How to Seduce a Libra Woman: 11 Useful Tips


Sometimes conquering woman’s heart can be quite a challenging task. And it goes really complicated when dating a Libra woman. You trying to impress her with romantic poetry, dropping her “love” notes and doing some other stuff. Perhaps the reason why all your methods refuse to work is that you know very little about a Libra woman personality! In order to prepare this article, we’ve sniffed out some facts about Libra woman in general that may come in handy.

Libra woman traits

So, the traits of a Libra woman are the following.

They absolutely adore romance and lovely music. A live concert is not always what those girls would enjoy. If you can play an instrument pretty well, why not present her a tune or two and you are already on a winning path. Give her some good vibes!

Libra women are quite emotional ladies, so expect them to desire more than just sex. They’re also understanding and loyal if treated right, and expect the same back.

Regarding a Libra woman in bed, she will enjoy the process even in the smallest details. She enjoys being kissed and whispered sweet things during sex. Praise her a lot. Yet, avoid rushing events up and drag a Libra woman to bed by force. She’ll let you know when she’s ready.

Definitely a secluded runaway, fancy beach setting, romantic dinner either at your house or out, a nice French wine and an intelligent conversation. These are the characteristics of a Libra woman. They also like to know as much about you as possible, so take a lead in your conversation. Women of this zodiac sign do like a man to be in charge. Don’t act too bossy though, that will put her into the defensive position in a matter of seconds. Always express your mind fully, don’t leave her guessing. They like it direct. Treat her with respect and she will soften in your loving arms. Alright, let’s review some useful tips of how to attract a Libra woman and how to date a Libra woman.

1. Don’t dare to limit her

Attracting a Libra woman may be quite easy, but keeping her by your side is a somewhat harder task. Women born under Libra love to flirt and be flirted with respectively. That’s a basic principle of how to date a Libra woman. These females are extremely popular since they are so enchanting and such an amazing company. So if the one you like is currently available, you will need to act fast before someone else catches her first. Do not, however, make the main mistake of exerting a Libra woman into some kind of closeness. She prefers to take her own time over the game, keeping her options open for as much as possible. Notorious for their doubtfulness, Libra ladies are also known for delaying or cancelling dates at a moment’s notice. You’ll need to take this into account if you’re pursuing a goal of conquering a Libra woman. Getting uptight or angry definitely won’t help your efforts.

2. Be super-polite and cautious

Forget the words “aggressive”, “rude” and “loud-mouthed” – they are beyond a Libra woman compatibility. Most girls born under the sign of Libra can’t stand arguments and are scared off by men’s uncontrolled outbursts. Peace-loving types who prefer a quiet life, Libra girls will often go to any lengths to evade an ugly confrontation. all about Libra woman​ You should be informed that shouting, cursing and generally misbehaving will have a negative effect on your chance of seducing this type of woman. Because she is born under an Air sign, she prefers to talk through issues calmly and rationally and will expect you to do the same. Frankly, she’s more likely to be attracted to you if you appear open-minded, level-headed and someone who is able to give in and receive back.

3. Offer a listening ear

Simply be a fine conversationalist. Demonstrating your ability and willingness to talk intelligently and positively on plenty of topics is a trouble-free way to earn a Libra woman’s appreciation and make her dream to spend an evening or two with you. Enjoyable communication is at the top of this woman’s priorities when it comes to approving you as a dating partner. Because Libra women find it tricky to think clearly without somebody bouncing ideas off, they’re frequently seeking for a partner who will be a good listener. Before making the most insignificant decisions, many Librans have an irresistible need to run through all the benefits and drawbacks over and over again. You will find yourself with a good chance of seducing this sort of girl if you confirm you’re the person who’s willing to lend an ear without getting bored if necessary for hours of chatting.

4. Always look your best

Always remember that despite a Libra girl will measure up your mind firsthand, outer loveliness is equally (if not more) essential to this woman. Under the patronage of Venus and famous for its inborn attractiveness, Librans are fond of surrounding themselves with nice people. On rare occasions will a Libra girl be interested in a partner who isn’t more or less appealing and trendy as herself. Thereby, in order to obtain Libra lady’s recognition, you must pay much attention to your own looks. When you are alongside her, dress in your most classy clothes, put on some stylish jewelry (she loves “swag” guys) and don’t neglect a slight splash of cologne. The Libra female wants a literally picturesque boy by her side who can praise her own good looks. Become the person she can be proud of by making sure you fit right ideally.

5. Become her best friend

How to tell if a Libra woman likes you? If you’ve already become her best friend, consider the job done. To these women, love and friendship are tightly linked, for this reason, it is exceptional for a Libra lady to become deeply attracted to someone who isn’t also a reliable buddy. The first step in attracting a Libra female is to guarantee you’re irreplaceable for her as a trusted someone who fully understands and supports her and whom she can trust all her secrets. Grant this by coming up with lots of minor chances to share some personal facts in quiet settings and motivate her to open up to you by uncovering some hidden things about your personality. Step by step your Libra girlfriend will start believing she can’t exist without you and your relationship will confidently flow on.

6. Cover her up with luxury

These girls absolutely love the finest stuff in the world. In case if you don’t dispose a sum of cash to be easily spent – improvisation is your best bro. For example, instead of having a dinner at a posh restaurant, you two could spend a day at a fine art show or manage a nice picnic outside the city. Libra girls enjoy being covered with attention and treated like princesses. It doesn’t really matter if you got $10 or $200 in your pocket. The fact that you are sacrificing certain principles in order to make her feel exceptional will mean a lot to a Libra woman.

7. Always stay calm

Undoubtedly, peacefulness is among Libra woman traits. This is why the Librans totally reject any conflict situations. Whereas the Libra symbolizes the scales, these women are able to consider both edges of nearly each issue. In its turn, women born under this sign sincerely believe in purity, acceptance and harmony. An emotional explosion, particularly if you are just on the pre-dating stage, is a perfect way to frighten off the girl.

8. Grant her space

An actual reference to the tip №1. These females idolize the possibility of having that special person in their lives. She will worship you and cherish every minute spent with you as soon as she is provided with her independence. Without it, though, she will start to feel “choked” and exceedingly straitened. Her desire for private space is not a need for caution, it is simply her being adventurous. Once those women are fully satisfied, they are loyal. Grant her space and when she’s contented she will be running back to your arms.

9. Maintain a slightly separate relationship

Nobody denies that living in each other’s pockets is all cool when you are under the influence of a “love” injection, but it is important for your mental sanity as well that you keep up individual interests and relations. Support certain freedom and insure your Libra crush does the same. It may improve your compatibility. Libra might consider it hard at first, however, do your best to assure her that you’re not trying to escape the relationship.

10. Demonstrate your good taste

When going out with her, you have a wonderful opportunity to display your nice manners and no less nice taste. Pick up an entertaining cultural activity, perhaps attending a photography exhibition or an orchestral music concert. Afterwards, go to a restaurant with excellent cuisine (Librans hate anything mediocre). Talk about everything you’ve just witnessed, as well as involving literature and recent world events. Choose topics in which you know you sound well-informed.

11. Be honest

A Libra woman would often forgive most mistakes, but not a loved one behaving dishonestly. She is convinced that there can be no secrets in a relationship and it will be ruined if she finds out that her man withholds something from her or tells her lies. traits of a Libra womanThe Libra woman is devoted to the one she loves and is ready to give much more than she receives. She can be an outstanding supporter, best friend and a passionate lover, however, she will not tolerate any type of deviation when it comes to trust.

Best Matches for a Libra Woman

Now you’ve learnt all about Libra woman, so it’s time to know the perfect matches for these women.

Aquarius: Both Aquarius and Libra are sociable, talkative and absolutely adore being among people. Their life in a couple can be splendid and highly worthwhile. They also enjoy haunting their individual goals and challenging each other. Libra’s inherent sense of diplomacy serves to counterwork Aquarius’s inborn stubbornness, making it easier to reach a compromise when tension arises.

Gemini: Indeed, Gemini and Libra can create one of those ideal unions. They ideally fit each other nearly in all aspects. Both value diversity and share a wide variety of interests. Neither of them possesses jealousy, but both Libra and Gemini are filled with passion when it comes to intimacy. It may be a harmonic couple hardened through ages.

Sagittarius: Entrancing Libra and flaming Sagittarius can be speculated that they will hardly ever be tired of one another. Libra can keep things amusing, while Sagittarius with his powerful intellectual side will be able to grant Libra the spiritual recharge it craves. Although Sagittarius doesn’t want his need for independence to intervene with Libra’s demand for stability, this relationship has all the makings of a union to develop further.

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