How to Make a Profile Picture that Wins Hearts


What is the most difficult thing in creating a profile for a dating site? It seems that the most difficult thing is to describe ourselves and the person who we dream to meet. And this is true. But there is one more step that is no less important and, what is more, defines a lot. This is choosing the cool profile pic. Because even if you do not write anything in your profile description, your account will be verified. But when there aren’t any photos, such a profile has no chances of being accepted by the site policy. So, the first thing to make a successful registration on a dating site is always to select awesome profile pictures that are relevant and eye-catching.

The description is seen after the main pic. Moreover, everything is on the site, and you don’t need to reinvent a bicycle. Today we are going to talk about how to make a profile picture and give you some tips. Using them, you will have no problems left while choosing good profile pics that show you from the best side and attract the attention of the opposite sex.

how to make a profile picture

Do Profile Pictures Really Matter That Much?

No matter how eloquent the description of your profile is, without the awesome profile pics, the user has little chance of finding the soulmate on a dating site. So, pay attention to what you post on your profile. Well, it isn’t a surprise that the first thing that catches our attention is always the appearance of the interlocutor. That is why scrolling through the feed of our dating service we look only at the general picture of a user and have just a part of a second to decide whether we are interested or not. After all, photos help create the first impression about a person, attract the attention of representatives of the opposite sex and leave a certain aftertaste.

Will the best profile pictures help you find a partner? Of course, high-quality cool profile pics help find an interlocutor on a dating site, express yourself and attract attention. But remember that it gives only the first impression of a person. Users that are truly interested, will start a conversation to get to know you better. And it depends only on you how your further relationship will develop.

Your images should be honest and true-to-life, show your real self and not contain provocative information. Pictures really matter, they make a big effect on our potential love and make life easier. Even a cute profile picture, seemingly insignificant detail, is indeed very important. There is even a proverb, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Why cannot it be applied to dating?

Profile Picture Do's and Don'ts

Quality and background. Even the best profile pics can be destined to fail if they are in bad quality. As low resolution is said to be the thing that irritates the users of dating sites the most. Therefore, this is the first thing we mention. Let the quality of your photos be the main criterion while choosing a cool profile picture.

Tip: Select the most original and brightest photos in high resolution. Say no to photos taken with a phone, even if it is an iPhone. Because they can look messy and inappropriate. Of course, you should upload live photos from your gallery showing your real side, but we recommend sticking to the more traditional pic. Avoid pictures where hands, legs and other parts of the body are cut as well. Such photos do not attract attention. And if you live in conditions where there is no “decent" place for a photo, then take a photo on the street or contact a photo studio. Just look at the studio portfolio in advance. It is important for you that the photos look natural, and the studio uses a minimum of filters and retouching.

awesome profile picturesShow your natural habitat. People do not trust perfect pictures - they are afraid that in real life a person will be far from the created ideal. We all know what Photoshop is capable of. Therefore, do not fill the profile with studio photos only.

Tip: Try to find some photos that show your daily life - where you walk in the park or play sports. It is great if there are good quality photos of your travels. So that potential partner can get a more detailed opinion on your style of life, it is better not to limit to one photo on the main page.

Facial expressions. Your impressions on the photo will determine the course of further communication during a live meeting. If the person in the photo doesn't smile, then it leaves a certain negative aftertaste. And it would be difficult to correct later, so better show positive vibes from the beginning.

Tip: Smile is a weapon of mass destruction. It is important to remember that at least some of the photos in the profile album should be pictures of a smiling and friendly person. This will demonstrate to the representatives of the opposite sex that you are a lively and funny person that is able to enjoy life. One sincere smile can often give you more than the most intricate compositions. Therefore, from now on, smile in all photos and make every photo the best profile picture.

Group photos. Photos, where you are depicted with a child, girlfriend, animals or friends, are not the best idea. A person looking through your profile will decide not to bother themselves with the analysis of whose profile it is: single mothers, party girls or cat-girls and will pass by. They will simply think if you are not alone, then you don’t need a partner, and you have registered on the site just for fun. So, a generic profile picture is not the best option. If you really want to meet your love online, then choose photos that show only you.

Tip: Portraits are proved to be the best option for the main profile photo by many experts. Yet here are some things you should better avoid while uploading the main profile portrait:

  • makeup too bold;
  • bare torso;
  • business style;
  • beachwear;
  • strangers and distracting objects.

A portrait should be better taken by a professional to become the best profile pic, while full body photos can be amateur. Spectacular poses which photographers are used to putting us in look very artificially and unnaturally. You should remember that a person does not choose professional profile pictures to frame and out on the wall, but a living person. A man will be more impressed by the appearance of a girl in a normal setting since it is easier for a man to imagine a girl next to him, at home: just like that, with a cup of coffee in her hands, smiling affably, the way she will sit with him in the morning at the table. Even from a psychological point of view, amateur photos help create a connection between correspondents before the start of a relationship. That is why you can add a few amateur photos to your profile.

Why should a portrait be better professional? We still recommend sticking to a traditional portrait while choosing the main avatar. Remember that taking a portrait doesn’t mean you can shoot it at home. Because you can end up with having pictures looking more like mug shots or id pictures. While a professional photographer will better catch a favorable angle, emphasize the gleam in your eyes and soften the flash. awesome profile picsAmateur portrait photos almost always need correction to remove flaws.

The perfect portrait should show candidates your dignity, intrigue, and attract attention. Everything else can be achieved through correspondence and video calls.

Say No to Photoshop

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look better than they really are? After all, it is known that we meet people judging on their appearance. Photoshop, yet, is not an option. Of course, your main goal is to win the attention of a decent person, to meet in real life, or at least to communicate with a potential beloved with the help of a video call. It turns out that, by glossing over your imperfection and using photoshop incorrectly, a person risks disappointing a candidate on the first date. Why risk it? It is better to close regular good profile pictures without retouching (or with a minimum of it), in which you look interesting and attractive. Do not embellish your appearance too much. Sooner or later everything uncovers, and it would be a pity for your interlocutor to find out what hides behind the perfect cover of your avatar in real life.

How Often to Change the Photo on Dating Sites?

Naturally, you wonder how often you need to change a photo on a dating site. If you do this every day, of course, it will look suspicious. If you are changing your avatar too fast, you will confuse your partners. As for the main photo, then you can upload a new one once every 1-2 weeks. So you can show yourself with different hairstyles, makeup, in addition, on most dating sites, such activity leads to an increase in the rating of the profile and, consequently, a higher number of views.

Additional profile photos can be changed more often, but not more regularly than once every few days. Otherwise, the potential partner will think that you do nothing except for taking photos. And do not clutter up your profile with a large number of photos, exposing new ones, do not forget to delete the old ones, even if the site has the possibility of uploading an unlimited number of images.

Profile Picture Ideas

Of course, traditional tips and tricks on how to take the best profile picture and win the hearts of potential partners are great. You can stick to them and be a success, but do not forget to tell your story through your photos, add a pinch of your personality into it. Statistics show that these next profile picture ideas are of the greatest interest.

Adherence to active rest. People who prefer to spend time with fun and are healthy at the same time, benefit and are always interested in other users. Photos from horse riding, ski holidays or hiking trip just will not go unnoticed.

Vacation with friends. If there is a photo, which captures your rest in the company of friends, do not neglect the opportunity to show your sociability and friendliness. True, it is better to immediately exclude the pictures taken at the holiday table, frames where there are alcoholic beverages. Nonetheless, you should better refuse posting photos from a beach holiday. First, they can provoke the interest of people who do not count on long-term serious relationships. Secondly, there is a ton of pictures of people in swimsuits on dating sites. But you need to show originality and not get lost in the total mass of profiles.

Original hobbies. Of course, someone may be interested in collections of philatelists and the art of culinary. However, an unusual hobby is a real chance to attract the attention of quite a few interesting people. Collecting butterflies, various hand-made, artistic talent is a magnet for those who are actively searching. Enough of posting regular photos, fill your profile with your creative works, and competitors will be left far behind.

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