How to Date Ladies Over 40


When you are in your early 20’s, you don’t think about a murky future and try to carpe diem. You believe in eternal love and youth. And in one moment you realize that the world has already changed, all your young and reckless friends have grown up.

Grown-up girls are still adorable as well as grown-up boys are, for the most part, all of them are solid and elegant. It is a remarkable period of maturity for some of them and the first manifestations of terrifying age changes for others. It is obvious that not every woman dating in 40’s wants to tie a knot. After all, an independent life has many advantages: you don’t need to adjust to anyone, to change your plans and you can do your favorite things at a comfortable pace. However, this article is for those who still want to meet their "soul mate".


Take all the advantages of your age

For a woman of age forty – this is a time of good health, mature intellect and acquired life experience. She has already got a certain social status; the children have grown up and do not even require special attention. At this age, a woman is still a beauty, but it isn’t already so easy to catch her. A 40 years old woman no longer needs to prove anything to herself or others. After 40 years, it's a high time to pay attention to yourself and, perhaps, to think "Where, how and with whom will I spend my old age?" This is the time of partnership in which you are partners or fellow travelers. It is a principle of women dating in their 40’s.

Men also have got an experience but of a different kind. They slowly begin to realize woman’s needs and actually why they need a woman. At least they start to pay more attention to this. And since youthful "untiring spirit” is in the past for a long time – they begin to appreciate quality, duration, and comfort of relations. It would be desirable, of course, to go on a date with a young beauty, but now it is a great difference in dating in your 40’s and young 20’s because you have already understood that love for a mature woman is more reliable. Besides that, in the sexual sphere, both the man and the woman are equally responsible for the success of the "event". If a man is usually attracted by a physical beauty of a young woman, from the grown-up beauty he already expects a skill that greatly compensates for physical imperfections.

Decide whom you want to find

No wonder they say that late long-term relationship is an intelligent one. It means that first of all, you should pay attention to the community of your interests and habits. The more coincidences you have, the easier it will be for you to understand and accept each other. In your "internal code" you might have a number of special wishes for the future beloved: the desired level of intelligence, a certain type of appearance, national roots, for example, you might want to find a Russian girl, etc. You can make a list of all desirable characteristics, and then choose 3-5 most important for you. In your age, you have already determined some requirements based on your previous relations but you should try not to take past relationship baggage to your future one. Remember that partnerships always involve mutual exchange.

happy matyre coupleStart your searching

Unfortunately, a lot of men and women make the same mistake: they just wait for someone to choose or pay attention to them. Do not wait that they notice you, try to notice yourself, become available for senior dating. And one more important thing, choose yourself, anyone, you really like. Start attending parties, a club for interests (sports, animal lovers' club, Russian-speaking club, etc.), where you can meet people of your age. Your chances of meeting the person at home in front of the TV will be zero, in such situation you should better use a computer with the internet. Increase the likelihood of an accidental acquaintance: in a supermarket, at a gas station, on a business trip, in a cafe, at a resort.

Ask questions, ask for help, show your sympathy to the person you like. Your easy acquaintance may continue. There are many couples who met while playing volleyball on the beach, on a hiking trip or just at the gym. Do not hesitate to visit the senior dating sites. Try narrowly oriented dating sites – for book lovers, movies, art, maybe computers or dating Russian women. On such a dating site, you will be pretty sure that there will be topics for talks, it remains only to find an attractive photo. You can search for women who are close to you in spirit, and significantly increase the chances of a coincidence of interests.

Go on a date

If your first senior online dating went pretty well, you found out some information about the lady and took a pleasure from your talking, don’t hesitate to invite the woman on a real offline date. Choose one of your favorite places and invite her there, show it with your own eyes.

Dating Russian girls, you need to take into account the age of the lady. Words for girls in their 30, whose sexuality has not yet fully revealed, and for 40 years old woman are sounded in a very different way and will be perceived by the last-mentioned with great skepticism. On the one hand, a woman in her 40’s already knows the price of such lyrics, on the other – her sexuality at this age reaches a peak of activity, while her attractiveness starts to reduce. Be honest about what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a partner or just a hook-up. If you are honest about what you are looking for, you will be more likely to find a woman with the same goals.

Try to be interesting. Women won’t want to talk to you for long if you are negative or clearly have nothing to talk about. Try to be well-dressed and take care of your fresh breath, show her that you care about the way you look. If you don’t think you have anything personally interesting to say, talk about something going on around you. You don’t stop having fun when you’re old, you’re old when you stop having fun. However, the old adage 'you are as young as you feel' is true. And once you decide to find a Russian lady, you have to be her gentleman.

Don't be afraid of changes. Many in their 70's find romance and love. After 40’s life only begins. Enjoy!

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