How to Pick Up Single Russian Ladies


Winning a girl’s heart is not that easy, especially in the modern world where girls become more and more emancipated. They generally do not feel enthusiastic about dating. Feministic movements have changed the way single girls from Western countries see their future. On the contrary, Russian women are eager to meet decent men and start a family. There’s something absolutely amazing about how these girls are willing to become mothers and life partners. We’d probably say that these girls are the coziest in the entire Universe. And if you want to date one of the Russian women, you will probably need to know how to approach them properly. You see, different girls seek different traits in relationships and dating. That is why we are going to teach you how to pick up a single Russian woman. Here are several do’s, and later on we will also list some don’ts.


Do’s of picking up Russian girls:

1. Use statements instead of questions. Russian women are rather shy. They do not initiate acquaintances because they don’t want to look intrusive (or desperate, which is more frightening for women). Therefore, your suggestions and invitations should be formulated as statements, not questions. For instance, if you want to ask her out, use something like, “I’d love to spend tomorrow’s evening with you” instead of “Do you want to go out with me tomorrow?” Moreover, you should never force her to choose the locations or time. Just give her several suitable options and let her choose the one that fits her preferences.

date russian woman2. Dress sharp and look good. We cannot explain why some modern men believe that looking nice and decent is necessary only for women. Have you ever scrolled through social media like Instagram or Facebook? Girls LOVE their men to be fit and attractive and pretty Russian ladies are no exception. To allure a girl and make her believe you are potentially the best choice, you will have to maintain a good look. And while you cannot change your face or height, you may change the way you dress, take care of your haircut and facial hair, clean your boots (which is extremely important) and buy some mannish accessories – leather belts, watches, scarfs etc. You may also workout to look better. There’s no need to bulk up – just get fit! She will appreciate it, for sure.

3. Involve romance. We may recall numerous explanations people use to justify the lack of romance in their relationship. Some people say that romance is only for teenagers – flowers, cheesy movies, candlelit dinners, night rides and related stuff looks funny when incorporated with adolescents. Emancipated Western girls admit that romance makes them feel humiliated and is basically not that important for building a relationship (Western men also use this explanation to justify their laziness). Fortunately (or unfortunately), it does not work with single Russian girls – they love flowers, romantic evening strolls, beautiful gestures of appreciation, and generally any kind of romantic actions. And you need to take advantage of this fact!

4. Talk with her. Sounds strange, eh? You will obviously talk to a girl to charm her. Well, we might disappoint some you – the vast majority of men misinterpret the entire concept of talking with girls. They don’t see women as good interlocutors that can keep the conversation going and make it real fun. After meeting Russian ladies, you will for sure change your opinion about this. Even if you have a language barrier between you two, it does not make your conversations dull and empty. Likewise, these precious creatures believe that a good conversation is the best leisure ever created. So do not lose your chance to exchange opinions and experience!

5. Act like a gentleman. Have you ever read any Russian novels? If not, we will just point out that Russian culture knows the greatest examples of love and sacrifice in the name of love. Therefore, Russian girls believe in chivalry. They know for sure that this beautiful concept is still alive. Russian women love their men to act like gentlemen. You should be kind-hearted, control your emotions, radiate self-confidence and positive vibes, and, what’s even more important, you should be aware of what respect is. It’s truly important for these girls to be approached respectfully. Moreover, you need to pay respect to everything that deserves such a treatment (because they know that your overall attitude will not change when you tie the knot).

And here are some don’ts:

1. Avoid arguable conversational topics. As we have mentioned, Russian girls see deep conversations as the constituents of dating. That is, you will spend a lot of time talking about different things. Try to avoid such troublesome topics as religion, politics, family stories, ex-lovers, and beliefs in general. It’s more than possible that after a while, you will agree on each and every of the aforementioned topics. But since you just met, you need to make sure you stay in the riskless zone.

2. Don’t overdo it. We are quite sure there’s no need to mention that pickup one-liners are horrific and have literally no effect aside from growing frustration. You should not also be too intrusive about complimenting your prospective girlfriend – it sounds artificial. If you do want to take advantage of compliments, focus your attention on her intelligence and hobbies (but not her eyes or legs, for God’s sake). Russian ladies look for men they would want to spend their lives with, so you need to be reserved and confident. Nervousness and the lack of self-assurance make you look pitiful in the eyes of women.

We hope our recommendations will help you win a heart of one of these marvelous women. If you are now not able to meet Russian women in real life, you can perfect your skills on one of the online Russian dating services, like the one you found this article on. These attractive and kind-hearted women are waiting for your attention and care! You will never regret your decision to date a Russian woman – guarantee 100%.

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