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Surely you were faced with the fact that when viewing the sex scene in the film you had the thought: "God, but it all looks very natural! Everything as in reality! I applaud the talent of the actors." However, it is likely that the real sex in movies that you see is absolutely real. Actors do not pretend that they have sex - they really have it.

Proceeding from this, you may have another, quite a reasonable question: why they shoot unsimulated sex in movies if the viewer can get it from the usual porn? The fact is that such scenes in movies carry an artistic semantic load. They are not the ultimate goal - they are created in order to cause real, strong emotions in the viewer. Sometimes this is done in order to shock. The point is that the action that the viewer sees on the screen would cause him an emotional itch.

There is no such concept in porn. In porn, sex is an end in itself. This is something for which the actors, the director and all the rest of the staff gathered on the set. Frank sex is something for which the consumer is willing to give away their money. But this phenomenon is not interesting to us - we want to talk about movies with real sex scenes that were filmed for "ordinary" films, for mass distribution.

Sex and Marketing in Movie Industry

But before we start talking about movies with real sex scenes, let’s speak about another interesting phenomenon, which is very important in the context of our article.

Scientists have long understood that a person has three basic motivations for life. The modern individual wants to eat, not die and reproduce. All the rest, it is already more complex superstructures that require certain conditions of life. Each TV is punctured by all sorts of reality shows like "How to empty the refrigerator in the evening," "They were killed, Oh my God, okay ..." and of course "the skirt before the waterline is a hit of frosty spring." The easiest and most effective way to attract attention is to use one of these three whales.

We hope that it will not be a discovery for you that the movie industry has long been the target of marketing. Movies are watched by millions of viewers - the release of every new Hollywood blockbuster can be compared with the rupture of an information bomb. Naturally, the filmmakers and marketing gurus quickly realized that it can be used to promote their products.

Let's explain this with a simple example: you are watching a movie, the relationship between the main characters is coming to a new level, which entails a sex scene. It is shot flawlessly - the action on the screen resembles the coitus of the gods. Characters, and actors, become symbols of sexuality for you. You subconsciously note what they are wearing, what kind of smartphones they have, what jewelry they wear. The producers of this film show you these products with joy and great skill. And most likely, one day you buy them. Incidentally, during an ordinary visit to a shopping center in your city.

And here is another example, this time from the world of advertising, where the same reception and triggers are used that in the movies: a video sequence containing a lush, half-naked blonde in foam, diligently washing your car - a great call to action that awakens the Great Third Instinct and visualization, beating precisely the goal of a modern man.

So movies with real sex make a universal weapon of marketers and an excellent artistic tool.

social media and relationships

Movies With Unsimulated Sex

Love (2015), directed by Gaspar Noe

We want to start our top list of movies with unsimulated sex with this beautiful work of Gaspar Noe. What is the movie about? A young and handsome American, Murphy lives in Paris. He has a sexually saturated relationship with the unpredictable Electra. Unaware of what this will turn out for their romance, they decide to invite to their bed a sweet neighbor, who just moved.

Interesting fact: With the girls - actresses Aomi Muyock and Clara Christine - the director met at a party. He told in one of the interviews that for him it was commonplace - when meeting beautiful young guys or girls, he asked if they want to shoot in a movie in secondary roles. But at the same time, he intended to try them on the main roles, which he did not talk about right away. If they did not refuse, he took out a mobile phone and took pictures to see if they looked good on the screen, and then invited them to the casting with Karl Glusman (Murphy) to see how photogenic they are.

Shortbus Club (2006), directed by John Cameron Mitchell

What is the movie about? We see the life of three heroes who are trying to solve their sexual problems. Homosexual James, the dominant woman Severin and sexologist Sofia, who never experienced orgasm. In search of answers to worrying questions, the characters get into the underground club of emancipated sex lovers. It is one of our favorite films with real sex.

An interesting fact: The director had watched five hundred videotapes from different countries before he found enough photogenic guys ready to act in this film. According to the director, all the orgasms in the film were real. In order for the actors to feel more comfortable, he and the operator worked naked during the filming of sexual scenes. One of the lead actors, Canadian radio presenter Lee Suk-Yin, almost lost her job after the film was released. But Francis Ford Coppola liked the movie, and his intercession solved the question.

If you are into real sex in mainstream movies, check this one right now!

"9 Songs" (2004), directed by Michael Winterbottom

What is the movie about? It's very simple: the picture shows the sexual life of the scientist Matt, exploring Antarctica, and the student Lisa, who came to London for an internship. Their meeting took place at a rock concert, and their further relations develop on the background of music. A year later their turbulent romance ends when Lisa returns to the US. In the film, there are fragments of real concert performances of rock artists which easily alternate with explicit sex scenes.

Interesting fact: All the sexual scenes were filmed after the rehearsals; some of the trial frames entered the final version of the film.

"Brown Bunny" (2003), directed by Vincent Gallo

What is the movie about? The film is about a restless motorcyclist, who is going and going somewhere. Between trips, this sad man dreams about and recalls one woman from his past, which he cannot let go. Nothing more happens on the screen. At the time of the film, Chloe Sevigny and Vincent Gallo were lovers. A few minutes of the scandal blowjob performed by Chloe can be rightly considered home porn. It is very frank unsimulated sex in films.

Interesting fact: The film was booed after the premiere show in Cannes, so much so that the respected critic Roger Ebert called the picture "the worst film in the history of the Cannes festival." Vincent Gallo, director, screenwriter, cameraman, producer, editor and performer of the main role, long resented and publicly argued, but then successfully rebuilt the film, which earned Ebert's praise.

“Cruising” (1980), directed by William Friedkin

And what about unsimulated sex in mainstream movies? The thriller of William Friedkin about the serial killer, dismembering gays, was remembered to the audience not only by Al Pacino's participation but also by scenes of gay sex captured by the camera in numerous gay clubs. "Everything was real," the director of the Exorcist later admitted, stating that initially the New York gays with whom he had got acquainted in special bars helped him with the collection of material for the tape, and then they also played in it. - In my film, there are no members of the Guild of actors. We paid these guys as extras, but in fact, they just hung out in the places where we shot, and they did this. 

The studios that funded the film were not enthusiastic about the result, which shone the pornographic rating of "X", and made it monstrously cut, leaving most of the "strawberries" on the floor of the editing room. But the tape still failed at the box office - it is believed that it was “Cruising” which banged the last nail in the coffin of the New Hollywood era, which gave many independent filmmakers money to film "not for everyone".

"Their First Night" (2011), directed by Anne Omon

What is the movie about? About two young people: Clara, a primary school teacher, and Nicolae, an artist-loser. They get acquainted at a rave party in a nightclub and after the first evening without a long waiting spend the night together. In the morning the girl tries to escape from her companion, but he begins to talk with her about the meaning of life. So the film from the expected erotica turns into a drama of relationships with long monologues and confessions.

Interesting fact: Apparently, the fact that the director of the film is a woman (albeit a debutant), managed to persuade the actors to show intimate scenes in sensual and piercing angles.

“Ken Park” (2002), directed by Larry Clark, Edward Lackman

If you want some more mainstream movies with real sex, we got one for you.

After scandalous, but still not pornographic "Kids" about the sexual life of adolescents, director Larry Clarke did not calm down and made "Ken Park" - again about teenagers - in which he forced his characters to enter the cunnilingus, blowjob, masturbation, group sex and other things that can be simulated with difficulty shown close-up. Given the rather young age of actors who had to participate in sexual activities, the film caused serious boiling in the press and was banned in several countries, including the United States. Arguments of the director, who assured that all participants of the project had already turned 18, that is, they could rightfully act in any hardcore porn, changed nothing in the eyes of most of the conservative society, judged: maybe, of course, teenagers have sex, but showing it in theaters is not necessary. And then suddenly the audience will learn something new …

This masterpiece is a vivid example of explicit sex in mainstream movies.

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