How to cancel a date with a girl last minute


The reasons for canceling a date can be generally divided into two categories. The first one is when you changed your mind and don’t really think this girl is right for you. And the second one includes genuine life obstacles that interfere with your dating plans. In any case, you have to bail and make it in a polite way. Especially this rule is important when you are dating Russian women because they are very sensitive to rejections.

The worst situation is when you need to cancel a date last minute. Life is unpredictable, and we often are trapped by obstacles we have no power to control. If you found yourself in the situation where you don’t know how to cancel a date with the girl, here are things that will help you with this tough mission.

1. Call her.

The best way to cancel a date is calling the girl. These days there are so many ways to communicate – email, messengers, and social networks. You may be tempted by the idea to send her a text message and be done with it. The easiest way doesn’t always mean the right one. Be a man and have the courage to speak to the girl. For one reason you will know she received a message, which could easily be lost if you send it to her email. It’s the best option to cancel a date unless you want to make the girl waiting for you in vain. Besides, the phone call will create a better and warmer impression than a message.

2. Reschedule a date.

During the conversation with the girl, explain what kind of circumstances made you postpone the date. Apologize for having to cancel your plans. Try being honest about it, or at least say that some personal issues came up and you have to postpone the date. And if possible reschedule right on the spot. (Unless you have other plans and the next date is not a part of them). Don’t leave the girl with thoughts that she probably won’t hear from you again. During your talk, ask her how to postpone a date – what time and date are most convenient to meet next time. Or be prepared to suggest a good alternative she might like. This way, she won’t feel too disappointed and offended.

3. Tell the truth.

Maybe you’re having second thoughts and think it’s not even a good idea to meet this person. One rather unpopular option, which is often used by men, is making up excuses and then disappearing. Well, you can, of course, say that you’re tired or not in the mood to go on a date. But it’s better to be honest, no matter how hard it could be. If for some reason you don’t want to date, just say so. This tip is essential if you are interested in finding Russian girls for dating because they absolutely hate lies. And if you’re still determined to meet the girl again, try to be as gentle with words as possible. She has probably spent a lot of time preparing for a date, and now already feels like a fool. For example, Russian women for dating events spend up to three hours.

4. Or make up a good excuse.

In case you’ve decided to cancel a date because you just don’t feel like meeting this girl and you don’t want to tell her about it to spare her feelings, then you have to make up an excuse. The most popular excuses are faking seek, but it’s rather childish. Think of something that could have really got in the way – something that usually makes you cancel your plans. For example, you have a lot of work or need to be in another place at this time. Don’t forget to apologize. Sometimes, a white lie is better than saying something like “I’m not that into you”.

5. Don’t go into details.

For some girls, it’s enough when you just say that you can’t make it today and apologize. Don’t turn your explanation into a sprawling description of everything that happened to you. Too many details in your story make an impression that you’re lying. Better don’t explain anything. Later (if you’re planning to see this girl again), when you have a conversation, she would probably ask why you canceled the date. So you’ll have to tell your excuse. The only difference would be that the emotions have already calmed down a little, and you had time to develop a proper story.

6. Keep it short.

Try to be honest and direct. There are examples when a guy starts beating around the bush and trying to make the girl cancel everything herself. Don’t be one of those men – get to the point quickly. Your speech should sound consistent and persuasive. If you mumble and stutter – the girl will figure out you’re lying. The shorter your story is, the more convincing it would appear to the listener.

7. Express your sincere regret.

Imagine this: you have finally composed the speech and feel confident about it. You’re calling the girl and telling her you can’t make it. She’s probably chagrined by the news. Now, it’s very important that your voice sounds upset too, and not relieved that you found a way to get off the hook. The girl needs to see that you are also as much disappointed by the situation as she is. Tell her about your feelings – that you didn’t think it will be this way. Say that you were preparing for the date and were waiting to see the girl, but unfortunately now you have to call it off. Of course, you must understand that such last minute cancellation won’t be pleasant for the girl, and she’ll probably feel offended for some time, even if your obstacles are genuine.

8. Stick to your story.

If you canceled a date saying you don’t feel well, and then go out anyway, you’re at risk of being spotted by someone who knows your girlfriend. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that after some time passes you should still remember your excuse in details. This approach would be useful if you’re dating Russian girls – they have a good memory and a sharp eye for such things. Back up your story if needed with some additional details, for example, that you went to a hospital. But again, the truth is more preferable, because you won’t be tangled in multiple lies.

Anyway, the canceling or postponing of a date can become a very unpleasant situation for both sides. That’s why you need to be really sensitive to the girl’s feelings if you’re intending to continue the relationship with her. If not – still be polite. Good manners never go out of fashion.

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