Why Family Life and Children Are so Important to Russian Women


Russian women for dating became a new trend simultaneously with Russian dating. The dissolution of the Soviet Union increased the interest in women from behind the Iron Curtain. First Western men viewed Russian women as a mere exotics, but soon it became clear that it is not their beauty that draws Western men.

Feminism reigns in Western countries for more or less fifty years, but in Russia it has much lesser impact. Unlike Western women who are obsessed with their careers, Russian women are much more family-oriented. While families where a mother acts as the main family supplier and a husband delves into babysitting and housekeeping are common in the Western world, Russian women are known for their acceptance of traditional gender roles.

These traits made Western men resort to online services that offer Russian girls dating in hopes to meet a perfect Russian woman. Let's delve deeper into why every second Western man dreams to date a Russian woman.

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The Concept of Family in Russia

In Russian culture, the main goal of most women is to build a strong and healthy family. Family is considered to be sacred in Russian culture, and a complete family is the one consisting of two heterosexual parents and their children. While nowadays you can often spot a single mother and, rarely, single fathers, such kind of families is far from Russian traditions. Even during the Soviet times, when most of the traditional cultural attributes of Russia were destroyed, family remained sacred. Of course it can be attributed to the fact that Soviet government was interested in families as comrade-producing factories. The contemporary Russia rarely gives women the luxurious possibility of having strong and healthy families, mainly because of the poor economic state of the country. Russian women spend less time on their families, as they have to work hard to make both ends meet. As a result, when a Western man gives a Russian woman an opportunity to materialize the Russian family Concept, she will redouble all of her efforts.

Family Life and Children Raising

Why Russian girls are so popular? Well, because they make perfect life partners. This can be explained by the aspect of Russian culture known as self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice is quite common in Russian culture. Russian men often sacrificed themselves in the name of the country or in the name of church. The self-sacrifice in women transformed into complete devotion to their husbands. So, if you choose a Russian woman, you're hitting a jackpot. She will be a fantastic lover, giving you thousands of unforgettable nights. She will be a fantastic cook; she will acquaint you with the delicious Russian cuisine, but that doesn't mean that you'll have to eat to the end of your life. Remember, she is completely devoted to you. Thus, it there will be no problem for her to learn any cuisine that appeals to you.

Russian women Russian women also make great housekeepers. She will do all the housekeeping on her own. Moreover, she is your life-long partner. Don't expect her to be tired after the day of doing the housework. She will listen and talk to you whenever you need it.

That's not the sole reason why you might want to date a Russian girl. Russian women make great mothers as well. According to Russian traditions, family is incomplete without children, which makes no surprise why the child-free has never been a popular movement in Russia. Having children is also rooted in religious beliefs. Russian Orthodox Church sees woman's main role as becoming a mother. Sometimes this belief can get the most perverted forms. For example, in 2014 Russian women came to the pro-life protest holding signs saying “My uterus belongs to the government and church”. So, a lot of Russian women consider abortion the greatest sin possible.

The self-sacrifice also has a great impact on Russian mothers. Russian women are capable of giving away everything to provide the best future for their kids.

Moreover, you won't be very busy with your kids if you choose a Russian girl. With the traditional concept of Russian family being distorted by continuous crisis, with men becoming more and more irresponsible, almost every Russian woman is capable of bringing up kids on her own. They manage to combine children upbringing with studying and working in order to provide for the family. So, if you want a perfect mother for your future kids, you should definitely find a Russian girl.

Russian Views on Divorce

Those who are into dating Russian women know that divorce isn't something uncommon for contemporary Russia. In 2011, Russia became the top divorcing country in the world. Russia faces from 10,000 to 15,000 divorces annually. This can be attributed to several factors.

Of course infidelity remains one of the most popular reasons for the divorce. The second most popular reason is poverty, which makes absolutely no surprise, considering the state of Russia’s economy.

The poverty gives way to another reason for divorces. Starting a serious relationship in late teens and early twenties is still popular in Russia. A person can be considered more or less adult by the age of 25. Of course when people go for something serious when they are 18 years old they can't actually say that tying a knot is something what they truly want. Moreover, because of the poverty, the young partnership are living together with their parents as they have no money for their own house. So, it makes no surprise that a partnership like this won't last longer than 1 year.

Still, when it comes to Russian traditions, divorce is something that shouldn't happen. And probably, if Russian economics was in better shape Russian divorce rate would be considerably lower.


If you are to find a Russian woman, you are most likely to become the luckiest husband in the world. Once again, you're going to meet a perfect lover, a perfect housekeeper, a perfect mother, a terrific cook, and a life-long partner. Actually, why not use one of those dating services to meet your perfect Russian woman now?

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