Here's What Makes You Boyfriend Material


What Is Boyfriend Material?

What is boyfriend material? Boyfriend material is a way of saying that you are quite fitting to be a partner of a given woman. There are lots of different character traits that define the meaning of “boyfriend material,” and they mostly depend on a case-to-case basis. You have to remember that we are all different, and there can never be one certain formula on how to be boyfriend material, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should constantly adapt to people around you, but rather find a person in life that will love you for who you are.

boyfriend material

Am I boyfriend material? Well, let’s find out how to become boyfriend material.

How to Be Boyfriend Material

Are you boyfriend material? It’s not so easy to be a good boyfriend, even if you have a great girlfriend. A good boyfriend knows when to talk and when to listen, when to share a piece of advice, and when to sympathize. When to pay attention to a girl, and when to let her go about her business. You need to become a reliable person for your girlfriend, who will be able to admire and respect a woman. A good boyfriend can adapt to any given situation and knows that there is always some work to be done on a relationship.

Let’s establish some boyfriend material checklist.

  • Be honest.

Good boyfriend material will be honest to his girlfriend. In any relationship, honesty is almost always the best way to go. If you are honest from the very beginning of your relationship, you can avoid problems in the future.

Tell her everything she needs to know, without overloading her with the truth. If you have previously had a serious relationship with someone, you can tell her about this, but do not tell in detail about your ex.

Be honest, yet kind. This does not mean that your every answer should sound like a compliment. Just offer some alternative. For example, if she asks if you like her new dress, say that you do not mind it, but you prefer another one, as it emphasizes her beautiful eyes.

You need to not only be able to be honest but also be able to accept the honesty of other people. A good boyfriend knows how to accept the truth.

  • Trust her

Trust is one of the most important signs a guy is boyfriend material. Trust your girlfriend and get her to trust you too. Trust is the basis of your relationship because love is a combination of trust and commitment. Thanks to this, you will become more honest with each other, learn to understand each other’s desires, feelings, and needs.

You can trust your girlfriend by telling her something about yourself that other people do not know.

To make her trust you, show that you are interested, and you are worried if she tells you something personal and important to her.

  • The conversation is about two people

How to be boyfriend material? When you speak, try to keep a balance throughout a conversation. It is difficult when a partner is either constantly silent or just can’t seem to shut their mouth. If you are more silent, she will think that you are not interested in her. If you talk a lot, she will think that you are narcissistic or just rude.

When communicating, it is important not only to be able to speak but also to be able to listen. This is also true for relationships. If one of the partners can’t handle this rule – it is doomed.boyfriend material checklist

Of course, there are times when you need to speak out (for example, when something exciting happened, something important or, on the contrary, something bad), but still, try to keep your conversations in balance.

  • Be a good listener

Remember, when she speaks, you do not need to wait for your turn, you need to listen to her. Try to actually listen to her, and not just pretend you do.

Remember, it is important not so much to agree with what your girl says – you can disagree with her. The bottom line is to remember. If your girlfriend told you about something important, try to remember that.

If she has already said something to you two times at this point, and you do not know what she is talking about because you have not listened to her, she will understand it and be upset.

Watch for non-verbal signs. This will allow you to understand when she is upset, even if she does not want to talk about it. What can her expressions tell you?

  • Learn to compromise

Compromise is an important part of a successful conversation. If you and your girlfriend can't come to an agreement without a fight or simply because no one wants to give in, then you will have problems. To work out a compromise, you need to learn to calmly talk about your needs and desires, taking into account what your girl wants, and not to ignore her. If you can’t compromise with your girlfriend – you are not boyfriend material.

When both of you expressed your opinion about a situation, you can make a list of all the pros and cons together, and then decide what is best for the two of you.

Sometimes you or your girlfriend will have to give up. This is normal if you do this in turn. If she chooses a movie for the evening, you choose a place where you will have dinner.

Do not forget to learn to speak in a quiet and calm voice, even when you disagree with something. Never raise your voice on her, and never ever hit her! Yes, even if you feel like the angriest person in the world. Just stand back, calm down, and listen to the voice of common sense, and then (and only then) go back to having a conversation.

  • Support her

Show your girlfriend that you can be relied on, that you listen carefully, and you are interested in everything she tells. Spending time together, be sure to listen to her needs. By supporting her, you will strengthen your relationship. And if you support her dreams and goals, she, in turn, will support yours.

Stay close when she prepares for an upcoming exam, submits documents to college or prepares herself for an upcoming job interview.

Stay close and help her if she has a busy week or month. For example, you can take care of dinner or call a taxi service to a place that she needs. These little things will surely make her life easier in these difficult days.

  • Treat her with understanding

If something is important to her, it is important to you. It does not matter that you would not even be interested in it if not for her. In a relationship, you need to share experiences and support each other. When she is upset, try to put yourself in her place and understand what she feels. Do not just ignore her feelings because you think it is just "nonsense."

If suddenly it seems to you that you are not experiencing sincere sympathy - try to look at the situation from her point of view.

Sometimes she may just want to cry and hear words of comfort. Do not try to immediately solve her problems - wait until she calms down, and then offer a solution to her problems.

If she is upset, you need to ask, "Do you want to talk about it?" Show her that you are truly interested in her problems. And if she is not ready to talk about it, do not insist on providing help to her.

  • Show your affection

Show your girlfriend that you love her. Can a guy really be a good boyfriend if he doesn’t want to show affection to his girlfriend? Is he boyfriend material? No! Minor touches, hugs, kisses and maybe a little bit of public expression of your feelings are just a few ways to show your affection.

Do not overdo it - you do not want her to feel uncomfortable. Try to read her mind. If she is not in the mood, do not kiss her.

Often, even a light touch will not go unnoticed. If your girlfriend is a romantic person, you can do the following: having met for the first time in several days, lovingly hug her (hug her by the waist) and tell her that you’ve missed her a lot.

Depending on the preferences of the girl, you can kiss her on the lips/cheek/forehead/neck to show that you are pleased with her presence. Or just take her hand, bring it to your lips and kiss it.boyfriend material checklist

If you do not know how your girl perceives a public expression of feelings, be careful. Believe it or not, but not every girl likes to hold hands with their men.

  • Appreciate her beauty

Do not skimp on compliments when she puts special effort to look beautiful. However, it is equally important to let the girl know that she can relax and be herself next to you. Don't give her a reason to think that she should look like 11 out of 10 24/7 and 365 days a year. Let her know that she is beautiful after she has spent a few hours in front of a mirror, or when she just woke up.

If she has new hairstyle or clothes, let her know that you noticed it and that you like it.

Women do their best to maintain their beauty, whether you appreciate it or not, whether you care or not, you should tell her that she looks marvelous.

  • Give her sincere compliments

Make compliments to your girlfriend as often as possible. Give compliments about her appearance and her personal qualities. This way she will know that you are interested not only in her appearance but also in her personality.

Do not use banal phrases. For example, do not say just, "You look good." Instead, say, "This dress makes your eyes even more beautiful" or "This hairstyle is great for the shape of your face." The more specific your compliment is, the more unique and valuable it is.

Even simple and even rustic compliments can mean a lot. Phrases like, “You have such beautiful handwriting” or “Yes, you are very good at parking” will equally raise a girl’s self-esteem (if you are sincere with your compliments). In addition, this way, you will again show that you are paying attention to the girl.

  • Provide her with all sorts of gifts. Of course, on gifts alone, even if they are expensive and beautiful, healthy relationships cannot be built. Nevertheless, thoughtful gifts will show your attention, care, and affection.
  • Make gifts for her birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversary and other events. A gift does not have to be expensive; the main thing is that it should be thought out! Just keep in mind what she likes and what doesn't.
  • Think about the special effects. For example, you can engrave her name on a ring or give a girl something based on her job, on her hobby, etc.
  • When you are together, pay attention to her interests. Perhaps she would mention something she liked in a shop window or something she wanted to do. Maybe she wants to ride a horse or try some extreme sport. It is not necessary to give only material things; emotional gifts can be a lot better.
  • Give her gifts just like that. From time to time, buy something for no reason at all and gift it to her simply because you "thought like it would have been a great idea." These kinds of gifts are important because they are unexpected and pleasant.

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