How to Get Her Back After a Break-Up


Sometimes, people break up, and then they get back together again. Sometimes, their relationship lasts for a long time, sometimes, they are even happy, and sometimes, it results in a cycle of the on-and-off thing. Everyone, at least once, has an idea of trying to get back with ex. You can find so many reasons to get back with ex, for example, pleasant experienced feelings, a habit, the belief that you can do everything much better, etc. As they say, "if the gestalt is not closed, there is a hope." The same analogy was made in one famous American TV series, however, there was a window instead of an abstract gestalt.

trying to get back with ex girlfriend​

Is it possible to get back with your ex?

Usually, when a couple is reunited, people around them do not consider this a good sign. People saw the quarrels, and they consider this couple is poor in spirit because they cannot say "no" to their whims. Surrounding people may also think that the girl is pregnant, and only this circumstance has changed everything. The fact is that no one sincerely believes that you have worked on your mistakes, deemed them insignificant and decided to get back together. The sign of a true man is to leave burning bridges, but you decide to stay for some reason. You ask yourself, “Should I get back with ex?” but you don’t know the correct answer, your heart and mind tell you different things. Ask yourself another three questions when you decide to get back with ex, these three questions may help you find the right answer to the question, “Is it possible to get back with ex?”

1. Why do you want to get back with her?

Are you a lead singer of a popular teenage group, and is she a world-class model? This is not serious. You want to get back because you begin to feel the pressure of society that you have lost such a luxurious woman, don’t you? Or do you want to prove to all these nice surrounding people that you have a generous spirit and that you can forget and forgive anything?

The problem is that sometimes, forgiveness is oblivion. You have already forgotten the insult and pain that this person has caused. When you answer the question, carefully watch your ego. If it shows any signs, you should know that the idea is not worth it. Happiness and love for this woman should be the only healthy reasons that are worth trying to get back with ex-girlfriend.

2. Why have you broken up?

She might have completely lost her attractiveness, or you were spending too much time to indulge her quirks. You might haven’t participated in the development of your relationship, or you were annoyed by her parents and her habits. In fact, the way you have broken up does not matter. It is important whether the breakup has been healthy or not. If you have questions to trust, you have some phobias, or there was physical violence in your relationship, these feelings will live in your head constantly reminding themselves. Be honest with yourself as well as with her. You should consider all the issues of life with this person to understand why you have broken up and whether you can live together further. Will she change? What will you do if she does not change? Will you be able to change yourself? Was the decision to break up the right one? Sit down and reflect on that. There are moments that make getting back just impossible.

3. Will you be able to live with this decision?

It means to realize that you will have to live on with this decision. Now, you have to take all the consequences of your decision, including the pain that will be in the case of a second breakup. The second breakup will be less painful, but it will still be strong enough to end up hating the female sex, lack of trust and this famous phrase, "I could never love anyone else."

should I get back with ex​Will you be able to live with the fact that your girlfriend cannot communicate with your mother, and that her hair and bathroom accessories will be again everywhere around the flat? Will you be able to live with the ghost of her ex again as well as a broken heart because she has cheated on you? Will you be able to make friends with her relatives? Will you be able not to lie to her anymore, not to cheat on her and give her more attention than you give to your friends? Will you be able to give up bad habits and start changing your life? You will live with these consequences. Renewal of relationship is not just, "let's get back together again."

This is, "let's get back together again, and we'll try to work on our relationship in the name of love, but not our ego and convenience." It's difficult, but they say it's worth it. However, it is you who should decide whether it is possible to get back with your ex or not.

How to get back with your ex-girlfriend

The story is as old as the world: you broke up, you love her, you want to get back with her. It doesn’t matter whether the breakup happened yesterday, three months or a year ago, even if she meets someone, there is always a way to get her back. Take your time and follow the guide on how to get her back after a breakup step by step. Perhaps, she will give you a second chance if you convince her of that. All important things are worth the effort.

1. Spend some time alone

This is the first rule. After the breakup, it is always necessary to live alone for a while. Promise yourself that you will not contact your girlfriend for at least two weeks. The breakup can greatly hurt, be heavy, cause a storm of emotions, or it can be relatively smooth. In addition, you have time to understand how you feel about her, how you feel about your breakup, and how to get her back after being needy.

2. Concentrate on what you want

During these "lonely" weeks, think more about yourself. Enjoy your loneliness, enjoy life without the need to constantly find a compromise, and educate yourself. Who are you? What do you want? Go to the gym, find a new style, go somewhere with friends, make new acquaintances, find a new hobby. There is nothing sexier than a man who has his own life. This will help you become valuable again in her eyes and take control of the situation. And there is nothing shameful in evaluating other young ladies nearby. You will again check your feelings and intentions: do you really want to be with her, and whether it is necessary to reflect on how to get her back from another guy? If, after these several weeks, you still cherish this thought, go to the next step.

3. Understand why your girlfriend has left you

The first step to getting the ex-girlfriend back is to think carefully about why she has left, and why you have stopped being soul mates. No woman will want to be together again unless you get rid of the reason due to which you have broken up. So, reflect on it, do not be lazy. Think a lot, and in detail. Answer the following questions, “What did she tell you before leaving? Did she say that she does not love you anymore?” Of course, you can endlessly think that the girlfriend needs space while how to get her back is the main question. However, it is most likely that she has already told you or hinted several times at the reasons of a possible breakup, at some things that you have to change in yourself.

4. Contact her

If after the vibrant period of life, you still want to be with her, it's time to make yourself felt and get down to action to get her back. How to get her back through text? Whichever way you choose (call, texting, or a message in social networks), it's important to be easy and playful. Don’t make a drama, there is no need for tragedy and suffering. A message with something like, "We need to talk," or "I want to get you back" is too heavy for perception and will not make her willing to meet you. How to get her back after a bad breakup? Show her that you are positive, that she can easily communicate with you, and you have become much better since your last meeting. You should make her be interested in your novelty.

how to get her back through text5. Drop the attitude

Your first meeting after the breakup can be very exciting, but remember that it's vital to drop the attitude but still look confident. It doesn’t matter when you met last time, two weeks or two years ago, you need to be kind and confident. You should meet in the daytime, for example, to have lunch together or to drink coffee as if this is a meeting with a friend. Something more grandiose will require you to have more spiritual strength, and it will be more difficult to impress her if you ask her out at once. Such an offer will make her think that you want just to have sex. So, it's better to be easy, have fun, and flirt accidentally. You should show her a guy with whom she has fallen in love, and not the one with whom she has broken up.

6. Continue to meet from time to time

If you have not changed your mind after the first meeting, and still want to get the girl back, continue to meet her from time to time. Note that it is constantly stressed that you should ask yourself as often as possible whether you want to be with her again. Many men got too carried away with the process, and they don’t think whether they need it actually or not. If you want to get her back, it means that your relationship will move to a new level, so you have to be 100% sure that you want it.

7. Tell her about yourself

After several occasional meetings (if you still have not lost the desire to get her back), you can tell her about the thing that you have understood and learned during the time without her. Tell her that you were reflecting on the cause of the breakup and working on yourself. You need to convince her that you have matured.

8. Work

After the make-up sex (it is an obligatory part) and the joy of reunion, it is time to make qualitative changes and to work on the relationship. Things that you have understood being apart should be put into practice, you have to work on it. Do not get her back for a week, you have to do this for a long time, and maybe even forever if she is the very girl of your dreams. Show that you really want to continue your relationship. You should talk a lot and be patient all the time. If you do it that way, you will be together.

Create your happily ever after

This is quite a common story that is shown in many books and movies. Some men go further, they do not just try to get their ex-girlfriends back, they propose to their ex-wives and get married again. When the hormonal burst of the first period of the relationship comes down, men are aware of all the advantages and drawbacks of their partners. When the relationship ends as well as the period of mutual hatred, a man suddenly realizes that his ex is simply amazing, that she cooks deliciously, smiles charmingly, and that she is a really hot woman and an excellent lover. In this period, people usually want to get another chance with their ex-partners.

Sometimes, it comes to the fact that people do things about which they will regret later, they call the ex, cry and passionately want to get back. Sometimes, they succeed, everything starts anew. However, the relationship with a "crack" is very rarely viable if people do not work properly on it.

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