How to Make Your Sex Romantic Again


Probably, most men and women find themselves indulging in memories of some moments in their sex lives, which seemed more passionate and exciting than the moments they are experiencing now. It was about romantic sex stories when it was something much more significant than the usual routine process in which they had to take part. However, does it make sense to live in memories? Do you have really compelling reasons, which prevent you from changing the usual life and making your sex life brighter?

In fact, there should be just the opposite tendency for most couples who have been living together for a long period of time. In other words, a man and a woman should become closer to each other and feel more comfortable exactly together – both as friends and as lovers. In practice, people often feel more like friends than lovers. Despite the fact that there is no single set of advice that would help all couples on the planet make their sex life brighter, there are a number of standard measures that every couple should try.

romance in relationships

The Role of Romance in Sex

In fact, romance is a state of mind, desire and willingness to believe in the best, enjoy little things, and sincerely experience bright sadness and sorrow. In romantic relationships, women become vulnerable and defenseless, and this often scares many men. After a long time, you feel that your old relationship is changing, but you don’t understand the trigger. Romance is lost, and there are reasons, which can be quite diverse. Among them it is possible to mention silent and unresolved grievances, which gradually erode and kill any good attitude towards a loved one; the transition of relationships into everyday life, when you begin to perceive your joint pastime as a given. But romance is the best way to awaken female sexuality. The bustle of city life often turns sex into a routine.

Quick, fast, fussy, and simple, passionate sex without foreplay – men can endure such sex for years. But it is not enough for women. Most women experience the most acute and pleasant erotic sensations during foreplay. That is why their sexuality can fade away if this is neglected. Ask a woman, “What kind of sex is perfect for her?” There is very little chance that you may hear something other than asking for a romantic evening before sex. By the way, this may seem strange and incredible, but the easiest way to incline a woman to that kind of sex, which you dream of, is to do it on a romantic date.

If you are not sure that she may agree to your experiment or you are afraid to get her rejection, try to offer her this again on a romantic date. You will be pleasantly surprised. Just have patience. Romance should come first and only then you can proceed to experiments. Hot romantic sex is guaranteed. But if you mix everything up and do the opposite, you can only make your life more complicated, and you will not understand why some women sincerely love romance.

How to Make Sex More Romantic?

If you feel that something is wrong in your relationship, then you should try to diversify sex, that is, add romance to it. How can you do it? Follow the tips.

Role-playing. It is not necessary to be a nurse and a patient if you think it is vulgar. Try to imagine some romantic picture in your head and embody it in bed. Become an actor for an hour and get maximum pleasure from each other. If your woman wants to imagine someone else except you, don’t be jealous of an imaginary opponent. You are in bed with your loved one, and it is not so important who or what is in her head at this moment. You bring her pleasure, and she will be definitely grateful for this.

sensual romantic sexChange of places. How to make sex romantic? Have sex where you have never had it yet. You are no longer teenagers, and no one forbids you to make your fantasies a reality. Be bold, explore the world around you. If sex in a car seems too extreme to you, then start with the hotel or at least choose another room in the apartment.

Foreplay. Books say that foreplay should last from 15 to 40 minutes, but who says that everything should be done as it is written in books? Wake up earlier than usual and send your woman a text message with a spicy photo and send another one in an hour. Heat interest throughout the day with all means available to you. But, please, consider the working environment of your loved one if there is a risk that she can get a photo being not alone!

Frank conversation. Almost all couples have their own romantic language. Use it, talk about what you would like to try, discussing what is happening in bed and so on. Such conversations give no less pleasure than the process itself. Be completely open with your partner, and she will be open with you. It is necessary to constantly talk on sex topics, identifying what brings pleasure and what doesn’t attract both of you. This is especially important when both partners want to try something radically new in their sex lives.

Sex weekend. It is difficult to plan, but when you manage to free up for yourself the whole weekend, you will not regret it! Well, choose at least one day. And spend this time, having romantic sex in bed. Films, series or books should be only erotic-romantic ones. Pamper each other with massage, compliments, and long kisses.

Naturalness. As soon as you feel that something is missing in your sex life or that the quality of your sex with a partner has deteriorated, it makes sense to share your feelings with a partner. It is highly likely that your loved one has the same feelings. Remember: honesty is the first and foremost component that helps fix any problem and any situation.

Surprises. Don’t get tired to surprise your partner! Don’t be afraid to do this whenever you have such a desire. Believe me, you are able not only to surprise her but also yourself. Deep sexual arousal caused by unforeseen and unpredictable developments can be so exciting for both partners that your sex will be brighter than ever! Show your feelings, and you will not regret it!

No rationality. Don’t take romantic sex rationally. Don’t do this because of the fulfillment of marital debt or a list of achievements. By analyzing your sexual relationships in this way, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to feel an emotional connection. Sex as a sport is interesting only at a certain stage. Real romantics focus on their feelings as much as possible.

Massage. Give each other a foot massage. First, the stimulation of energy spots located on them improves well-being. Secondly, such a manifestation of attention will awaken the most tender feelings in you. Don’t forget about music for sensual romantic sex at this time. Also, you can give gentle touches. During sex, touch her with your fingertips in different places where there are a lot of nerve endings. Let her body react to touches. Feel free to try new things and track the results.

Love homework. Call her or write her a small “love homework” in a message, which she must do when she comes home. Ask her to make a list of 10 places on her body that she would like you to kiss or her 5 favorite places for sex. Such tasks are sure to turn her on even before she comes back, giving her a reason for sexual fantasies.

Bubble bath. Take a bath together. Make a romantic date right in your own bathroom – hot water and fluffy foam will increase your sex drive. Don’t think of replacing such a surprise with an ordinary shower. Taking a bath together is more sensual and will be excellent foreplay to sex. This is how to make sex romantic.

Sex tourism. Every woman draws in her head a picture of mad sex with a mulatto, Asian or Latina. Therefore, sex tourism has ceased to be something out of the ordinary, and many women don’t even hide the fact that, for example, they fly to Cuba to seek free love. It seems strange that here you can help your woman fulfill these desires. But this is just a kind of role-playing! What does prevent you from pretending a sexy mulatto at home or while relaxing in another country and playing with your woman? And believe me, you will be happy together.

Morning sex. There is no better time for women to have romantic passionate sex than the morning hours. Quick sex in the morning (it can be a long time, of course) is a great start to the day for both. In fact, morning sex is an excellent exercise, training for all body systems, positive emotions throughout the day and everything else that is most important. Your woman dreams of it every morning. What is stopping you from trying?

Romantic Sex Positions

how to have romantic sexYou can try these positions if you want to add romance to your sex life.


One of the interesting variations of the classic rider pose: a man lies on his back, a woman is in the same position from above. This position is also convenient for anal sex and a win-win for both men and women.


This is an unusual but effective position, which is perfect for slow romantic sex. A woman is lying on her back on a bed or other comfortable surface, her legs are raised to a 90-degree angle and crossed, and a man is facing her. In the process of the act, a man periodically shifts and spreads her legs. The position is suitable for hot sex, and it diversifies the classic set of positions.


How to have romantic sex? Try this position! This is for those who like it hot. A woman is in a lying position, a man joins behind. For greater efficiency, you should put a pillow under the hips of a woman. During the act, a woman can strain the inner muscles, which will strengthen her orgasm and excite a man even more.


The last position is perfect and comfortable for morning sex, for example. A woman lies on her side. In this position, a G-spot is stimulated. Sex can be gentle and, at the same time, passionate. With additional stimulation of the clitoris, orgasm will be as bright as in more mobile positions.

A man, who is able to create a romantic atmosphere in sex, proves to his woman how important she is to him. In other words, he shows his respect, understanding, and feelings. At such moments, a girl in love admires that she plays a really important role in the life of her man. Don’t be afraid that you will not be original in what you are doing for her. This is not a contest in fantasy but a manifestation of feelings. This is another reason to tell your woman how much you love her. However, you should better show your love not by words but by deeds, that is valued much more.

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