15 Questions about Sex Too Awkward to Ask


15 questions about sex

Despite the fact that talking about sex, like sex itself, has long ceased to be a taboo and indecent topic, many people still hesitate to talk about it. Even in cases where it is necessary or important. But because of this false modesty, we lose so much. For example, thanks to such questions about sex, you can learn a lot of new and valuable about your partner. Or learn something about your health and correct the situation. Surprisingly, it is very difficult for us to be frank and to ask straightforward questions to those with whom we simply have to be honest, for our own good.

We suggest that you revise your attitude to "strange" questions about sex. In this article, you will find a list of the most common ones. And we will be happy to explain how they can bring you a profit.

6 Most Hot Questions about Sex

In this section, we want to consider very piquant and interesting sex questions, which it is worth knowing answers to. We are sure that you asked yourself at least one of them, but we are not sure that you had the right answers. Honestly, we are just not sure of our own competence and therefore decided to ask these interesting sex questions of an experienced sexologist, Doctor of Psychological Sciences. So:

Why do men always get an orgasm, but women do not?

Maybe it is one of the most popular sex questions to ask a girl. But they are not always completely sincere with us, so let’s try our luck with a professional sexologist.

Indeed, regardless of the sexual problems of women, any healthy man always gets an orgasm. The question is in its quality. For example, an orgasm such as that experienced by Ernest Hemingway when "the earth trembles and the person forgets in what world they are", not everyone can experience. A female orgasm is even more complex on the psycho-physiological level because the erogenous zones of each woman are arranged in different ways.

In addition, with sexual contact, she must observe three rules: to be relaxed, calm and confident. More pleasure can be delivered by men who enjoy the process of copulation. But this is a natural talent that others need to learn. For most men, women are simply a means of their own sexual relaxation.

One of the problems is the lack of an elementary erotic vocabulary. Our worldly language is rude. It does not lead to mutual understanding. Therefore, when a young couple has problems, then instead of talking to each other, the woman runs to her friends and the man to his friends. They often express mutual wishes in the form of claims, demands. By the way, there are very little women who experience orgasm constantly. Previously, women did not think at all that there can be an orgasm. Many simply did not know that there is an orgasm, receiving minimal pleasure.

Why do some men have problems with erection right before sex?

You may pretend that it is not one of the weird sex questions you want to know the answer to, but anyway, we would like to ask it.

There is such a problem - performance anxiety. It affects some actors going on stage. They are afraid that suddenly something will not work out - they will lose a voice or a wig will fly off. The same is experienced by many men in bed. They begin to fear possible failures. Fear gives rise to uncertainty, hence - a bad game. And if the actor feels the hostility of the audience, then do not expect a good game. It's better to remember that it is stimulated by applause, public attention. Therefore, when relations are fluid, cold, hostile, emotionally unpainted, when they go to bed only in order to experience a moment of acute sensation, then both sides have difficulties. I believe that intimacy is the completion of the process of acquaintance. Women understand this more than men.

Why not every man can satisfy a lady?

In love and sex, there are talented people, and there are talentless people. And the talent is not only in high male potency but in the emotionality of self-expression, the ability to relax. It is easy for one, while others can’t handle it. But you cannot count on talent. You should learn. In my youth, I had an acquaintance who never met frigid women. He explained that he just had to work. He was interested in women, so when something did not work out, he was looking for a decision. He takes pleasure in the process and loves women.

And many men do not like their women. They see in them only a means to relieve sexual tension, so after this move to other things. There are three categories of men. All are boys, some remain so for life. Others, after being teenagers, very quickly become men, they are strong, energetic, but for some reason, they do not have tenderness or warmth. The scarcest breed is the man who, while maintaining masculine qualities - responsibility, ability to make decisions, - remains soft and gentle with a woman. He can be gentle because he is strong, he does not need to portray it.

Why does it sometimes happen that both partners are bored in bed?

When it comes to sex questions for couples, people often forget about this one. But it’s a big omission.

Passion quickly fades away. Further comes routine and monotony. And many see that the only way to get rid of this is to change partners, and they think how to break up as soon as possible. Not everyone is able to awaken new erotic fantasies, liberate the imagination. That's why there are erotic materials. But just like no good hostess cooks constantly looking into the cookbook, so the partners must invent something of their own, not forgetting that the main rule that good lovers follow is that all genres are good, except boring.

Not forgetting, however, that this should be acceptable for both partners. Otherwise, there will be no good. Therefore, to destroy the family because of problems in bed is not worth it. Sexual problems are a small part of our communication problems. In a married life, everything is permeated with eroticism. People can do this and do it infrequently, nevertheless feel pleasant feelings, warmth.

It does not matter what profession or education. In the novel "Lover of Lady Chatterley," a noble lady runs to the gardener and cannot tear herself away from him. He is the embodiment of a mighty male who loves women. He gives her what she cannot get from her refined intelligent husband.

Why is he always more active in sex than she is?

At the level of evolutionary biology, genetic engineering, man is the bearer of diversity, search, quantity, and the woman is the beginning of a conservative, qualitative one. The function of the male is to fertilize as many females as possible and thus transfer his genes. His sexuality is extensive, and therefore the amount of sperm is almost unlimited, and the possibilities are very large. And orgasm is a reward for good behavior. Otherwise, who will be engaged in such a heavy, energy-intensive work? A woman, like a female animal, has another function, more complex and subtle - qualitative. She must produce offspring, endure and grow it. Therefore, her sexual ability is much less - the number of eggs is limited.

Why does everyone want to be like Don Juan and behave like sexoholic?

Regarding sex questions to ask a guy, this one is the most popular among girls.

Professional sexologists refer to the term "sex" with disbelief. It unjustifiably laid down a negative meaning. The fact is that sex, unlike alcohol and drugs, is a natural activity, so there is no harm from it. If you went too far, your body will say no. Sexual activity is a healthy self-realization, there are no contraindications. Naturally, at such rates, there is no depth and intimacy. Recently, scientists conducted a study. Specialists were interested to know who are the young people who have the most women and sexual contacts.

How do they differ from other men?

It turned out that their main psychological quality (average age - 20 with a little - the peak of sexuality) is an increased love of risk and novelty. A sort of Don Juan, enjoying the love of the women, causing universal jealousy.

Why do men suffer from venereal diseases less than women?

Women are unlucky in this sense - they are more likely to find themselves in a situation of high risk. The probability that he will give her an unexpected surprise is higher than vice versa. On the other hand, in women the disease often proceeds without obvious signs. Therefore, it is more difficult to notice it. And neglected diseases are treated worse, and the reproductive function suffers more. Weird Sex Questions for Girls This part of the article is intended for the female part of our readers and sex survey questions. But guys should read them too - it is useful for a relationship! And when you will think next time about sex questions to ask your girlfriend, avoid these examples.

Is it true that the male sexual organ can break down?

Yes, this is true. And although there is no bone in the penis, it can be broken, for example, during hard sex or unsuccessful sudden movement, if a man accidentally cuts into something. Does it happen that the urination occurs right during sex? It is unlikely. Most likely, one of the partners (most often these are girls) simply feels that they want to go to the toilet, which in itself is a good sign - this feeling arises with the proper stimulation of the coveted G-spot, and hence - the enchanting orgasm is not far off.

Is it true that the bigger the clitoris, the easier it is to reach orgasm?

No. The number of nerve endings in this organ is the same for all women (about eight thousand), so they are equally sensitive regardless of size.

Is it okay to cry after sex?

And yes again. Even if sexual intercourse ended more than successfully and everything went at the highest level, some women need to cry after intimacy.

Is it normal to get excited when watching porn movies starring only women?

This happens in many women and girls, according to sexologists. In fact, this does not mean anything, except that the girl likes movies with representatives of another sexual orientation.

How to stop releasing air from the vagina?

No way. Specialists in this regard unanimously declare that this cannot be prevented.

Why do I fart during sex?

This is also quite a natural process and the explanation is very simple. Female genital organs are in the immediate vicinity of the colon. Any movement of these organs during sexual intercourse can provoke movement of the large intestine, contributing to the "release of gases."

How fast is the sperm moving?

Pretty slowly - that is 20-25 centimeters an hour.

How to understand that a woman is ready for sex?

Just watch their behavior - they eat with appetite, openly and widely laugh, touch their partner, and increasingly bring their fingers to their mouths.

How much can an erection last?

Usually no more than an hour, if the erect condition of the penis lasts more than 4-5 hours, this is not a cause for pride, it is a symptom.

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