When a Woman Loses Interest in Her Husband


Yesterday you both were head over heels in love. Each of your nights was accompanied by a storm of love and passion, and you always got unforgettable pleasure from it. And suddenly, one day, you realize that your intimate interest in your husband has disappeared somewhere and your sexual attraction to him has simply died away. What to do when a woman loses interest in her husband?

when a woman loses interest in her husband

Very often, it is at the moment when the wife loses an intimate interest in her spouse, dark clouds are gathering over the family life. This, in itself, can involuntarily lead to the collapse of your marriage. Of course, you cannot say that you completely stopped loving your husband. You still appreciate him, respect him, you feel a connection to him. But, you completely stopped to perceive him as a man for sexual relations. Habit, routine, long life under one roof, monotony in sex - it all affects the sexual drive and as a result, you just, on a subconscious level, force yourself to go to bed with him. Although before, he was for you almost an idol and the embodiment of a real man.

And then everything changed so dramatically and irrevocably. Of course, the peak of all positive feelings cannot last a long time and in every second family, sooner or later, there is such a problem. Hugs and kisses do not bring you joy, but on the contrary, cause nervous irritation, and the performance of marital duty is now truly a “duty”, a heavy and binding business. This, of course, knocks you out of the habitual life-track, and leads to frequent quarrels arising from your irritability. So how do you get out of this delicate problem and understand for yourself what to do if the husband became uninteresting to his wife as a man? Let's learn more about this.

Why Do Women Lose Interest in Sex?

What to do when your wife loses interest in you? How do you know when a woman loses interest in a man? We will answer these questions and more right now.

Why do girls lose interest? What to do when she loses interest? The following information will be mostly from the standpoint of a female, so you can find the answers to these questions. First of all, you need to understand yourself. If you really ceased to be interested in your spouse as a sexual partner means that everything below is about you. Why women lose interest in sex? When you are together, you simply become bored with each other. To be in proud solitude for you is much more pleasant than to be in his company. You stopped pampering him with beautiful clothes, hair, makeup and even more so, bright erotic underwear. Plus, you noticed that he became visibly less jealous of other women.

To his proposal to have sex, you have a lot of reasons and excuses in order not to do it. Well, if you agree to have it, you're waiting for the "finale" faster. And, during the process itself, you do not pamper him at all with kisses and caresses. And all his preliminary caresses evoke in you nothing but irritation. Because of this, you just cannot relax and have fun, and then, in your head, the thought constantly revolves: "Why did you agree to have sex with him?".

More precisely, the sexual relationship has become for you something far away and unearthly, that is, completely uninteresting and unnecessary. The most important thing is that you began to think about the fact that you are losing something important in life, feeling just devastated and sexually unsatisfied. You began to pay attention to other men, trying to find in them what you lack in life. From here on out, you are not that far away from cheating. Why do women lose interest in their husbands? This is often because they are simply unsatisfied in bed. Although you will receive only sexual satisfaction from your cheating, yet your inner world will be devastated.

why women lose interest in sexAfter all, the feeling of guilt is much higher than your pleasure. And, as a result, you continue to believe that you should still be together. This is the main life upheaval, the so-called unmet wife. And if you live that way, then you certainly need to change this. It is not necessary to hope that a husband himself will guess about this and try to change something. You should just talk to him about it. And as a man, when she loses interest, just talk to her, try to force the narrative of a rational discussion.

Of course, the lack of a full-fledged intimate life, very seriously destroys the psychological state of any woman. Simply, the further you tolerate it, the more you will become irritable and nervous. Absolutely everything will affect you. Your spouse will simply drown in reproaches from your side. And as a sad result, this can lead to a break in your relationship.

In the name of avoiding it all, first of all, think about yourself. You, in fact, are unlikely to be left alone. And, in the end, to live on like that will be just tormenting yourself and your psyche. The main way out of this situation is again to try to fall in love with your spouse and thereby bring about a wave of new interest in your relationship. You say, it's complicated. Believe in the rule that nothing is impossible. Look at him from the other side, there is a reason you still live with this person. And, besides, the fact that you are irritated with him, he still has a lot of good things about him. Take those qualities for which you loved him once, and add to them the acquired characteristics. Imagine a situation that he will go to another woman (think up in your subconscious the image of an artful rival, even if there is none) and you will not have anything. Here then, you will have a sense of ownership.

And, as additives to everything, to revive the whole romance of feelings, organize a mutual romantic holiday. Where there will be only you and him. For him, you can choose the place where you have already been at, during the peak of your feelings. And just try to repeat everything, following the old footsteps of your relationship.

And, of course, the best option will be your mutual conversation on the topic: "Why did you become uninteresting to each other?” In which you should try to have a proper conversation with no hard feelings. This frank conversation can solve a lot. The main thing Is to not be afraid of him and do not hesitate to express what worries you. And you together will find a way out of this problem. Do not be shy, offer him new experiments in sex. Believe me, something new and exotic will certainly help you to experience a new interest in your spouse, as a man.

In short, why did she lose interest all of a sudden? Boredom, no variety in relationships.

When a Guy Loses Interest in a Woman

Once a guy loses interest can you get it back? A frequent case when the spouses are facing problems in relations, crisis periods, then there is a feeling that everything has reached a dead end, and there is no way out. Until recently, my husband looked at me with adoration, arranged surprises, invited to restaurants, said the words of love, but now all the time he is busy with work, personal affairs, constantly reproaches, annoyed. To understand why a husband treats you coldly, you need to find out the reasons, understand all your actions, mistakes, and also try to remember what you were earlier when your relationship was just starting.

There is a huge number of reasons why relations between spouses become cold and uninteresting. In each family, these reasons are individual, and they cannot be equated with each other. However, if we consider the experience of generations, we can identify several of the most basic reasons why a husband begins to treat his wife coldly, without feelings. So, why men lose interest in a woman?

why do girls lose interestEveryday problems. This is the main reason for all the disagreements, quarrels, and, subsequently, the deterioration of relations between spouses. Household problems kill all the romance, the mysteriousness of the relationship that was born during the candy-bouquet period. Curlers, clay masks, a family routine begin to irritate your man over time, and well-groomed girls on stilettos in the city begin to seem much more attractive than his own wife.

Ordinary. Once you were an unread book for your husband, everything was unusual, unpredictable. And now the husband knows that his wife is near, will not go anywhere, and interest in you ceases, and then completely disappears. In fact, you have stopped making romance in the relationship, it ceased to be interesting.

Lack of interest. Most women after marriage forget about themselves and completely give themselves to the family. Past hobbies go to the background, you do not go for walks, to cafes with friends, you stop being interesting for your husband. Boredom destroys relationships, it introduces monotony and lack of interest in his wife.

Home appearance. A man loves with his eyes, and when he fell in love with his wife, she was a delightful beauty with stylish makeup, hairpins, tight skirts, stylish jeans, and now she prefers comfort, simplicity and thinks that her husband does not notice it. The reasons why the husband has cooled to his wife should be sought in herself.

How to Understand that a Partner has Lost Interest

To combat the disease, you need to understand the causes of the occurrence. If there is a desire to correct the current situation, then you should take everything into your hands and find out in time why the man has cooled toward you. To do this, you need to carefully observe your spouse, get out of your comfort zone and see if nothing has changed, while you were occupied with domestic cares.

The first major sign is the absence of sexual relations between spouses. If you make love once a month or on holidays, and on other days the husband just falls asleep or says that he had lot of work is a signal that feelings have cooled. A man who loves his woman will never give up sex with her, so if you notice a rare occurrence or lack of passion in your direction, sound alarm. The second sign is that the spouse does not call you, does not write messages from work, is not interested in you. If a man loves you, he constantly thinks about you, worries, wants to hear your voice. If the wife stops receiving calls, and messages come with texts like: "What groceries should I buy?" Or "I'll be late”, this indicates that the wife in the life of her partner has ceased to be the main element.

The third sign is that the spouse chooses to spend time with friends instead of hanging out with you. If the husband tries to avoid joint walks, holidays, does not take you with him to his friends, returns home late - probably your relationship is not the best of times, and shared leisure no longer brings joy to your husband, who has grown cold to you and tries to reduce and minimize your presence.

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