What Makes Russian Women Better than Western Ones


Our planet is full of beautiful, kind, and smart women. Modern technologies enable us to mingle with people from all around the globe. So today, you can mingle with girls from different cultures and meet your potential lifetime soul mate. Westerners’ interest in Russian girls is growing rapidly and there should definitely be some good reasons. Let’s try to figure out why guys from the USA, Western Europe, and other countries prefer to pick Russian women from long-term relationships.

What Makes Russian Women Better than Western Woman

1. Exceptional beauty

We will bet there’s no a man on the Earth who have never heard about the natural beauty of Russian ladies. Due to some historical circumstances, Russian is inhabited with stunningly pretty women – and this is far more than in, say, America. Moreover, Russian girls are really concerned about their appearance so they always attempt to look the best. A normal Russian woman never leaves her home in just a training suit. No, she wears an elegant outfit, high-heeled shoes, and puts on make-up.

2. High intellect

Next trait Russian ladies are famous for is their braininess. Indeed, an important feature to highlight the outer beauty. In their society, a good education is highly valued so a rare Russian woman doesn’t have a university degree. Likewise, the educational system in Russia typically encompasses more stuff than in the West. Since the Soviet Union times, they believe that middle education should be as comprehensive as possible. Finally, the Great Russian literature is by right included the world heritage belonging.

3. Good-hearted nature

Kindness is significant in human relationships. It has been scientifically proved that this is one of the core traits people look for in a prospective partner. Russian women implement it by all means. Their native culture appreciates compassion, helpfulness, and empathy. In Russia, people tend to share their mind with each other and give advice – and this even doesn’t require them to be close friends. So a partner from this land will probably become a reliable companion ready to give you a hand.

young-couple-love4. Femininity

In contrast to most Western ladies, Russian women appreciate the somewhat obsolete concept of femininity. While their “sisters” are mainly focused on their professional success and wealth gaining, Russians are more romantic and tender. In terms of psychology, they are less independent from their men. Not that Russian girls wish to be controlled by their husbands yet they put love relationships over material values.

5. Strong loyalty

According to the Russian conception of fidelity, a proper woman should follow her man wherever he goes or whatever he does. In their view, true love happens only once in your life so Russian girls take any relationships quite responsibly. They struggle to find a compatible and reliable man to build the further life with. A Russian woman will become your faithful long-term partner. Equally, she will expect you to be loyal and honest as well.

6. Open mind

Russian ladies adore opening new horizons. In particular, they are interested in acquaintances with foreigners because this gives a chance to discover something new. Such a woman will likely adapt to your native culture as well as get along well with your dear ones. In a westerner’s view, Russians may appear to be overly straightforward and sincere – yet that’s how their soul works. They welcome strangers and try to understand those. Just don’t forget to appreciate her culture in return.

7. Self-sufficiency

Being feminine doesn’t mean Russian girls want to be mere housekeepers. The modern world makes everyone responsible for his or her personal happiness with no regard to gender. As we have already mentioned, Russian ladies are generally smart and well-educated which gives them quite good career opportunities. So they try to be less and less dependent on men.

8. Positive attitude to life

Optimism is important when it comes to dealing with problematic situations. You should know that life in Russia isn’t as easy and carefree as in the USA or Europe. That’s why Russian women try to compensate all the negative factors with humour and fun. They love hanging out with those whom they love, are always ready to support you in trouble and manage it. Of course, a lady of such kind deserves the same attitude from you.

9. Traditional values support

Probably, the critical factor for choosing a Russian girl as your potential life partner: she is family-oriented and doesn’t neglect relationships. In their country, girls are likely to tie the knot in their 20s while girls in the West usually don’t run “ahead of time”. The main life goal of a typical Russian lady is to find a good man to share her life with and give birth and raise good children. So if you are in searches of a wonderful girl from overseas, a Russian woman is probably what you need!

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