Getting Over Being Cheated On: A Guide for Men


It is believed that treason is inherent only in men. And most often, it is justified by their natural polygamy. They say that if a man has cheated on his woman, then she is the last person who will know about it, and if a woman has cheated on her man, then he will never know about it at all. The reason is that the stronger sex is less observant and does not notice many nuances of female behavior. According to statistics, very few women tell their men about adultery. So what's to be done? Now, we are going to analyze how to tell if your girlfriend has been cheated on you and how to move on after being cheated on.

how to tell if your girlfriend has cheated on you

Why Women Cheat: a Fresh Approach

Let's look at the most common causes of female cheating.

Lack of attention

Every girl wants to feel loved and to be confident in the sincerity of the words of her beloved man. Such confirmations of love are signs of attention – flowers, compliments, surprises, and kisses. At the beginning of a relationship, a man showers his woman with attention, care, and gifts. But it does not last long as some men begin to cool down after several years of marriage. There is nothing weird in it – this is typical for all people; they get used to romantic relationships and stop treating them in a special way. But does it mean that a woman wants less care and attention? Of course, this is not so. Every woman wants to return that magic period of love. This is what prompts her to look for another man.

Lack of communication

Women need men not just for kisses and hugs but also for communication and hearty talks about their experiences and problems. Such conversations make people in love closer, and so they understand each other's emotions and feelings, and this is very important for most women. The problem is that a lot of men either forget about the importance of communication with beloved or do not find time for it. They do not think that thanks to their actions, the betrayal of a woman is becoming more and more real. And indeed, a woman can find an interlocutor, communication with whom will end up in bed sooner or later.

Lack of sex

It may surprise you, but in sex, women put more value not on the physical component but on the emotional one. You can be extremely powerful and enduring, but stolidity and emotionlessness will not make your woman hold a flame for you. The problem of most marriages is that for a man, sex life with his woman ceases to be something special, he perceives it as an obligation, a marital debt. In such a case, what kind of sensual and emotional connection one can talk about?

Why does a woman cheat on a man? Because she is happy with everything except sex. If you want delicious cheesecakes, but they are never at home – you go to a restaurant. If there is everything except good sex – a woman cheats on her man. She finds someone with whom she can experience the sensations that her husband does not give her.

Lack of presence

Most girls feel bitter about short-term separation with her husband – whether he is with friends, at work, or away on business. Women's treason starts with the appearance of thoughts that the husband does not need her. This happens subconsciously, a woman is not so silly to consider that her husband purposefully works long hours just to avoid her company. how being cheated on changes youNo, everything happens at the subconscious level. It is difficult to keep feelings and emotions as they begin to influence the rational thinking of a woman. Her thoughts are filled with fear and sadness. The need for communication with a man cries out about the trouble, thus, attracting other representatives of the stronger sex. Now, the betrayal of a woman depends only on her decision.


How a woman feels after being cheated on? The representatives of the weaker sex have a strong sense of male treason. It is not easy to forgive a husband completely, with no regret and compunction, except for... you are even? In this case, the betrayal of a woman becomes an offense vaccine. An eye for an eye – it is no longer so painful, and the self-esteem normalizes to an even keel. But there is no pulse in the relationship with her husband. However, the same can't be said for romantic relationships.


"It just happened." In the morning one may not even remember this. An interesting fact: when it was impossible to control themselves (after a drunken party), women experience less remorse of conscience compared to other causes of adultery. They believe that no feelings or intentions were invested in such sexual intercourse. So, is it worth it to agonize for a long time? How to Tell If You're Being Cheated On Before blaming your beloved girlfriend, you need to make sure that she has really cheated on you. Therefore, there are some signs of female cheating.

Changes in appearance

A cardinal change of image is possible only in two cases – when a woman understands that it is time to change something and does it for herself or when she wants to attract the attention of her partner. If a woman changes her image for the sake of her husband, then he will know about it for sure – she will demand constant confirmation of her irresistible beauty in the new image. If a change in appearance (new hairstyle, clothing, etc.) occurs without the knowledge of the man, and she does not require any action from him, then this is a very suspicious sign.

Behavioral change

If a woman has cheated on her man, her attitude towards him will certainly change. If she loves him and feels guilty, then she will become overly attentive, caring, helpful, and affectionate. If she has never loved him, she would treat him more rudely and irritably. Even not very attentive man will certainly notice such a change.

Constantly works long hours

If earlier a woman usually came home from work at the same time, for example, at 6 o'clock, but then she begins to work long hours and besides, she constantly refers to various reasons such as sudden inspection, unscheduled report, and a broken tram – then you should grow suspicious. Moreover, if a woman went away on a business trip for one day and when she returned home, you smelled out men's perfume – it is one of the signs she cheated on you last night.

Lack of sexual desire

Healthy sex life is an important part of a romantic relationship. However, it does not mean that you should always show your love and affection through sex. But, if the sex life is almost or completely absent – a woman starts cheating. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and sometimes sex life loses its former power. If the attraction of your girl continues to diminish – it is time for an honest conversation.

Spends a lot of time being on the phone

If your girl starts paying more attention to her phone than to you, then maybe she has found someone for extradyadic relationships. Of course, she may be just obsessed with virtual life, but that's a horse of another color. If she runs to read a new message at breakneck speed, speaks with someone on the phone late at night, and changes passwords on social networks – this is an obvious sign that she is cheating on you.

How to Heal After Being Cheated On?

Everyone knows how being cheated on changes you. Treason knocks off the balance, deprives of moral strength, and causes a person to experience tremendous heartache. So how to deal with being cheated on?

Understand the reasons

Each action has its own reasons. Woman’s treason is not an exception. Men perceive cheating much more painfully than women. How a man feels after being cheated on? In such a situation, he loses self-confidence and begins to blame himself. It seems to him that his life and welfare are threatened by something serious and irreparable. If a woman has cheated on you, it means something does not satisfy her in your relationships. This is a serious reason to think about your life, reconsider relationships, and recall the values.

Get rid of the oppressive feeling of guilt

When the betrayal of a woman becomes apparent, a decent husband begins to look for the cause of her behavior in themselves. They do not know what to do, being in complete confusion and despair. Guilt comes after the betrayal of the beloved woman. It seems that everything is unraveling, and nothing can be done about it. A man should understand that adultery, unfortunately, was the choice of his loved one. It is impossible to deny it, as well as indefinitely delude oneself. how to deal with being cheated onFor some reason, the woman did not look for complicated ways to fix relationships but decided to follow the path of least resistance. You should accept what has already happened. You cannot turn the clock back. Do not torment yourself with doubts and fears. Release the feeling of guilt!

Take a break

Having learned about the betrayal, it is best to give yourself some time to calm down. It is one of the best tips on how to get over being cheated on. Why do you need such a break in relationships? In a fit of anger, you can say a lot of insulting words to each other and act impulsively. Such behavior will eventually lead to the break-up of your relationships. If you find it difficult to control yourself, it is better to limit direct contact with a loved one for a while. It will give you an opportunity to calm down and think well about the next steps. Take your time and use the situation for the benefit of both of you. In most cases, such a problem can be solved. Treason does not mean that the relationship has come to an end. It makes a couple to take a fresh look at their romantic relationships.

Talk about what happened

Do not dodge the problem. Be sure to talk to your beloved about what happened. Conversations will help you get rid of oppressive feelings of guilt, pain, and despair. Feel free to express your own feelings, make it clear that you are suffering a lot. If you keep quiet about the problem, it cannot be solved. Deceived partner will remember the treason all their life and feel extremely miserable. If you do not discuss the reasons for cheating on time, then the insult can remain for the long haul. Moreover, it does not contribute to the strengthening of relationships.

How to Forgive Someone Who Cheated on You?

How to get over being cheated on and stay together? First of all, abstract yourself from the focus of rueful feelings. A person is not able to make a sound decision while they are emotionally charged at the moment. Try to look at what happened from the outside. When indignation subsides, you will be ready for a serious conversation with your woman. There are some important aspects that should be discussed first:

  • Find out the circumstances, causes, and motives of the infidelity. This is necessary to develop a general plan for troubleshooting.
  • Find out what the woman thinks about the act committed and try to see the situation through the eyes of your beloved one.
  • Ask her if she is ready to change herself, start a new life, and work hard to fix your relationship.

How to trust again after being cheated on? Take into account the important thing – to restore trust, you both need time and joint work on relationships. Forgiveness comes gradually. Do not rely on the advice and recommendations of friends and shift to them the responsibility for your own decision. To forgive your woman for cheating or break-up the relationship should be only your own choice.

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