Why Do Some Women Date Much Older Men?


Nowadays, older men dating younger women are a subject of heightened public interest. People usually cast sidelong glances at such couples, rejoicing at a new topic for discussion. Everything is more or less clear with a man: who doesn't want to date a twenty-year-old beauty? But what is a woman driven by? Why does she need such a relationship?

why do women date older men

Real Reasons Why Do Women Date Older Men

Everyone remembers ever since school days that girls develop faster than boys physiologically and, as a result, psychologically. While guys embarrassingly pull the pigtails of their peers and communicate only with one another, a good half of girls are crazed about romantic dreams of boys from high school. This tendency continues in many women for years ahead, and they fall in love with older men. However, when the age difference is 10, 15, or even 20 years, the reason for such love is no longer lies only in physiology. Therefore, let's find out why women date older men.

Their life experience

As a rule, an adult man already has certain life baggage, which young representatives of the stronger sex have not yet acquired. No one will argue that the age mates of young women have seen, read, and traveled less than mature men, not to mention that they are less experienced. On the one hand, the “similar childhood” rule works with young men: you grew up on the same films, books, and musical works, and it strongly facilitates mutual understanding. On the other hand, their life experience is minimal, and you should not exaggerate its importance. While a mature man, who knows a lot and has also experienced a lot, is a unique interlocutor: he has charm and sense of humor, a woman can listen to him endlessly, learning something new over and over again. By the way, the famous phrase that women love with ears has much to do with it – a person with whom a woman feels interested can count on her sympathy more than others.

Older men oriented to serious relationships

Older men value serious relationships and want to start a family. They have already had their fling and know what they want from life. That is why many single women online prefer dating an older man. It is in marriages where a man is older than his beloved, a woman is much more likely to see her husband in the role of a caring and responsible father. Being a dad at 18, 28, 38, or 48 years old is about different states and perspectives. At 18, a guy is paralyzed when he picks up a little “bag” with his baby. A mature man is not afraid to help his wife with a child, he is more patient and caring. He is less annoyed when children make noise and bugger around. So a lot of women want to date such a man and browse the Internet to find older men dating site.

They are mature in all senses

Young peers still go to clubs, talk about computer games, and let it all hang out. Older men, on the contrary, want family and stability, they are interested in something more serious and think several moves ahead. They are more organized, smart, responsible, and mature in every sense. Of course, this is expressed not only in external attributes but also in the internal state. The maturity of a man is manifested in different situations: how he behaves in everyday life, how he copes with difficult situations, and what goals he sets.

women dating older menThey are reliable and financially stable

It is easy to get the point of such choice: of course, you can marry an unknown poor student and gradually, step by step, make him a successful businessman, becoming the very – wise and strong – woman who stands behind every successful man. But, firstly, how sure are you that he will become successful and be able to provide for his family? Secondly, it is quite possible that rising above the crowd, he will consider that his beloved woman does not match him – it is not a rare case in our time. And in the case of an adult man, a woman gets what she wants without any effort and risk. After all, a financially backed man is a tower of strength for a family, so a woman can engage in household chores, hobby, and raising children while lacking nothing. Also, the desire to find a reliable and financially stable life partner does not exclude romantic feelings, so do not rush to blame a girl for financial gain and selfish motives.

They know how to please a woman

An older man has already built romantic relationships more than once. Therefore, he knows perfectly well how to meet real women and how to behave with them, but the same cannot be said of young inexperienced guys: they do not know when to keep silent and when to talk, which women's whims should be nipped in the bud, and which ones should be treated favorably. They are maximalists who have a hair-trigger temper and easily respond to provocations, while a mature man can find the strength and prevent a scandal. With age, men begin to understand women better. They know how to listen and support a loved one in the moment of need, how to cheer up a girl and make her truly happy.

Older men know how to win over a girl: they treat women like true gentlemen. They are not just loath to have sex on the first date – they care for a woman. "Gentlemen's aspect" is one of the main reasons why young girls date older men: women need someone who behaves with good grace and does not create scenes.

Older men are usually more loyal

It does not matter if it is a casual acquaintance or serious relationship, a mature man knows for sure what he wants from a woman. Frivolity and infidelity are typical for young guys who are not ready to take responsibility and build a family. An older man wants serious relationships, he does not need any affairs or one-night sex with other girls. He has already found the one he loves. Therefore, he is loyal and honest. Women appreciate these qualities very much and consider them very important for creating happy relationships.

Drawbacks of Dating an Older Man

There may be some difficulties in a relationship where a man is much older than his woman. However, if you know how to assess the situation properly, you can prepare yourself morally, and learn about the possibility of such problems in advance, you can find the best way out of any life situation and get over difficulties easily. As they say, forewarned is forearmed!

There always will be misunderstanding and condemnation from people around

Modern society should take some time getting used to women dating older men. Very often, when people see a couple with a noticeable difference in age, they have two thoughts:

  • he is her "sugar daddy";
  • he is her biological father.

Therefore, you should not be surprised if someone casts a sidelong glance at you or allows themselves to criticize your couple. Thus, young girls dating older men often feel embarrassment. So if your girlfriend feels awkward about this, try to explain to her that the ignorance and backwardness of strangers should not interfere with your relationship.

Sex drive mismatch is possible

The fact that a man is mature does not always mean that he has an extensive sexual experience. Nevertheless, experience and wisdom usually come with age, so older men may know something that younger guys do not even suspect about. But erectile dysfunction usually turns up like a bad penny. Especially, in megalopolises. Besides, passion and sexual desire weaken with age. Therefore, a woman may want to have sex much more often than her older man. It can become a serious problem that will destroy even the most harmonious relationship. After all, sex is one of the most important bases of the relationship between a man and a woman.


Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but they happen very rarely. Your older man may see a potential rival in every young guy who will be next to you. Because in the future, every youngster will get everything that your man already has: life experience and financial well-being. But a mature man no longer has a strong, young, and beautiful body. It's all over! And if you think that jealousy will be pleasant to you, you are mistaken. After all, there are a lot of young men. A great many! So be ready for jealousy when start dating older men.

How to Date a Much Younger Girl

In the modern world of constant concerns, people forget about one of the most important things – romantic relationships. More and more men cannot find a life partner. And why does it happen? Work, career, inability to communicate with girls, unsuccessful former relationships or even marriage – all these are the reasons why adult men are left without a beloved woman. To prevent a lot of serious mistakes in relationships and find true love, men should know how to date much younger girls.

Look after your appearance and health

No matter how old you are, good health and attractive appearance are important at any age. It is especially true if you date a girl who is much younger than you. After all, she is young, well-groomed, and beautiful. So look after yourself, take a shower, use deodorant, shave your beard on time, cut nails, and get a haircut.

date older menYour clothes do not have to be expensive, but things must match your age, size, and bodily constitution. The clothing must be clean and ironed. Sometimes it happens that different complexes and fears prevent a person from being happy... How can you attract a girl if you have some excess pounds? The principles of hygiene and attractive clothing are still in force, and additional emphasis should be placed on smartness and a sense of humor: in fact, not all women are thrilled with an athletic body — many young ladies appreciate interesting conversations and funny jokes.

Be generous

Do not think that if a girl dates you, then she needs only money. Many young ladies are already quite independent and have their income. She wants to be with you not for the sake of new iPhones or beautiful clothes but because she loves you. Money is not the most important thing. Although a woman wants to know that you can provide for your family. Therefore, be generous. It does not mean that you should buy expensive apartments, luxury cars, and pricey jewelry. Just splurge on all sorts of goodies and things that can make your life better.

Treat her like a personality

Many men behave quite inattentively when start dating younger girls. You should take your woman seriously since it is not a casual relationship. Respect her as a person, even if she is much younger than you. You should not treat her like a daughter or a little girl, such behavior will only ruin your relationship. Moreover, do not try to change your beloved girlfriend or bring her up. If you are not ready to accept her as she is, then it is better to end the relationship and find a more mature woman.

Experiment in bed

Maturity is sexy. And a lot of women have admitted that sex with older men is wonderful. Many guys do not even realize how much some women become excited at the very thought of a sufficient, responsible, and self-confident man. Mature men are more skillful and attentive to the sexual desires and fantasies of women. In order not to make your sex life boring, do not be afraid to experiment in bed. It brings you closer, helps you know each other better, and strengthens relationships.

Share experience with her

You do not need to behave like a teenager to spark the interest of a young girl. It is not going to work. The fact is that if she has chosen you as her partner, then she is already interested in you and wants to communicate. A woman is geared to be intellectually equal to her man. If his degree of maturity is lower than her own, she becomes degraded, if it is higher – she reaches out for it and maturates. In this sense, a mature man is much more promising than a young guy. An adult man is a man who has experienced a lot and knows a lot. Therefore, sharing life experience with your girlfriend is a good way to keep her interested in you. But do not overdo it, you should not constantly teach her life and point out the inaccuracies.

Final Thoughts

Women believe an older man to be a favorable factor for the successful development of romantic relationships that will inevitably come to their logical conclusion – the creation of a strong and happy family. After all, an older man has psychological, emotional, spiritual, and material stability. He realizes that reality consists of shades, nuances, and undertones. He has long grown out of youthful black-and-white thinking. He will not throw tantrums out of the blue and quarrel over a mere trifle, risking destroying the relationship with his loved one.

Every relationship is unique, you should not be afraid to love somebody. After all, as they say, "Love all ages yield surrender." All difficulties can be easily overcome if there is a person for whom it is worth trying. In the end, no nuances can be compared with the happiness of finding a soul mate! Love and be loved!

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