What to Do if You Hate Your Wife


We are always told that marriage and family are sacred, we are always told that you should fight for your love at all cost and people find it easy to judge anyone who goes against these rules. Infidelity is considered to be one of the worst things a person can do to their romantic partner, and, while it can cause a lot of pain to a partner, an act of cheating is a reaction to a bad state of relationships, not just someone being an awful person that cannot be justified. What if you have found yourself in the same situation, what if you can’t stand your wife and you would like to continue your life with someone else? Well, you should probably divorce your wife and visit one of that man meet woman dating websites.

i hate being married

Reasons You Might Hate Your Wife

Relationships are incredibly complex, so many things come into every step of a relationship, and since people are so different from one another, some misunderstandings and issues may arise even in the most loving couple. This is just the nature of human interactions, it is a sad one, but it is undeniable. Let’s look into some of the most likely reasons as to why you would despise your female partner.

She neglects your feelings and needs

A relationship is a mutual exchange of positive emotions, it is an ongoing trade agreement that should be beneficial to both partners. Both of them should get more than they’ve committed to it. Thus, if one of the partners doesn’t want to spend their time to make a relationship better and make their partner’s life just a bit better, then what’s the point of such a union? If your female partner seems to ignore all of your needs and desires, they are very selfish, and your relationship seems to be quite a one-sided in general, stop wasting your time, visit the following website to meet girls online and find your match in no time.

Your intimate relationships became boring or are absent at all

No matter what they tell you about emotional and spiritual connections, sex plays a very large role in romantic relationships. The state of intimate relationships of a couple will tell you a lot about the state of their relationship in general. Sex is about spending your energy and time to give another person pleasure when it is done without expecting anything in return – it is a sign of great commitment and a lot of love for a person.

She shows disrespect (especially among other people)

When your spouse says hurtful things to you it means that your relationships aren’t going through the best of times. Why would you disrespect a person you love? I can’t find a great reason for such behavior. A relationship should make a person more complete; two individuals should support each other with everything they’ve got. You should be constantly reassured of your good qualities, but when it comes time to analyzing your failures and trying to improve upon those failures, it should be done in private, not in the situations when you are surrounded by a lot of people.

You think she is not that person you used to love

People change, this is just the nature of things, it is something that you should expect, and it should not surprise you. We all change, we do so every single day, and while day to day changes will never really be noticeable to the people that surround us, even a year can drastically change the perspective of a person. But, when it seems to you that your partner no longer loves you or that they’ve lost all of the important qualities that once captured your attention – this is probably a good reason to either establish a serious conversation with your partner or leave them, start a new life with someone else.

what to do when you hate your wifeThe routine is killing your relationships

Now, this is the killer of not only romantic relationships, but also people’s lives in general, to get stuck in one continuous loop of boredom, not being able to escape the vicious cycle of doing a work you don’t like, get a salary that you are not satisfied with, and then come back home to a partner that lives the same life as you do. She may be in tune with your feelings, she may be good at sex, she may respect you, but you don’t look at her and see a stranger, and your life is still a boring one. Well, the most likely reason for that maybe the fact that you and your partner don’t want to experiment with your feelings, and you don’t want to try anything new to make memorable moments that will last you for a long time.

Now that the signs of resentment in relationships are out of the way, you know that you have your wife, what should you do about it?

How Can I Save My Marriage and Should I?

Everyone who marries or enters a serious relationship wants their marriage to be happy and last as long as possible. However, when the honeymoon ends, family life begins with its quarrels and difficulties, which can only be overcome by joint efforts. Psychologist Scott Haltzman of Brown University (USA), who specializes in studying family life and preserving the marriage, claims that the usual strategies for preserving the marriage, according to which a man must adapt to his spouse, are doomed to failure in advance.

Haltzman explains his point of view by the fact that the brains of men and women are completely different. We can see examples of this even in primitive times when men fought for the food, and women cooked the food and raised children. Today, communication and understanding are most important for women, they remember events from their emotional side, while men remember are a lot more rational and less emotional.

To preserve the marriage, a man should make the best use of his masculine qualities that help him succeed at work, in disputes, and in sports, Scott Haltzman advises adhering to the following steps.

What Specific Steps Should a Man Take to Strengthen His Marriage?

1. Make marriage your job

I hate my wife, what should I do? Like any other job, marriage has certain responsibilities. First of all, you should love and respect your wife, be faithful to her, both sexually and emotionally, be honest with her, be able to listen without interrupting her, everything she wants to tell you, keep your promises, share the household chores with her, help her raise children.

2. Get to know your wife as best as possible

I hate being married, what should be done? Watch her at home, in a restaurant, and when you are just going for a walk. Notice even the smallest features of her behavior. Try to understand her mood. If you manage to do all this, then the behavior of your wife will become understandable for you. You will be able to predict her actions and, in accordance with them, make the right decisions.

3. Spend enough time at home

What to do if you hate your wife? Spend more time with your wife. If you follow this advice, then your wife will think of you as a husband, not just a man that can be occasionally found at her place. And this will greatly raise your authority in her eyes, and she will look forward to your return from work every single time.

4. Predict the conflict and resolve it

I don't love my wife, how can I fix this situation? There is not a single married couple that never had a single quarrel in their life together. However, in this situation, Haltzman advises men to restrain their competitive spirit and not allow their emotions to get the better of them. Perhaps your wife will think that she managed to defeat you, but you know that it was just a cunning strategic step on your part, which allowed you to keep the situation under control and avoid serious consequences.

5. Learn to listen

Yeah, it can be quite hard to think that you can withstand all of the blabbers that your wife is capable of, but, it doesn’t mean that all of the things she tells you are nonsensical, you should be a great listener, and she will notice your attention. If your wife wants to tell you something, then stand still and listen to her. Turn off the TV. Look straight into her eyes. Nod and make her feel like you care. Do not interrupt her. If you do everything right, then your female partner will have the impression that her problems are very interesting and not indifferent to you.

6. Make your wife happy

What to do when you hate your wife? Imagine that your wife is one of the most valuable clients of the company you work for. Losing a client means the same as losing a job. Therefore, give gifts to your spouse, fulfill her requests, let her feel that you need her.

should i leave my wifeIs Divorce Right? 3 Sure Signs

Now that we know the possible reasons why you can hate your female partner and the ways of fixing your relationship, let’s talk about situations in which it is impossible to solve an issue and try to build something great out of the ruins of your relationships.

You constantly think about cheating and so does she

Should I leave my wife? Well, if you always want to cheat on your partner, and she thinks the same, then the answer is probably yes. A woman always feels when there is a mistress on the horizon, usually long before the man enters into a secret relationship in the first place. Before calling out your spouse for their alleged infidelity, think about the reasons for this behavior. Both partners are always to blame for infidelity because a partner that has committed infidelity did so because they lacked something in their current relationships. But if you can’t fight it, and your partner always ignores your attempts to establish a serious conversation about your relationship, then there is no point in trying to fix this relationship, just move on.

Your fights really hurt both of you, and there is an abuse

All couples have quarrels, and it is impossible to find a couple that has never faced an issue of some sort. However, one can approach these situations in very different situations. If at the slightest outbreak of anger, you begin to humiliate and insult each other, nothing good will come out of your marriage. Do not try to cause your partner pain and make them angry during a quarrel, don’t recall their sins and issues and laugh at their failures.

While loving and hating someone at the same time sounds like a very interesting state of mind, it is very stressful. Abuse will never bring anything good to a relationship, as you know, there are lots of different types of abuse in romantic relationships, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, mental, etc. Thus, if you feel like you are being abused week in and week out, then there is no point in continuing this relationship, just move on and make your life better.

You feel lonely

Loneliness should never exist in a relationship. People establish relationships to not be alone in this world. In general, it just seems odd that some people find themselves alone when they are, as far as people around them are concerned, in a relationship with someone else. But, as it turns out, this is a very regular occurrence. If you feel like there is no one to talk to, no one that understands you, no one that wants to make you feel happy – stop what you are doing, either establish a conversation with your partner in an attempt to try to fix something, or go for a divorce, the latter option will probably be a safer option.

As you can see, relationships are not always perfect, all couples encounter issues and disagreements, thus, it is only fitting that some of these disagreements can lead to the end of a relationship. Now you know the reasons why you may hate your wife, you know the ways of fixing your relationships, how to leave your wife, and you know when it is too late to try to fix something that cannot be fixed.

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