11 Best Games for Couples to Play on a Date


Dates are important, we all feel a certain amount of stress when we anticipate these beautiful, yet stressful events. What is it with us? We are eager to meet someone in our lives, to make our lives better by uniting them with someone else, to exchange our positive emotions with another person and, in general, benefit from such a union. Yet we, as a rule, always end up feeling a little tense. To relieve yourself from this stress, one has to get prepared, know what to do and how to spend time with a person they like. This is where games for couples come in.

games for couples to play

Benefits of Playing Games with Your Partner

But why would you play a game on a date? This seems like a childish thing to do and, what’s the point of playing them if you can just exchange questions back and forth and find out different things about each other by just having a healthy dialogue? Well, there are quite a few reasons for that. A basic dialogue is, while effective, but not always that entertaining and exciting. Here are just a few of the most important reasons why would you play a game on a date.

· Lightning up the mood

The first reason is probably the most obvious one, games are fun (well, most of them). If you are not on a first date with your partner, then a basic conversation may get quite boring, and it probably won’t be all that memorable. Fortunately enough, there are quite a few games to choose from, and we will list them during this article.

· Knowing each other better

Games can be used not just to create fun situations but also to find out different things about each other. All sorts of wild and unexpected scenarios, questions, and situations will allow you to find out a lot of things and information about a person that you would not have possibly found out during a normal conversation.

· New experience

One of the main reasons why these games are fun and why you can find out new information about a given person is that you encounter new situations and you have to improvise. Such situations put you in a place in which you have to be swift, witty, and smart. You will be able to find a lot of new facts about your partner and yourself, which is always exciting.

Best Couples Games for a First and Second Date Now that we’ve found the reasons why would you consider playing a game while dating women, let's list some actual games you should try out in the future. They don’t have a common theme, and they are not ranked in a certain way. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own games and try out something new from time to time. Let’s now list some of the best couples games that we know of.

11 Best Games for Couples to Play on a Date

1. Greeting strangers

The first one on the list of games for couples is quite an interesting one. In this game, you and your partner need to choose their target audience (people over 30, or only women, etc.), with which you will greet and watch their reaction. This is a very unusual game, and we do not recommend trying it out if you are not a sociable person or you hate bothering other people.

2. Tell me about a strangercouples games

Let’s continue on our list of fun games for couples with yet another game in which you have to interact with strangers. This is a great game that will allow you to find out a lot of new things about yourself and your partner. Everyone likes to feel like a genius psychologist who, like a spy, can literally in 1-2 minutes complete a full picture of the life of a stranger. This is what you will have to do. The essence of the game lies in the following: each of you will have to complete a psychological portrait of a stranger and try to find out what life they are living, what their job is, what they do, how they live, etc. Use this game on a date and be sure that it will cause more positive emotions than going out to watch a movie or visit an amusement park. Once again, if your partner feels uncomfortable with this game and doesn't want to bother strangers – better choose something else. By the way, you can play this game in another, more interesting way: you will make a psychological portrait not about strangers but each other. This game should not be played on your first date together because you could make a mistake that may not be taken lightly by your partner.

3. My story

In this game, you need to invent a story about your life. The story should be either just very funny or interesting enough to be entertaining. You need to make your partner laugh in this way, and when your story will get ridiculous – switch roles, let your partner come up with something that they want.

Cool Game Ideas for a Date Night Any man that wants to date single women online must be able to differentiate himself from others and thus, leave a lasting impression on a woman he is dating. Basic conversations can get so boring at times, no one even tries to do something different and interesting, no one ever tries to leave a memorable impression. One way to do it is to try out some interesting games for couples to play.

Meanwhile, we are not yet done, there are eight more games to play on a date to go.

4. Forehead stickers

This is one of the best games for couples that we know of, and this is what its essence is: both of you have to take a small piece of paper and write a word on it. But before that you should choose what topic of the word will be, for example, the topic is “fruits,” and the word is “orange.” You need to write it on a piece of paper so as your partner won’t see it. Then you have to throw all of your pieces of paper into a bowl or a hat and mix them. A person who pulled a piece of paper should not look at what is written there. Independently or with the help of a partner, that piece of paper is then attached to the forehead of a person (you can use improvised means or saliva) so that neither you nor your partner, can see what is written there. After that, each player has the right to ask three questions to which the other player can only answer yes or no. The essence of the game is to quickly guess the word that is written on a piece of paper.

5. "I am"

In this game, you need to sit down so that you can clearly see each other, and say, “I am” in turn. The one who laughs first needs to come up with a word that they will say along with, “I am.” For example, “I am a penguin.” That is any word that will come to your mind. It is necessary to add the word every time a person laughs. At first, it may seem that this is not a very funny game, but it actually is. At the end of the game, in some cases, you may have to repeat a very long sentence.

6. 20 questions

There are lots of different question games for couples, and this is probably the best one out there. This game is perfect for those couples who are on their first date. In this way, young people can learn a lot about each other. For couples that have been together for a long time, this game can be used to find out some new things about your partner on the topics that weren’t really discussed before. For old-timers and those who believe that they know everything about each other, there is an opportunity to invent their own new rules for this game. The very essence of the game lies in the fact that each of you can ask no more than 20 questions. Your partner can only respond by using two words: yes, or no. This is the reason why this game is so interesting. You might think that it is very easy to do so, but this is not always the case.

7. Vinyl dancing

It should be mentioned that this game is only fitting for those couples that have already passed the touch barrier. For this game, you have to prepare four records. One for yourself, and three for your partner. Vinyl must be placed ... between your bodies. It is better to prepare slow music for the beginning of the game. When the music starts – you have to start dancing. The goal of the game is to not lose a single vinyl during the dance and to do so, you will have to dance closely together. By the middle of the game, it is better to switch to rhythmic and fiery dances. I mean, someone has to lose eventually.

8. Spicing up the old “Netflix and chill”

You can play this game with your beloved partner when watching a movie at home. It is necessary to define a certain action that the characters of a movie will have to perform. When these actions are performed – you two have to kiss each other. Here’s an example: when the main character of a movie drinks coffee or answers a phone call – you have to kiss your partner.

Best Sex Games for Couples

Now we’ve come to the most interesting part of this article, sex games for couples. I mean, it is probably fair to say that we all love sex, and it is no secret that the newer things you try out – the better. Well, this is not always the case, experimentation in bed can get weird and uncomfortable at times, but still, an exciting game won’t hurt. Let’s list some of the best intimate games that we know of.couples sex games

9. Naked Twister

The first on the list of couples sex games is quite a simple one. This is the same twister that you have probably played with your friends. The only difference is that now you are doing it alone with your loved one and you are doing so completely naked. It may get awkward at times, but if you two are very much in tune with your bodies and you are not afraid of showing off – why wouldn’t you try something as goofy and intriguing as playing twister completely naked.

10. Rolling Dice

The first player rolls a dice and gets a number from 1 to 6. The number that they get indicates what they will do: 1 - kiss, 2 - suck, 3 - chew, 4 - squeeze, 5 - bite, 6 - lick. The same player rolls a second dice. The number that they get indicates what part of the body they will do that action to 1 - lips, 2 - nose, 3 - forehead, 4 - cheeks, 5 - right ear, 6 - neck. It is better to write everything on a piece of paper, so as not to get confused.

11. Ticklish Torture

This game is very much designed for couples that want to bring sexual pleasure to each other. One partner lays down and remains motionless while their beloved spouse can basically do anything to make their partner react to their actions. The winner, as usual, receives a wish-fulfillment as a reward. This game allows you to experiment in bed, and find out some new things about each other, and that is always important.

This is a game without rules. Whoever is in charge can basically do anything that they can and want to make their partner react. But they should not forget about the fact that they will soon be on the receiving end of this game.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a huge world of possibilities when it comes to intimate games. Generally speaking, experimentation when it comes to games on a date is a great thing that will surely be more memorable than just talking to each other while pretending to be interested. There are lots of different games a couple can play, whether they are on their very first date or they have known each other for a long time at this point, the main thing is to have fun. As one wise man once said, “If you are not having fun than what’s the point?”

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