How Important Is Sex in a Relationship?


Many people are convinced that sex in relationships is one of the most important aspects, and even strong feelings can be destroyed without it. Some people believe that the importance of intimate relationships is too overestimated, others, on the contrary, believe that they pay little attention to making love. What do you think about it? According to many experts, in fact, the influence of intimacy on our life goes beyond the borders of the bedroom. In this article, you will get to know why making love is so important for relationships and how it improves our life.

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Why Sex Is Important?

All doctors claim that regular sex life has a positive effect on the health of women and men. Probably many are interested to know: how exactly does sex affect our lives and why sex is important in a relationship?

  • Intimacy. Many believe that sex is primarily physiological satisfaction, which is supported by moral approval. But it must be remembered that intimacy is not only physical contact, but the level and trust in a partner, and the desire to get new emotions. During sex, partners reveal their secret sides and even become closer to each other in moral and spiritual terms.
  • Elixir of youth. One of the Scottish studies showed that people who enjoy sex several times a week with a regular partner, look 12 years younger than their peers who don’t have frequent sexual intercourse. This is easily explained by the fact that during regular sex, testosterone and estrogen in men and women help their bodies look younger.
  • Self-confidence. Most of us have a certain degree of insecurity. Some psychologists believe that sex can even increase self-esteem! After all, regular and high-quality sex is convincing evidence of our unrelenting attractiveness and desire to have a life partner. Having sex with a person we love and trust, we can strengthen the belief that we are good at it. In fact, it turns out a kind of positive vicious circle because a positive perception of oneself affects sexual satisfaction. That is why sex is important in life.
  • Hormonal explosion. Post sexual hormonal explosion is one of the reasons why people have sex. It appears because the level of certain hormones in our body rises after sex, providing us with a great mood and, by the way, the same great appearance. Here’s how it works. Sex promotes the production of dopamine, which provides a feeling of happiness. Testosterone increases overall activity. Endorphins, in turn, reduce stress levels and minimize painful sensations. Sex contributes to a person’s overall well-being for at least

sex is important in life24 hours after sexual intercourse.

  • Strenuous work-out. We have good news for those who were late to the gym and upset that they missed the workout. Sex can replace exercises and even help lose extra calories.
  • Prevention of heart attacks. Here is the importance of sex to health. Scientists say that you need to have sex at least twice a week to reduce the risk of a heart attack and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Antidepressants. Having sex, you unknowingly lead an active struggle against stress and even depression. Why drink pills if you can heal yourself in a natural way and also get pleasure from it? Sexually active women whose partners didn’t use condoms during sexual intercourse were less depressed than those women whose partners used a condom. One possible explanation for this dependence is that prostaglandin – a hormone found in sperm, is absorbed into the female reproductive tract, thereby, regulating the production of female hormones.
  • Sleep quality. Sex improves night relaxation because the body produces prolactin during orgasm. This is a hormone that leads to deeper and longer sleep. Good sleep is the basis of a healthy lifestyle because it affects not only the general well-being of a person during the day but also mental condition.
  • Affection formation. How important is sex in a long-term relationship? The closer two people in intimacy are, the closer they are in other areas of life. Psychologists conclude that sex contributes to love and devotion, and it, in turn, contributes to sexual activity. This cycle is especially beneficial for people who are sensitive to tactile sensations. But, as studies show, similar bonuses receive each of us (even if in a slightly smaller volume).

How Important Is Sex in a Marriage?

Many couples wonder, "Is sex important in a marriage?" And this worries not only young couples who have just started dating and are hesitant to move to closer contact but also those who have lived for many years together. When a couple starts living together, emotions overwhelm people. A man and woman don’t even think about the quality of sex they have. During several first years, sex is amazing and unusually fascinating. And it is not surprising because there is a process of getting to know each other. And there is no sense to think about everyday problems, place or time. People just want to have sex anytime and anywhere. And the more the better!

After all, their soulmates are nearby, and they want to love them, caress, and so on. They are experimenting and mastering their sexual space with interest. However, over time, everything changes, and people have sex less often. But harmonious sex life is the most important aspect of a marriage, on which people’s happiness depends. Sexual relations in the family are a secret hidden from everyone, but they are based on psychophysiological features. The physical and mental states of a person include such an important component of health as the harmony of sexual relations between people. So, what is the importance of sex in a marriage?

  • It brings strong emotional contact. Sex is not only the stimulation of erogenous spots. People are rational creatures; therefore, maximum pleasure can be achieved only with deep psycho-emotional interaction with partners.
  • Knowledge of your sexual preferences. Sexual contact with a person who knows your preferences and secret desires always win compared to casual sex. Universal ways to get pleasure often don’t lead to the desired result. That is why sex is important in a marriage.
  • Openness and relaxation. Spouses, having been married for a long time, perceive sex as a pleasant pastime. They don’t need to hurry or be ashamed of the features of their bodies. Therefore, sex doesn’t turn into a sport where the winner must give 100% of efforts.
  • Accessibility. How important is sex in a marriage to a man? It is quite important, and accessibility is an important plus of sex in a marriage. Your partner is always nearby, and you know how to seduce your loved one. So, if you want sex – you get it.
  • Lack of embarrassment. For example, many girls are afraid that they will be seen without makeup, so they prepare for sex for a long time. Or men think that they can’t bring enough pleasure to women. In marriage, these problems disappear. Of course, both men and women should always look attractive, but belly roll or something else is unlikely to be a shock to your soulmate.
  • A possibility of failure. If one of the spouses is tired, then this is a good reason to refuse sex. And in most cases, it will not lead to insults or scandals.
  • A sense of protection. In bed with your soulmate, you don’t need to think about protecting your physiological and psychological health. Properly built relationships are a pledge of peace and comfort.
  • Individual norms. During the time spent together, spouses are quite determined with their capabilities and needs. If sex once a month suits both partners, then this becomes the norm, and such relationships bring no fewer positive emotions than everyday sex.
  • Guaranteed orgasm. Why is sex important in a relationship? A husband and wife are well aware of each other’s erogenous zones. Therefore, in most cases, it doesn’t cause much difficulty to achieve maximum enjoyment.

How Important Is Sex to a Man?

importance of intimacySex is of great importance for men. They tend to accumulate a certain amount of energy that needs to be constantly splashed out. It is important as a physiological need. Lack of sex adversely affects their health. Constant agitation and dissatisfaction lead to various diseases. Why is it so needed? Why is sex so important to men?

  • Masculinity is improved. Oddly enough, but a man is more vulnerable in self-consciousness than a woman. If he doesn’t see himself as a man in his own eyes, catastrophic destruction of his personality begins. For this reason, it becomes clear why men experience the natural desire to establish themselves in their sexuality.
  • Certain attachment to a woman. How important is sex to a man in a relationship? It is known that a man experiences the most pleasant sensations during sexual intercourse, especially at the moment of ejaculation. Sex with a loved woman gives the brightest pleasure. Full confidence and sincerity of feelings are possible only in a relationship, and therefore, only with a loved one, a man most fully reveals his sensuality. Moreover, sex is not just a way to get pleasure, but, first of all, a way to communicate. For a man, it is important to see the initiative of his partner in sex, this is an important sign that everything is fine with him and with the relationship. Therefore, regular and quality sex is an important component of a good and strong relationship.
  • Impact on mood. Men, unlike women, get relaxation during intercourse, and the feeling of completion is a very good feeling. After reaching orgasm, a process of inhibition occurs in the male nervous system, forcing a man to feel laziness, calmness, and relaxation. So, what is the importance of sex in a relationship? The combination of the feeling of completeness and relaxed satisfaction has a very positive effect on mood. Regular sex helps prevent depression, and the lack of constant sexual contact leads to psychological problems.
  • Impact on health. Sex shouldn’t be taken as a sport. Its value as a form of physical activity is extremely small. Of course, it is a good addition to a full sports life but no more. Sex is a good way to prevent psychological health, but it has little effect on physical health.
  • Sex as an achievement. For many men, sex is a prize for which they put a lot of effort. This component is very important for single men, who are interrupted by casual relationships and the main benefit of sex for them is precisely in receiving remuneration for their efforts. Thus, a man can maintain his self-esteem at a high level. So, if sex remains a reward even after a long relationship, then this is an important sign of problems in the relationship.

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