced by love. The only problem is that there is no love without emotional intimacy. And if a woman perches on a pedestal and wants to be only an object of his love, then nothing will come of it.

  • Attention

What do men want in a relationship? The woman of the dreams is able to provide small signs of attention that make it clear how truly he is dear to her. She is always attentive to his needs in a relationship whether it is a favorite dish, music or something else.

  • Physical touches

The hormone oxytocin is known as the “hug hormone.” It enters the bloodstream when someone’s skin is gently stroked, or someone is held in a tender embrace. When a woman learns to give a man pleasure by touching him in the way he likes most, their love will become much richer.

What an Introvert Needs in a Relationship

To build a full-fledged trusting union with introverts, you need to adhere to certain rules not only in communication but also in living together. Otherwise, due to too much misconception of the nature of such a person, a clash of views, interests, and the desire for a partner to meet expectations, everything may end in a breakup. So, you have to look at this relationship needs list:

  • Absence of emotional discussions

Introverts don’t like conflicting communication and try to protect themselves from unpleasant things. In an ardent extrovert, ignorance often provokes even greater anger.

  • Acceptance of their leisurely pace of life

Introverts are not in a hurry, enjoying every minute of their lives. They know how to enjoy small things. If your partner is an introvert, rejoice and learn from him/her the love of simple human things that sometimes bring indescribable pleasure and peace.

  • Time for themselves

The inner world of introverts is multifaceted. They like to dream for a long time, draw rainbow pictures and walk for hours along the riverbank. There is no need to steal their precious moments of solitude.

  • Support

If your partner is an introvert, you need to know that he or she needs support where a difficult situation or problems arise. Try to encourage them to action and eliminate the possibility of hiding troubles.

  • Mutual feelings

If such a person falls in love with you, you will experience true happiness. They feel it difficult to enter into a relationship because they are afraid to make a mistake and be rejected. However, if you manage to attract him or her, you get support and devotion for a lifetime.wants and needs in a relationship

Emotional Needs in a Relationship

There are different couples. But there are some fundamental emotional needs that everyone usually strives to get. That’s what you both need to do to make it even better!

  • Acceptance

We need to know that our partners accept everything in us (imperfections or personal qualities). It is important to consider oneself as part of a union, to feel good and to be able to speak without conviction.

  • Desire to be understood

You don’t need to agree with each other, but you have to listen carefully! Only meeting emotional needs in a relationship, you can find the right solution to any situation.

  • Trust

Everything is clear in this: you need to believe each other and know that your partner will support you and continue to love, no matter what.

  • Value

This is about how necessary it is to feel priority over other people. Actions and deeds are the indicators that a partner values you.

  • Desire to feel a deep connection

This indicates some kind of close feeling between you. It is not only about sex, but also in general about the feeling of closeness. And this is one of the most obvious emotional needs in a couple!

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