Dating an Aries Woman: General Advice


Oh, boy, you've got an appetite for alpha females, if you are reading this. Alpha female is the most suitable description for an Aries woman. She is overly enthusiastic, she is overly active, she is overly motivated, and she is quite over the top. Reba McEntire, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart are only a few examples of famous Aries women. So, if you are into women like that, then this article is for you. Here you would learn how to attract an Aries woman, how to be in bed with a female representative of this zodiac sign, how to date this type of women... Basically, everything you need to know about Aries woman.

Aries woman in relationships

Understanding an Aries Woman

Before we go into figuring out how to attract an Aries woman, you need to understand her. Most of the men hearing about overly active women with larger than life personalities are drawn away. Others think that only a mama's boy can be a perfect match for such a woman. But that's absolutely wrong. If you want to find out the reason why, you need to learn Aries women traits.

1. She Wants to Compete

One of the main characteristics of Aries woman is a desire to compete. It doesn't mean that she would compete with you, but she would definitely try to compete with other women, with her co-workers, with neighbors. She needs to be the best. And if you don't want to push her away, forget about asking her why she just can't be satisfied with what she already has.

2. She is Impulsive

Aries women are known for their impulsiveness. Quite often they take on more tasks than they are able to complete. That's an important thing you need to know about Aries woman. She might get hysterical, but you shouldn't backfire. The best thing you can do is try to calm her down. Otherwise your little fight may balloon to a scandal of enormous proportions, leading to an inevitable breakup.

3. She is Optimistic

An Aries woman is quite optimistic. That's why you can't forget about dating one, if you are a pessimist who prefers in depressive states. An Aries woman prefers optimism, and she can't stand being surrounded by pessimistic people. Even if you are her boyfriend, she won't stay with you for too long, if mostly you complain about your problems.

How to Attract an Aries Woman

You've learned that an Aries woman is not that simple as she may seem. Probably it must be very hard to attract her. The most important thing is to make the right first impression on her. But you need to learn certain rules to observe if you want to make her fall for you. So, in order to help you, we've decided to collect the rules you need to follow to make the right first impression on her and make fall for you.

how to attract Aries women1. Don't Fear Her Masculinity

Aries women are known for the traits that are mainly considered to be masculine. The very first rule of how to seduce an Aries woman is not to be put off by that. Even if you feel a little bit uncomfortable with her activeness and making plans, don't show a sign. She won't be considering a partner who feels uncomfortable with her. Instead, show that you are eager to let the things go her way. She would definitely appreciate that. But don't push it too far, because she would be dominating over you for the rest of your relationship. She won't stay with you for too long if you would accept everything that she wants. Mind that an Aries woman likes to compete.

2. Appreciate Her Competitiveness

Speaking about competitiveness, don't forget to engage in it. There is no point in starting a war like who's gonna get the better job position, but you can play chess and cards with her from time to time. And don't try to cheat in order to let her win. If she only finds out about that, she can end your prospective relationship immediately.

3. Be Active

If you want to attract an Aries woman, you need to be active. Your prospective relationship is doomed if all you want to do is to sit at home. Aries women are active, if not hyperactive, thus you need to get ready to active walking, jogging or even rock climbing. Spending evening in front of the TV screen is possible only when she's into it. Show her that you are into spending weekends actively, and she may consider you as her prospective partner.

4. Don't Be Shy

Last, but not the least, forget about being shy with Aries woman. Aries women are all about power, but they won't hang around with a partner who is weaker than they are. They prefer actions over words. Thus, if you are dreaming to date an Aries woman, go and simply ask her for a date, and don't forget to be inventive when choosing a venue for your date.

How to Date an Aries Woman

Now, after you are more or less acquainted with how to attract an Aries woman, you can move on to learning how to date one. Dating an Aries woman is already less complicated for you, if you follow the previous rules. Now, let's check out what is an Aries woman in relationships.

1. Listen to Her

We've already established that Aries women exhibit traits that are mainly considered to be masculine. Now, ask yourself, do you like when you notice that your prospective partner is not listening to you when you are talking? Right, you won't like it. Neither an Aries woman would like you not listening to her. Especially, if you ask her on a date and spend most of the time pretending that you are listening to her.

2. Be Honest

Now, enough with the fact that you need to listen to her, there is one golden rule when it comes to talking about yourself. Forget about trying to pretend to be someone who you not really are. Aries women prefer brave men, and for them being honest is part of bravery. Moreover, you should avoid trying to play mind games with her or hide certain traits of your character. As soon as she has suspected that you are not honest enough talking about yourself, she will dump you immediately. If you want an Aries woman to feel your potential, you should focus on your future aspirations, rather than your past achievements.

3. Trust May Be a Problem

You need to adopt certain rules when you are dating an Aries woman. Aries women accept only ultimate truth. No innuendos would be accepted. An Aries woman is as honest as possible, and that's what she's expecting from you. An Aries woman thinks that everyone is just like her, and if you show her the slightest hint that you are not as trustworthy as she initially thought, she will leave you in a blink of an eye.

Aries Woman in Bed

Now, another important topic, Aries women and sex. Probably when you are thinking over everything mentioned above and realizing how hard it is to conquer an Aries woman, you may start wondering whether it's worth a fight. Yep, nobody wants to invest so much into something without any reward. Well, most likely we are going to cheer you up a bit, and in order to do so, we have collected a few brutally honest facts about what is an Aries woman like in bed.

about Aries woman1. She Likes Sex A Lot

You've heard about women who complain of headaches in order to refuse your offer to have sex? If an Aries woman has a headache, she will be the first to make love, as she knows that the best way to get rid of a headache is sex. Aside from headaches, Aries women find sex to be a lot of fun and they enjoy having sex a lot. Probably you've met a girl or two in your life, who would say that they don't want to have sex, as they feel too exhausted? When it comes to sex with an Aries woman, you are most likely to get exhausted, while she would be still asking for more.

2. Scheduled Sex is a Huge Turn Off

You are planning to have sex every day at 10 pm? Or you are planning to have sex three times a week? Well, you may stop reading this article and start looking for a girl of a different zodiac sign. What Aries women hate most is scheduled sex. No timetables – she wants sex when she wants, and if you try negotiating your sex-schedule, she may easily break up with you. If you are into hot spontaneous sex, then an Aries woman is your perfect match.

3. A Bit Aggressive

Another thing about Aries women is that they can be a little bit aggressive in bed. When you think about foreplay, you think about kisses, embraces, maybe some oral sex. What about some fighting before sex? Well, when it comes to Aries women you can expect something like that.

Best Match for an Aries Woman

So, if you think that you can handle all the rules and regulations in order to conquer an Aries woman, let's see how compatible you are. You are a perfect match if you are a representative of any fire sign or a Gemini.

  • Aries/Aries is a perfect couple, where partners understand each other perfectly.
  • Aries/Leo is a perfect couple, as they both enjoy competitiveness and power.
  • Aries/Sagittarius is a perfect couple, as they enjoy partying and passionate sex. The only disadvantage is that this match is not quite suitable for building a family. But you can manage it by working really hard.
  • Aries/Gemini is probably the best match that Aries can get. Just like Aries, Gemini prefers partying, competitiveness and spontaneous passionate sex.

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