15 Compliments Women Love


Anyone, who has ever been in love, knows how important compliments are. In fact, true feelings can only be seen through the ability to notice those cute details of her image and character. A compliment is a key to her attention: even if your crush used to ignore you before, a couple of sweet words won’t leave her indifferent. And by her reaction, you’ll see whether there’s a chance for a relationship or not.

But how to be sure that the words you say touch the deepest chords of her heart? Well, the main thing here is to focus your compliment on some trifles rather than obvious positive traits. For instance, a compliment like “You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen” won’t impress her much, so you’ll have to put your creativity to work, and we’ll help you out a bit. Here are 15 cute compliments for girls that work better than gifts and surprises.

Do women like compliments? Definitely yes! Why? It's simple: because they always expect pleasant words from their partners. Do we need to tell about what can happen if you don’t meet the expectations? There are a few possible outcomes, from silent resentment to a loud scandal. But these troubles are so easy to avoid by making just a few simple, elegant compliments.

compliments for women

Why you should compliment the girl

Why can not you support great relationship without kind words and why do girls need them so much? Everything is very simple. Compliments are extremely important and the girl is always more likely to choose the man that compliments her and emphasizes her best features. Based on what you say and how you pronounce it, you can make the best impression or forever break down all of your plans and intentions and make you awkward.

But one should understand that not all compliments have the same effect. Remember, compliments are your best friends during the first meeting, they help you make the right first impression and for this purpose, the phrases for making compliments should be selected carefully and thoroughly so that the girl notices them and interprets them the right way. In addition, all the compliments must be sincere and then they will leave the best memories.

Tell your girlfriend how beautiful she is, so that she blooms for you, stays happy and transmits the best positive energy back, however, such phrases should be told at the right time and place to emphasize the girl's uniqueness. Only then they will contribute to the further successful development of your relationship and raise the girl's interest in your persona.

How to make compliments

In order to achieve the desired effect compliments should fit in certain rules, so we suggest to divide them into three components.

Uniqueness. Girls always try to distinguish some details in their appearance which they consider to be the boldest and attention-worth. They usually emphasize them with great importance, since, in their opinion, it adds to their uniqueness. Therefore, it is very important to notice these detail and let the girl know about it with the help of a compliment. It can be her hair that she styles carefully everyday or her nice manicure.

Attractiveness. Do not forget that the compliment must emphasize the feature you sincerely find to be the most beautiful in a girl. Of course when you are in love all of your estimations of your girl’s beauty are biased, but you have to stress her magical power that magnifies you so much through highlighting the specific features and compliment her on her appearance. There is surely something marvelous about her, whether those are her eyes or a smile.

Accident. The best compliments are the unexpected ones. When a girl did not wait for you to compliment her new dress, but you tell her how stunning does she look on the regular basis, do not make her beg for those kind words or force you by hints, think of this first.

Types of compliments

A compliment on her looks

A compliment can be a pleasant surprise remember for a long time only if it is quite rare but well-aimed. Of course, the person you make compliments may look stunning every day. However, some days something grabs your attention and you strive to inform a girl that she looks particularly good.

One of the main requirements for the compliments concerning looks or outfits is to make them not only on the special occasions when you know that girl has put a lot of time into her hair and makeup, but when she looks as usual too. compliments women love to hear But avoid using «today», like «you look wonderful today» because the girl can think that you do not think she looks great the rest of the time. In order to notice the beauty of the people around, you need to be a careful and observant person interested in people, and not be completely absorbed by your own person.

A compliment on her taste

If you notice that a woman wears a new dress, praise her choice and taste. Even if you don’t really like the dress itself, just say: “Oh, you have a new dress today”. Think about how much work had a woman done to sew or buy a new dress, and if no one even notices it, it will be awful and hurting for her. The same is about the new hairstyle, shoes or manicure. It is necessary for a woman to dress well not only “for others”, but also for herself in order to feel confident and comfortable. So if she put the efforts to look good, give her a sign you notice it too! And she will flourish. Of course, one should not focus only on the appearance of a woman. Plutarch said: "Not the appearance, but the kindness of a woman must constitute her glory in a society." In the East, people say: "Wisdom does not need magnificent clothes."

Compliment on her behavior

If you emphasize the way a girl behaves in a particular moment, provided you do it correctly, then be sure that you will conquer her heart! Girls are sometimes fed up with making the best possible impression with their appearance and outfits. So if you emphasize how much are her views polished to the smallest detail and compliment her behavior she will be surprised you are not like the rest of the man. Example:

  • Your movements are extremely smooth and gentle, have you been dancing?
  • You are wiser than all of the other girls of your age
  • I respect your views, I have never met a person with such an interesting point of view

Advanced compliments

Those are the compliments describing the way you feel near this girl and which emotions does she arise in you. Any girl is pleased to make a strong impression on you. So the way she makes you feel should be emphasized and highlighted. Examples:

  • It feels so great near you like it's a day off. Feeling of relaxation and celebration.
  • I am so interested in you as a person, tell me something about yourself.
  • Near you I feel like a boy who has fallen in love and don’t even know how to behave to impress you
  • With you, this street fuss disappears. I do not want to hurry anywhere, I want to look into your eyes, touch your hands and stay near your place forever.

15 compliments women love

1) “I have such a great time with you.”

What can be simpler than telling her that you enjoy the time you spend together? The best thing about this compliment is that it’s not dramatic and doesn’t sound like open flattery. But at the same time, it clearly shows your significant other that you appreciate her company more than parties with your buddies and video games. In strong, long-term relationships, this compliment can serve as a reminder that your feelings for her still haven’t lost that spark that brought you together a long time ago.

2) “You always inspire me.”

Any girl is pleased to realize that she inspires her partner. That’s why there are no better compliments for women than the ones telling them that they are a true inspiration. Tell your loved one that thanks to her, you become better, and this pushes you towards achieving your goals. Even if her contribution to your success isn’t that significant, her support and words of encouragement give you that motivation you need and make your dreams come true.

3) “You taught me a lot.”

Who wouldn’t like hearing a compliment or two on their wits? It’s always great to feel smart, so don’t forget to remind your loved one of her intellect from time to time. Tell her that you appreciate the lessons she taught you. There IS a lesson you learned from her, right? Your girlfriend probably did bring some new knowledge into your relationship (the ability to choose the right type of tampons or pads doesn’t count though), so try to remember what it was and build your compliment upon it to make it sound as believable as possible. If you can’t recall anything, you can always resort to her taste in movies, books, music, etc. and compliment on that. You know what works even better? Asking for her opinion!

4) “Your opinion means so much to me.”

A man, who values his partner's opinion, shows that he really appreciates and respects her, so this one is probably the most valuable on our list of compliments for girls. By telling your girlfriend that you care about what she thinks, you say that you completely trust her and are ready to share your secrets and listen to her advice. This phrase is a powerful compliment, and it can become a real incentive for your loved one to keep supporting you.

5) “Your sense of humor is brilliant!”

For some reason, a lot of men believe that girls can’t be funny, and they are totally wrong. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the relationship is to ignore your partner’s sense of humor or make laugh of her jokes. You probably like when someone appreciates your humor, so why not show your girlfriend the same attitude? Just let her know that she’s hilarious and consider her heart conquered.

There are a lot of funny compliments for girls, but instead of just telling her that she’s hilarious, you also need to show that you really find her sense of humor perfect by actually laughing at her jokes. In fact, this is even better than words. Of course, this can work only if she really has a sense of humor. Otherwise, you’ll have to laugh every time she cracks a terrible joke if you don’t want to admit that your compliment was a lie.

6) “You can’t imagine how much I trust you.”

Trust is the main pillar of any relationship, especially if you committed to your loved one. That’s why you should always remind her that you trust her. This one definitely belongs to the list of compliments women love to hear. A lot of couples fall apart because of jealousy, and if you don’t want yours to be among them, it’s better to ‘stock up’ on your significant other’s loyalty. Sure, if you’re in a committed relationship, such things as loyalty should be taken for granted, but it won’t hurt if you thank her for being faithful to you.

funny compliments for women7) “You have beautiful eyes/hair/hands/lips.”

Why bother making up sophisticated compliments when you can just tell the girl that she’s beautiful? That’s true, any woman will appreciate these words, but no matter how sincere you are, compliments like this will still sound trivial. The main thing about compliments women love is that they’re not obvious. Try to be more specific and target certain parts of her body instead of praising the body itself. If her eyes are mesmerizing, make sure that you tell her about that. On second thought, eyes are also a bit banal. Compliment her on her hair. This should work, too.

By complimenting on her specific features, you also show that you’re focused not only on her sexual body parts. This can be important at the initial stage of the relationship because you demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions. You can as well compliment on your girlfriend’s nails or skin. God knows how much time and effort they spend making both look impeccable.

8) “When I'm with you, I'm the happiest man alive.”

If you speak from your heart when saying such words to your loved one, it's worth a lot. After all, there are so many things in the world that make you happy, but if only a couple of hours with her give you that cozy feeling of happiness, this is something you should tell her about. Compliments like this never go unnoticed because to make someone happy is the greatest gift, and not every woman is capable of doing that.

9) “You look gorgeous.”

We’re stepping into the dangerous territory here, as complimenting on the girl’s looks is a risky endeavor. The thing is that if you compliment on her appearance when she’s dressed to the teeth and has a ton or two of makeup on her face, she may get the feeling that you don’t like how she looks when she’s dressed casually. On the other hand, if you say that you appreciate her natural looks and casual style, she may think that you’re hinting at her bad makeup skills. So here’s a lesson you should learn: some compliments women love to hear can easily turn into insults even if you had no intention to offend your companion. When it comes to appearance-based compliments, try not to be that specific. Yes, such approach works great with body parts but not in this case. So if you don’t want to make her feel worse after your compliment, limit yourself to general phrases, like “you look pretty today” or “how do you manage to always look so great?”

10) “Did someone tell you that you’re great at what you do?”

Remember, if the girl doesn’t screw up something completely, then she’s incredibly good at what she does. We all love when someone appreciates the effort we put into our job, hobbies, etc. So don’t hesitate to remind your loved one that she’s doing a great job drawing, playing the guitar, working 9-to-5, and so on. Although if she doesn’t like her job, there’s no point in telling her that she’s good at it. Some people secretly dream about their talents being noticed and appreciated, and if your girlfriend is one of them, this is a nice opportunity to say something truly pleasant.

11) “I haven’t met anyone like you before.”

Among other compliments women like, this one is the most sincere and honest. By saying these words, you let your significant other now that by looking at her, you see much more than a cute face and beautiful body. People love when they’re appreciated for their personality and some traits of their character.

12) “You keep making me a better person.”

When a man meets a woman, who challenges him and shows him what true love is, she inspires him to become a better person. If this is your case, then your partner will be pleased to hear that she’s had such a huge positive impact on you that you were able to change. This actually means that she brought you to a whole new level of self-development. If your loved one deserves such a compliment, she can be proud of herself. After all, she did what other women will never be able to do.

13) “You’re so elegant.”

Unlike risky and unpredictable appearance-based compliments, this one emphasized your girlfriend’s sense of style, so it’s safe to use. Any woman can be fashionable and stylish. However, if a man tells his partner that she’s elegant and refined, this means that she stands out from other ladies and has some class. By praising her sense of taste and elegance, you give your lady a few bonus points, and she’ll appreciate that. Show her that you’re proud that such a woman is by your side. You can back up your compliment by introducing her to your friends or family if you haven’t done it yet.

14) “I can’t wish for anyone else by my side.”

Such a strong compliment will definitely boost your girlfriend’s self-esteem. This phrase is like a delicacy that feeds her ego. Every girl wants to hear that she means so much to someone, and your significant other is no exception. The only problem about this compliment is that it’s only good for long-lasting relationships. It’s a bit weird to say such words to a girl you met two weeks ago, don’t you think? So it’s better to save these words for your one and only.

15) “You're such a great friend.”

Here’s the thing: such compliment can have two meanings at the same time, so be careful. On the one hand, the girl may accidentally assume that she’s being friendzoned. However, if your loved one is truly close to you, and your relationship has long passed the initial stage, then this phrase can be a testimony to your commitment. Unlike other meaningless and funny compliments for women, this one serves as a sign of complete trust.

A few sweet words are the best remedy for all relationship crises that can also boost your loved one’s self-confidence. The key to a really good compliment lies in pointing out the person’s inner beauty instead of their looks. Being honest and genuine and complimenting only on those traits that you truly appreciate, you will master the art of saying compliments to women. Just don’t overdo it when praising your partner, and everything will be fine.

When to make a compliment When to make a compliment

It is important to choose the right time for compliments - for example, when you are on a date or when the topic of what you want to compliment your girl allows to tell her a few kind words. It also means the perfect combination of what you want to say with the situation you are in, whether it is just two of you in an intimate ambiance or you are in a big noisy company of her friends or relatives. This is very important because kind words used in the wrong situation can even become demeaning.

For example, do not compliment her appearance after she has just given a business speech or finished her presentation (unless these are words about how uncontrollably sexy did she look when being serious and how did she own the room). Instead, it’s better to praise her hard work, her excellent ability to transmit information with the right words or clear intelligence, which was manifested in her thoughtful presentation. Compliments of her bright appearance in this situation will humiliate her like if her work did not matter, and praising her for her excellent work will inspire you girl to do even better.

Common mistakes in doing compliments

Avoid complimenting certain physical features. The fact is that if you build a girl’s self-esteem around one particular trait, in most cases, this trait will disappear over time and because of this, the girl will feel worthless. Therefore, it is better not to compliment her constantly on her legs, breast, and so on. Eyes and hands are the safest areas.

Do not make girls you barely know compliments with sexual undertones. This is the main prohibition when it comes to compliments. Obviously, on your life path, you will meet lovely strangers who you would want to compliment. But if you do not know the girl well and suddenly make a spicy remark concerning her, then you will make, to put it mildly, not a very good impression. Avoid offensive compliments. There are certain compliments that may seem flattering to you, but will, in fact, be perceived as insults. Before saying anything, think about how do you want to present it and how can it be understood apart from the context.

Text compliments

Talking to a girl online is easier than in life. You can find out everything about her just in a few clicks: where does she work or sturdy, what does she enjoy, what movies does she watch and what music does she listen to. But what to write a girl in the first message to catch her eye and make her want to continue the conversation? You will find several examples of successful online dating gambits below.

  • You can use these phrases to impress the girl you liked via text messages. But remember that the path to the heart of any female is different.
  • Hello! It seems that I have been looking for you all my life, and here you are!
  • I have long wanted to meet such a girl.
  • Your beauty can not be compared with anything. Your uniqueness is flawless!
  • Good evening. I want to know you better. You do not mind, do you?
  • Do I have a chance to meet with such a beautiful girl for a cup of coffee? If yes, let me know.
  • Oh, and I might have already seen you in some movie!
  • Do you happen to come from the royal family? Because you look like a princess!
  • Congratulations to me, I have finally found you. Let's celebrate this.
  • I am very lucky today. I found the most charming and sweet girl. May I meet you?
  • Girl, what do you plan to be doing for the rest of your life? Because I would do anything for you to include me in the list of your life plans.
  • Do you know that you have struck me with your eyes? You are insanely beautiful!
  • You have probably put a lot of effort to look so good and I am definitely falling for this.

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