Pros and Cons of Partnerships With a Russian Woman


Almost every man in the world who wants to settle down dreams about a beautiful and smart beloved one. Men from different countries are looking forward to dating a Russian girl and finding their one and only who will match their image of a perfect woman. Besides powerful and charming natural beauty, Russian ladies have some attractive qualities that successfully distinguish them from Western women.

There is hardly anyone who has never heard about family-oriented Russian women that devote their lives to their families – a beloved husband and at least one child. This desire to get settle down and to start a family is coded genetically. They give their men a leading position in the family sticking to the traditional gender roles. Nevertheless, they are quite self-sufficient, with their own values and views. If you date a Russian woman, you will get many advantages living happy days together with a Russian beauty. But even in the sunshine you should remember about the dark clouds.


Pros of Dating a Russian Woman

You will fully enjoy family life

As it has already been mentioned, Russian girls are family-oriented in comparison to Western women. Even in their childhood, Russian girls play house. While Western women want to climb the career ladder, having no time for private life, Russian women try to do their best to combine their jobs with happy families because for them, there is no place like home. Even the most successful career with a future promotion has a secondary priority. Getting committed is not an excuse to look ordinary wearing ill-fitting clothes and having no makeup. They always tend to look great for their men and especially for their husbands.

You will be expected to be the head of the family who takes important decisions and your spouse will support you showing her wisdom and frailty.

You will get a faithful partner in life

If you start thinking about dating a Russian woman, don’t hesitate to do that. You will surely get a loyal friend and lover. She will be by your side through thick and thin, facing challenges together, and will support in any situation. This is also something that is coded genetically. In Russian history, there was a moment when during the Decembrist revolt men were sent into life-long exile to Siberia and their partners followed them voluntarily just because of their love and great desire to be together despite everything. In Russia, there is even a phrase “Decembrist’s woman”, describing such a faithful partner.

familySo, if you find your beloved Russian girl, don’t let her go, especially during the settling-in period. It is very difficult to find the right woman who will be not just a lover but also your soul mate, best friend, and maybe even psychologist who will find the right words in a complicated situation to cheer you up and make you smile. She will be your inspiration to move forward and will share the joy of your accomplishments.

You will feel more at home

If you date Russian ladies, prepare to turn your bachelor sanctuary into a real home from the very beginning of living together. She will surely surround you with love and make your own little nest. It will not be a place where you just sleep anymore. After tying a knot, you will be happy to come back home where you will be awaited by your beautiful woman, a hot dinner, and the house filled with so much love. Even if she has a job, she tries to do her best to make her house feel like home, creating an atmosphere of harmony and love in her family.

What is a home without tasty dishes? Russian women cook with pleasure at home and do that perfectly. Coming home, you will smell an appetizing odor of delicious and very tasty dinner. Russian food is quite miscellaneous: soups, salads, meat, vegetables, pancakes with cottage cheese, and an apple pie for dessert. A rare man will remain indifferent.

You will have an interesting company

If you are looking for Russian women for dating, you might be interested in a perfect company to spend your life in. A future spouse should have not only an attractive appearance but also a great personality with compatible interests, hobbies, views on life, and values. These points are a foundation for a healthy relationship in which both partners move in one direction, have good communication and mutual understanding.

When the initial passion burns away and euphoria wears off, you will be surely happy to realize you have common interests and topics for conversation. It will make you fall in love with your significant other even deeper. If you make up your mind to embark on dating a Russian woman, you will be impressed by her curious and vivacious nature. Most of the Russian girls are well-educated and have a much deeper sense of the world than other girls.

You will have a wise woman

Wisdom is something you learn thanks to hindsight and experience. Some people associate it with maturity. But getting wiser doesn’t necessary mean getting older. Russian girls are wise by their nature. This wisdom is passed from generation to generation of Russian women being absorbed with their mothers’ milk. There is a well-known phrase, describing a woman’s power, “A Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter the burning house” but despite this, she is quite wise to let her man feel his priority in the relationship and family as well.

If you want to date a Russian lady and to be a leader in your family, be sure you will be. Russian women choose to be feminine and defenseless, admitting your position as the head of the family. They don’t make rash decisions and always try to save all they can.

Almost everything has two sides.

Cons of Dating a Russian Woman

You will face some demands

If you are looking for Russian girls for dating, you should be prepared that Russian girls are very demanding in some questions. You have to love your woman because she will not be able to show all her best features without mutual love. She is looking for Mr. Right and seeks nothing less. You will be expected to open a door, help her with outerwear, make little gifts from time to time, and allow her to be weak and irresistible. You will be always expected to be a gentleman and even a hero from time to time.

cookingYou will face cultural differences

You will be amazed at so close connection with her family. In Russia, there is a strong connection between generations and many different relatives. You might face some awkward traditions that you should better take into account. In order to understand your partner better, you should get to know her cultural background.

You will face a language barrier

Understanding is a challenge for many couples, even for those who speak the same language. Many Russian girls know English quite well and can easily communicate with you but sometimes there will occur some phrases that she doesn’t know and which cannot be translated into Russian. So, you have to be a patient teacher.

You will face coming to Russia

Since you are from different countries and even different continents, there will be the moment when you will have to come to Russia. It might be when you decide to meet with your future spouse in her country or to visit your woman’s relatives. Be ready to discover Russia personally and give up on so many stereotypes.

Where to find a Russian woman

Approaching the girl, we want to hope that we will communicate with her tomorrow and years later.

Restaurants, cafes, bars

Let us imagine such a picture: a man sits at one table alone, a woman behind another - and also one. What to do? Let's just say, inventing new items is useless. Everything has been invented a long time ago. To emphasize the romance, a man through a waiter can give a woman a bottle of fine wine. Believe, a woman will definitely ask who gave this gift. From this minute you can assume that the acquaintance is succeed.

The outside

Dating on the street today is no surprise. However, it is important to know the principles of dating. Situations can be different - you can ask the fair sex for the location of the house you are interested in, time, or ask whether the bus is not visible in the distance. Your imagination is the main thing. However, remember: everything must happen naturally and unobtrusively.

Sport institutions

Mixed health groups have long been popular in sport institutions . There is a reason to look and go there. What if there is the only one that you have been looking for so long?

Reasons to date a russian woman

1.Unique Style

Russian women are more feminine, unlike Europeans. They like to dress up and take care of their appearance, they always want to look at 100%! Short skirts, studs, sexy dresses, makeup - this is the norm. Just walk a little along the streets of Moscow and make sure.

2. Education

Most Russian women have a rich inner world and, unlike American women, they are well educated. Many know and speak several languages. If you are looking for a woman with whom you can talk heart to heart, and want something more, then a Russian woman is just a godsend for you!

3. The family is a priority for Russian women.

Russian women adhere to traditional views on male and female roles in the family. A man in Russia is a breadwinner who earns and provides a decent life, and a woman is regarded as a hostess and mother. Nowadays, many women use every opportunity to get a good education, find a good job and build a career. However, the family always remains a priority for most Russian women.

What to know about russian woman before dating

  1. In Russia, there are approximately 10 million more women than men.
  2. In a divorce in Russia in 90% of cases the child remains with the mother.
  3. In Russia 53% of women wear winter coats.
  4. Russian women often set records.
  5. Russian women are considered one of the most beautiful in the world.
  6. Russia became the first country where women took an active part in revolutionary organizations.
  7. It was the Russian beauties of the emigrant who turned the work of the model from slave labor into a prestigious and highly paid job.
  8. Today, Russian beauties also do not leave the catwalks and the covers of fashion magazines.
  9. Russian girls are considered to be ideal wives.
  10. How to date a russian woman Despite the attractiveness universally recognized by the world community, the results of the recent sociological studies have shown that more than 95% of Russian women consider themselves ugly.
  11. The average height of Russian women is 168 cm, the average weight is 69 kg.
  12. According to the current statistics, Russian women today give birth to the first child at the age of 25.

Struggles Of Dating A Russian Girl

1. Loyalty is not always good

A Russian girl will be for you the most devoted friend, the best adviser, a competent critic, and even a personal doctor if you fall ill. Women in Russia are caring and tender. They are always ready to give you a shoulder and go through any adversity together. But if you think loyalty is too boring, it is better not to meet with Russian girls.

2. They are too independent

Girls in Russia do not believe in ideal relationships and think that even if they have found their prince, they should be able to provide themselves. Career and getting a second higher education for many of them is much more attractive than finding someone who will appreciate your personality and freedom. Russian women are independent and very stubborn. On the other hand, her combat character will help you both overcome difficult times.

3. Her high expectations

Russian women are very demanding. They want not just a guy who will love them to madness. They want the best man in the world. She expects you to behave like a gentleman: to open doors for her, help put on a coat, give flowers on a date. So if you are not of this type of men, you should not even try to build relationships with Russian.

Stereotypes about Russian women

1. Russian girls love romance. They love when men give flowers, devote poems. Moreover, expect that you will treat them as a lady and act like a gentleman. They love small gifts but may refuse an expensive gift, because they do not like to feel obliged.

2. Most Russian girls have a magnificent figure: pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped. Young girls take care of themselves: do sport or regularly exercise to keep fit. They, as a rule, neglect fast food and walk a lot.

3. Russian women dress beautifully. Even in winter, they wear miniskirts, heels, and stockings. They even dress up for the usual dinner or going to the movies. Many Russians go to work like American women to parties.

4. In Russia, most girls marry before 30. But despite the marriage, they continue to receive education and work.

5. Most Russian women cook amazingly, and they learn this from childhood. In Russia, they rarely hire cooks or cleaners: Russian women do not trust others to do housework. That is why they are perfect housewives.

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