Dating an Aquarius Woman: Tips & Advice


Aquarius is a sign under the control of two planets – Uranus and Saturn. If you see an extraordinary, bright person, then, most likely, it is an Aquarius woman. It is difficult to understand, but it is impossible not to notice her. An Aquarius woman stands out from the crowd. This woman attracts with her brilliance. She is open to communication, love, and romance. But it is not an easy task to tame her. A freedom-loving Aquarius woman appreciates personal space. This woman is quite secretive in feelings, so you never know whether she likes you. It is possible that she is embarrassed by her feelings, especially if you communicate for a short time. However, remember that she is a passionate nature, but she prefers not to show it so that no one manipulates her.

How to conquer an Aquarius girl? This question is asked by many who want to make a good impression. The main secret is that you should behave naturally with her so that she has the impression that you are a sincere person. If you like a girl of this sign, then you should know that you will get an interesting and mysterious person. But it will not be so easy to win her heart.

Aquarius girl's personality​

8 things you need to know about Aquarius women to understand them better

So, what are Aquarius women characteristics? Let’s figure it out!

1. They are communicative

It is pleasant to talk with these women on various topics. They are quite smart and educated. They love to talk with their lovers about plans for the day, how they like to make love, when they finish their business and have free time, and so on. Aquarius women are always charming and purposeful and they know their worth. These women don’t like to deceive – they just hide some information.

2. They are good-looking

What are Aquarius women like? Women, who were born under this sign, have great charm and amazing grace. Their appearance is usually bright, which is emphasized by a peculiar image, manner of dressing. Aquarius women can dress both in something trendy and in vintage clothes.

3. They are interesting

Aquarius girl’s personality is very diverse. It is impossible to get bored in the society of an Aquarius woman. She always tries to delve into other people’s situations, to help. Each of Aquarius girls has a very developed intuition that allows her to look into the future. Representatives of the sign behave modestly, but they don’t allow anyone to impose another point of view, and they also don’t aspire to change anything in some way.

4. They are loving women

They behave very differently in love. Very often they rush to extremes. Sometimes such woman can be cold, even arrogant. She strives for perfect and exalted feelings. If an Aquarius woman falls in love for real, then she will not think about other partners. But even passionate feelings will not change her desire to preserve at least part of her personal freedom. Also, Aquarius women pay little attention to career successes and money of men. It is more important for them to be their true friends, faithful companions. A clever and shrewd woman will certainly help reveal the potential that is dormant in her chosen one.

Aquarius women in relationships5. They are sexy

Sexual desires of Aquarius women exist in close connection with their intellect. The physical side of love is not the main thing of relationships for these women. But this doesn’t mean that an Aquarius woman is cold in sex and unable to have fun.

6. They are good wives

They take marriage seriously. These women usually collect maximum information about the future life companions, trying to understand whether their union will be successful. Their future husbands have to pass more than one test, challenge, and trick. The main thing is the requirement that men don’t interfere in their development. They need freedom without bouts of jealousy. Men should allow them to lead a way of life at ease, comfortable, without encroachments and strict obligations. So, how to attract Aquarius women? Just give them freedom in their actions. A loving Aquarius woman will not betray, will cherish relationships, family, and reciprocate with her companion.

7. They are good hostesses

Yes, they are good hostesses, but these women are not crazy about sterile cleanliness in the house and a daily three-course dinner, although they always do household chores at least because they often have guests and they want to look good in their eyes. However, if especially picky visitors see somewhere small “sins”, they are ready to forgive this amazingly charming, sociable, benevolent hostess and an interesting woman.

8. They are loving mothers

Usually, Aquarius women don’t become “crazy mothers”. They don’t allow themselves to show excessive emotions in connection with the birth of babies and demonstrative manifestations of love. However, such a woman will invest a lot of energy in her child. What else can be added about Aquarius women? Aquarius mothers never take care of children excessively. They are most satisfied with the role of friends of their children, helping them to know this wonderful world.

Dating an Aquarius woman: useful advice

Surprise her

So, first of all, dating Aquarius women, you should be interesting to them. Try to come up with something unusual. For example, take a girl to the roof of some house and open a bottle of champagne. She should feel nice with you. Be friendly and open. If there is a pause in your conversation, try to defuse the situation with a good joke. Maybe she constantly lacks new emotions and impressions. Show her some attractions, buy chocolate or ice cream. Let her feel as in her childhood. She has to understand that she is safe with you. Don’t forget to take her home. Otherwise, she may think that you show your indifference in this way. Don’t forget to kiss her at the end of your date. Call the next day to find out what her mood is. Every Aquarius girl will appreciate such care.

Don’t try to tie her to yourself

Aquarius women are freedom-loving creatures. It is unlikely that a girl will want to be attached to home life or family, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Therefore, don’t talk about how much you want children and a quiet family life. All you need to do now is to concentrate on improvisation and inner freedom. Don’t rush things at the very beginning. Your perseverance in the period of development of a relationship may only scare her. Don’t let her know that you have big plans and hopes for joint future, even if it is so. Aquarius women don’t tolerate control in love and in relationships.

Don’t be too intrusive

Aquarius women don’t like people of this type. Behave naturally and adequately. Never ask questions that they don’t know the answers to, otherwise, they may feel stupid. Be a person in the full sense of this word.

Be ready to face their unpredictable natures

Aquarius girls constantly study, experiment, and learn something new. Be ready for this. They are social personalities and adore being among people. Let them think that they have such an opportunity. Also don’t be surprised if your girl decides to meet her male friends. Suppress the feeling of jealousy. It will not bring anything good to your relationship with her.

dating Aquarius womenShow that you are successful

Aquarius women believe that a man should have a prestigious profession. They don’t tolerate men who live at women’s expense. They quickly recognize the manipulators and gigolos. Show your independence in every way. But money doesn’t attract them. Don’t show an Aquarius woman your expensive phone since it unlikely causes any emotion. It even may just push her off you.

Don’t lie to her

Don’t lie to her. Don’t exaggerate your position in society and flaunt your wealth. An Aquarius girl quickly understands that you lie, and then her attitude towards you may change for the worse. Don’t limit her freedom, never chain into a fictitious framework. She is a freedom-loving person and this behavior can only alienate her. She also will not limit your freedom. But don’t think that she wants an open relationship. Aquarius women don’t cheat in relationships if they really love.

Try to surprise her every day and give only the best emotions. She will become more attractive in your eyes because they will glow with happiness. Let her know that she is yours, that you appreciate her and miss her when she is not next to you.

What signs are compatible with Aquarius women?

Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio – if you are one of them, then be sure that you have all the chances to have a nice relationship with an Aquarius woman.

Aquarius women in bed

An Aquarius woman is truly incomparable in sex. She will not hide her true emotions as she does in ordinary life. Her loved one will see a range of feelings. However, it is important for a young man to know that the path to her heart lies through the brain. And if he can turn off her head, then she will able to give out a storm of passion. A woman of this sign is sensual enough. So, how do Aquarius women behave in bed?

Aquarius women and sex

A man must be able to bring her a lot of emotions. If she has the right mood, the impressions will be truly amazing. Her lover has to spend more time with her. But in normal life, she is very busy because she works a lot. So, a pleasant and relaxing massage from a loved one and a bath with him is the most wonderful surprise for her after a hard day. So, you have to set her up for a love wave. She likes long foreplay, and only after it, you can start making love. At this moment, she appreciates the beautiful unity of souls most of all. Yes, Aquarius women love sensual sex.

You shouldn’t force her to have sex or to meet purposefully just for the sake of it. In the subconscious, she will have a negative message that her loved one only uses her. On the contrary, spontaneous emotions and feelings are needed. And you can start everything with a gentle kiss on her neck. She should turn on and accumulate enough sexual energy. She will deal with this not from pure necessity, but in order to receive true pleasure. She will feel the closeness of her lover with all the fibers.

She chooses only physically strong and hardy partners, as well as attractive ones. The rest of the men can’t aspire to be her lovers. She never starts a few romances at once. So, you can be sure that she will not cheat on you. She sometimes needs consolation and a strong shoulder when she feels defenseless. But don’t use this only in order to have sex.

An Aquarius woman is distinguished by her exquisite appearance and sharp mind, which she doesn’t consider necessary to conceal. Her judgments often shock and amaze people – she looks at everything quite differently. But this doesn’t mean that her idea of the world is wrong. Just Aquarius women can look at the problem from such an unexpected perspective. They are creative, determined, and love to shock the public.

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