How to Stop Texting So Much in a Relationship


In the 21st century, many people cannot imagine their lives without a mobile phone. Modern gadgets have many incredible features and programs, but their main purpose remains communication. In the first place among the used services of mobile operators is sending SMS. Texts came to change handwritten letters, and thanks to short messages, young people find friends, actively participate in each other's life, fall in love, quarrel. Sometimes this virtual world completely absorbs attention, there is a habit of constantly being in touch, checking your mobile phone even during the holidays. After receiving an incoming SMS, many send an answer without delay, not paying attention to the time of the day and the importance of the work they were busy with.

texting her too much

Too much texting in a relationship: why does it happen?

Too much texting in a relationship can lead to a new epidemic - SMS addiction. It is impossible to choose the right words to express a thought. This may be due to a lack of upbringing, education, or internal stiffness.

Virtual dialogue with the help of typed messages allows you to think about each phrase, show your wits. And here it is not necessary to improvise, you can use the Internet sites to search for suitable text. In addition, to break off unwanted communication is easier than with visual contact, it is enough not to reply to the message.

Another reason for the fanatical love of SMS is the ability to store them in the phone’s memory, and from time to time to re-read these messages, reminding yourself of pleasant moments.

A social survey of residents of one of the US states showed that many people are terribly afraid of losing a mobile phone. Less than half of all respondents believe that life without this device does not make sense.

First you need to admit to yourself that texting interferes with living and working, takes a lot of time. Then you need to try to limit the number of SMS messages sent during the day. In this struggle, it is important not to be left alone. According to the research, electronic correspondence (when we write messages or virtually “chat” via a chat messenger) reduces pain significantly. And, more interestingly, correspondence with a soul mate is a better painkiller than messages with friends.

Is texting everyday too much?

Studies show that 90% of couples communicate with each other via text messages at least once a day. Young lovers (from 17 to 25 years) do it more often. Teenagers demonstrate the highest activity. 20% of them are ready to correspond with their beloved up to 30 times per hour. For millennials (people born in 1980-2000), the virtual space has become a platform for communication, quite acceptable for flirting, solving serious issues, building joint plans and even confessing one’s love. In this case, regardless of our age, we often send messages to our beloved if our relations are still fresh (less than a year).

dating and texting too muchSome people find it difficult to communicate in person, as it implies spontaneous reactions and the need to be under the scrutiny of interlocutors. Not everyone is ready to respond easily and wittily to a joke, to stay at ease, not to look away, intuitively choose the right tone of the conversation and, finally, just decide whether to embrace the interlocutor at the given moment or limit to a greeting. Messaging allows people who are by their nature introverted, not inclined to publicity, or those who feel insecure in conversations to avoid stressful situations.

How much texting is too much to a guy

Men who correspond more often than others admit less satisfaction with relationships. Researchers attribute this to the fact that men in general are not prone to constant, bright expression of feelings in words and do it not at the call of the heart, but rather because of the emotional pressure of their women, who urgently need continuous confirmation of attention and interest in them. In the end, being unable to satisfy this growing psychological dependence of the woman, the man decides to end the relationship. Studies also show that in an alliance where one side often tries to hurt a partner or defiantly provoke jealousy in them with messages, the second is usually not very responsive to it. Someone who uses emotional blackmail is much more attached to the partner.

How much texting is too much to a girl

If you are the first to know how he is doing, the world will not collapse, and your relationship will get a big plus. So you can not only maintain your relationship, but also show the guy that you care about him. If you do not want to load yourself and him with a phone call and the subsequent long conversation, then write him a text message or message on the site. But if after the message or the call the response does not follow, then it is no longer necessary to continue to take the first step.

It happens so that the guys do not specifically write to the girl after dating in order to test her. If the girl is too annoying or vice versa indifferent, it is unlikely he would prefer to continue the relationship. Some men prefer to correspond, therefore, the maximum that can be expected from such a friend is an SMS with a request for a new meeting. If you do not like it, then you should use your feminine charm and cunning - write to him that you worry and miss him, and that his SMS will be one of the most significant events of the day.

Do not be offended at your young man if he answers you in monosyllables. That's what men are, it’s much easier for them to answer “Everything is OK” than to explain why. Do not be afraid to write first, after all, a relationship is a mutual work. If you feel that you live in peace without him, then do not start writing to him first. But when your normal existence is impossible without him, and you are sure that you will be happy only with him, then think about everything carefully and make a plan for yourself that will help you draw him into your networks so that he likes it and thinks that it is he who conquered you. Can you write to a guy first if you are well acquainted? Why not? Just do not bother him with regular SMS. It is better to come up with a good reason. For example, ask him about something "important", and then quietly move the conversation to another channel. Be smarter, make sure that he does not notice that you are pursuing personal goals.

There are situations when girls suddenly fall in love with their friend. Then you have the full right to write to him and even call if you have done this before. Just try to take a hold on yourself so that he does not guess inadvertently about the changes in your attitude towards him. To write to the unfamiliar guy first means to win the initiative.

Today, it is no surprise to anyone that some girls take everything on themselves and seek young people themselves. Just think, do you want to join their ranks? There is nothing terrible in this, but there is not much good either.

Texting too much in a long distance relationship

When you are far from each other, it is very difficult to understand how much your feelings are mutual and whether a person likes you as much. In a fit of love, it is easy to get carried away and start writing messages one by one, without receiving answers in due proportion, which ultimately will lead to rejection by the partner. how to stop texting someone so much Try to find a balance: tell that you like to receive news from him to motivate him to write more often.

While waiting for a response from a partner, you often waste yourself by checking the phone every five minutes or more often. Unnecessary stress can be avoided if you change the goal of your message in your head: you did not write it in order to get an immediate answer, but in order to report some news. Understand this, and waiting will not be so painful.

Do not send hundreds of messages, especially if your partner is not particularly talkative. Stick to the balance: he wrote to you, you answered him, and vice versa. To maintain relationships, it is not necessary to correspond 24 hours a day. A single message in a couple of hours is enough to remind your partner of yourself and not to be intrusive.

Even in a relationship at a distance, sooner or later a routine comes: you send messages and chat at the same time every day, write predictable texts, causing your relationship to lose its zest.

How to stop texting so much

Communicate face to face more. You should understand, that is the best way to keep in touch without any odd means of communication available online. Find a hobby, take your time working, cleaning, cooking, whatever you want. And when you get tired of hard work, then you can chat with each other.

It is difficult to correspond with those who you really like. A lot of questions arise immediately: what did he mean? Why did he use this emoji? And why did he put it here? He does not put a dot in the end of the sentence, is it a good or bad sign? And finally, the hardest question: should you write to him at all? It is hard to say.

Look at the history of your correspondence. If it looks like your novel in the epistolary genre interspersed with his/her monosyllabic answers (or without them at all), probably you have nothing to catch here. Of course, there are shy partners with whom it is not immediately clear how they treat you. But if you see that your chosen boyfriend is really not interested in you, do not waste time on him.

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