Best Tinder Strategies for Guys Over 50


Everyone is looking for a life companion with whom they can spend days and nights, who will become a friend, a partner and just a loved one. At the age of 18-20, a feeling of love arises quickly. But where and how to find a significant other when the first gray hair has appeared, and huge life experience has gained? Look at these Tinder tips for men.

Tinder for over 50

Tinder for Men Over 50: Is It Possible to Get Matches?

It happens that a man told himself that he wants to meet a woman of 50 years old, but he doesn’t want to do anything – neither go to crowded places nor go on dates. In this case, he can use the Internet. There are a lot of opportunities that help find a life partner for those who are at their 50. On Tinder, you can find a significant other in just a few minutes. You can spend some time on registration and filling out a profile.

In the modern world, there is no problem in the issue of how to find your woman when you are 50 – there are many opportunities to get rid of loneliness and find your soulmate with whom you can discuss your life, raise grandchildren, go on vacation, and grow old slowly together.

How to get matches on Tinder? If you want to get a match, then, first of all, the right approach should be taken to the selection of photographs – it should show you from the best sides while being real. After all, a twenty-year-old guy in the photo will attract those who are looking for a young man and not an experienced life partner.

Also, for a search on Tinder to give a result, you need to confidently say, “I will meet a good woman.” A clear belief in success will allow you to make contact faster and start chatting. Fifty is not the limit. The Tinder age range is different. Agree that at the age of 50, you still want to live, make new relationships, and meet people.

Tinder Profile Tips for Mature Men

Tinder is the main website to meet girls. But not everyone succeeds in it. And most often, it is due to an incorrectly created profile.

Be brief

As for Tinder bio tips, here is one of the most important: when posting information about yourself on the site, it is important to tell the very minimum. The more information a woman receives about you, the worse. Who is interested in the read book? The trick here is that a woman chooses you not with her brain but with emotions. In this case, she will lose the ability to think sensibly and perceive your minuses as pluses. And she will see your advantages in superlatives! This is not about manipulating the opposite sex, but about how it is better to show yourself.

A photo is better than a thousand words

This may seem like a cliché, however, adding a photo to your profile, you can tell a lot about yourself to potential partners. The first photo should be as new as possible, and you should like it. It should also demonstrate your personality, lifestyle, and interests. For example, if you like hiking, add a photo where you climb the mountain. If you like going to the beach, parties, reading good books, then show it in the photos. After you have managed to show your personality, you can add your photos with loved ones, but you should avoid taking pictures where you are with exes and women who could be your potential partners.

how to get matches on TinderStay yourself

You make the decision about what to write in your profile, depending on what you are comfortable sharing, but there is something important for everyone: you must be as honest as possible. Embellishing yourself to look more attractive is completely wrong. In the future, you may have problems if your date is successful and a woman finds out the truth about you. Always be honest. Don’t come up with character traits that you don’t have and describe yourself truthfully using Tinder over 50. Don’t hide some of the shortcomings. It’s better just to find a partner who will treat them more easily.

A catchy status

It can be a quote from your favorite movie, novel, just a funny expression, etc. The main thing is not to use vulgarities, obscene vocabulary or tediousness. And don’t write a poem, 1-2 phrases are enough. Don’t use banal expressions. It is important to be able to accurately describe the situations and circumstances in which you find yourself. Moderation in jokes, a politely playful but not vulgar tone, and the correct use of characters are necessary. There is no need to abuse emojis, exclamations, interrogative expressions, Caps Lock, etc.

Don’t be boring

If you want to meet girls now, then stop being boring. Using Tinder for over 50, you surely can describe any impressive memories in life on your page. Does your profile contain such phrases: I love spending time with friends, reading books, eating in restaurants and cafes, going to the theater, traveling, etc.? Honestly, this doesn’t say anything about you at all and doesn’t make you interesting for any woman so that she wants to know more about you. You need to be more specific. For example, “For me, excellent experience of visiting a restaurant is to try new dishes of national cuisine, I like a bit of spiciness.” You know elegant flirting always works great.


Think about the words with the help of which you are going to describe yourself, remember all your pros and cons. When you register on Tinder with serious intentions, don’t write lies. That is if you are 55 years old, you weigh is 100 kg, you are currently unemployed and live in the countryside, it will be extremely strange to read in your profile that you are 29, your weight is 80 kg and you are a successful metropolitan entrepreneur. Everyone can find someone who will love them as they are. Remember this. And you, with your imperfection, will surely find someone who loves you.

Picture Tips for Tinder If You Are Over 50

According to statistics, most people don’t pay enough attention to their photos on Tinder, and they still can’t find a mate. Such people begin to criticize the site, tell everyone that it is impossible to get acquainted on the Internet, they write everywhere that there are only fools and no matches on Tinder.

Where to begin? What should be the photo on the site so that it attracts the maximum number of interested people?

Quality, not quantity

This is a good Tinder strategy. The system of dating sites is no different from walking along the street. When you walk along the sidewalk, women rate you. Many young ladies will not smile at you if you look bad. Therefore, a photo must be of high quality, and you should look attractive in it. A beautiful profile picture is a high probability that a woman will have a desire to click on your page. And there should be other photos since it will be unable to form an opinion about you if you have only one photo. But once again, all the photos have to be of high quality.

Cool lifestyle

Women like cars, expensive clothes, and a beautiful lifestyle. No matter how impregnable and independent a woman is, she still looks at beautiful things. More likely, women will visit a page of a man where he is pictured in a luxurious car. And it’s not that they are looking for rich men. Just a photo frame with expensive things in the background looks more attractive. Women over 50 have already experienced a lot and perhaps have achieved a lot. They know what they want. This applies not only to material things. Show that you are an interesting and successful person. Show what you get, your hobbies and interests.

Be careful with the photo editor

Applications for smartphones allow you to change the appearance. And this, unfortunately, is causing disappointment. Indeed, in the photo, we see one person, but in life, he or she turns out to be completely different! Try to limit yourself to an insignificant retouch that doesn’t change the features of your face. It is also important to upload as realistic photos as possible, that is, you don’t need to use many filters to improve them. Women perceive too glossy photographs as fake. Many women on Tinder admit that when a man’s photo is too professional, they get the impression that this person likes himself very much.

Stay friendly

Regardless of who you are looking for on Tinder, it is very important to show that you are open to communication. Many men make the mistake of posting photos with cool, arrogant facial expressions. But it is very important to have friendly photos even if you are a restrained person. Otherwise, women will be afraid to start a dialogue with you. And no aggression! As practice shows, the better photographs are selected, and the more a man writes about himself in the profile, the higher the likelihood that he will get acquainted with a suitable person faster and will not stay for years looking for a woman is.

Don’t create a false impression with your photo

When you use Tinder for over 50, it is tempting to embellish yourself a little and choose a photo where you are ten years younger, more muscular or slim, don’t give in to this temptation. After all, in real life, everyone wants to meet the same person with whom he or she chats on the Internet. If the photo doesn’t correspond to the real appearance, then the first meeting will lead to disappointment, and no charm will save the situation. If you have no one to photograph you, go to a photo studio where you will be photographed from the best angle.

How to Message Someone on Tinder

On the site, it is possible to communicate with any user, but not everyone can immediately understand how to do it. So, how to message someone on Tinder and what is required for conducting a dialogue with women?

how to message on TinderCarefully read a woman’s profile who seems attractive to you

As Tinder guide advises, first of all, mark her hobbies and interests. Look for common things and similar tastes. It has long been proven that people with completely different habits find it difficult to get along in the same territory. You can start a conversation with a discussion of hobbies. For example, if you like the same trend in music, then greet a woman and ask if she went to the concert of her favorite band. This beginning of the conversation is quite harmless and will not cause a negative reaction from the stranger.

Don’t be banal

Writing the first message on Tinder needs to be taken seriously. Probably, many are tempted to write something trivial, for example, “Hello.” But this is not the most successful phrase because you show yourself an ordinary person. And this suggests that communication with you will be boring and banal, as with most others on this site. Therefore, the first message should immediately interest a woman. It is unlikely that she will want to reply to your “How are you?”

Try to be more interesting from the first lines

How to message on Tinder? We are sure that you are a unique man. But a woman may not know this. And she won’t learn it if you reply very sparingly and don’t ask any questions. Turn into a talker. Ideally, you need to come up with some unusual questions that you will ask at the beginning of the conversation. This will help the conversation become more interesting.

Behave politely

On Tinder, as in real life, you should avoid extremes. Don’t complain and don’t be intrusive – if you see that a woman doesn’t want to chat, step aside. Try again in a day or two. If you get monosyllabic answers again, don’t waste your time. You should better text to someone else. Don’t behave cheekily as you can get in the blacklist. And by the way, such tactics when a man replies to a message a week later, supposedly keeping intrigued, don’t work. This Tinder strategy is not so good.

Show all your positive qualities

It is very important. Women love men with humor, but it’s important not to overdo it. So, don’t write vulgar and stupid jokes. Follow Tinder etiquette. There should be a measure in everything. To do this, use humor and flirt. Show the woman that if it is interesting to chat with you, it will be even more interesting to communicate in reality.

Don’t chat too long

In general, the purpose of your stay on Tinder is to get to know a potential girlfriend and exchange phone numbers to start real communication. Many don’t understand this and are trying to “torment” women and have a long communication with them, who already probably want to meet. Don’t refuse to talk on the phone. Spend some time on the dating site and agree to talk and then meet. This is how to talk to girls on Tinder correctly.

To find someone to create a relationship is not an easy thing, both on the Internet and in real life. But remember that everything happens at the right time. Don’t be discouraged if the search lasts longer than you hoped. Sometimes it will be difficult for you, but try to enjoy the process and have fun. If your attitude is positive, you are more attractive to others. Be yourself, don’t be disappointed, and you will surely find your woman.

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