Signs of Sexual Tension Between a Man and a Woman


What Is Sexual Tension?

It is the desire for sexual contact with any given person. It has a lot of things in common with libido, but high libido is more of a permanent high state of sexual desire without regard to a particular person. It is this desire that led all of us to all sorts of the most wonderful places and the darkest periods of our lives. If we ignore the entire concept of love, then we are practically identical to animals in this, every single creature yearns for procreation and we aren’t the champions of the desire to have sex.

creating sexual tension

It is important to mention that there are various perceptions of this desire, such as the old-school approach, which basically denies the existence of it, a person should be stable at all times, not give in to their desires and keep a rational and cool head. And while there are certainly lots of right things about this perception, it is really hard nowadays to keep our emotions in check. We are living at the most diverse and sexually liberal time, no one is truly denied of an opportunity to have sex in the way they want to.

And to be honest, it doesn’t make it much easier to hold that tension inside, as this feeling is completely natural, it is essential to our existence both as species and as parts of social structures. That being said, one must not associate the feeling of love with the desire to have sex with another person. Love is more about establishing “spiritual” connections with a partner, it's necessary to learn to appreciate them as an individual, outside the boundaries of flesh. Sure, a healthy relationship involves lots of sex, but it is not defined by sex alone.

Now that we know what it is, let’s find out how to deal with sexual tension and the signs of it.

Signs of Sexual Tension

First off, let’s look into some sexual tension signs from a man:

Male Signs

A woman wants to know how interesting she is. The strong sex does not seek to express feelings in words, so a woman has to guess everything from gestures, glancing, subtle signals. Fortunately, determining the interest of men is not very difficult. They do not tend to be cunning about it, and they express their attitude towards women directly.

A woman feels attraction towards a man

It is worth noting that most of the signs that speak about male attention to a particular woman are inseparable from sexual attraction. It is the nature of the males and, as a rule, their spiritual interest goes hand in hand with the physical. A girl does not have to fight this, on the contrary, she should be happy. After all, this means that a man in love will not even look in the direction of another woman.

how to deal with sexual tensionMale interest in a girl can be manifested in the following way. A young man will try to captivate her during their conversation and get her interested. When talking, a man will often bend over to his companion, lower the timbre of his voice, and therefore, the phrases will sound a bit "intimate." If his hands are in his pants pockets, and his thumbs are exposed, this is a clear signal that he is interested in a woman. The same story happens when a man turns a glass or a fork over his hands.

A man takes the initiative

Male nature is a constant activity. If a man likes a woman, he will try to meet her, talk, get into her field of vision, get interested in something and stand out from the crowd. He will not neglect the attention of a subject of interest, on the contrary, he will be as sympathetic and courteous as possible. A man will try to learn about a woman as much as possible, and will also talk more about that woman.

Another sign of interest from men is their ability to memorize any trivia regarding the object of interest. Everything that was said, for example, dates, events, names, can be carefully preserved by the male mind. If a woman is interesting to a man, he will try to help her somehow. Even if she is not in a difficult and unpleasant situation, a man will still try to facilitate and improve her life. He will be characterized by the desire to always be there.

He tries to be the only one

An equally important indicator of his interest is jealousy. Every man is a predator and a breadwinner by nature, this is in their blood. And the presence of another male in the occupied territory, even if it is his girlfriend's friend, will give rise to unpleasant emotions in him.

He may be annoyed by someone else's attention directed at a woman that he finds attractive. It is only necessary to pay attention to his gestures, movements, and eyes. All people are different. For someone, it will be characteristic to actively try to attract the attention of the subject of desire, flirt, wink. Someone will be shy to show their interest. But there are universal signs characteristic of all men.

First of all, when an object of interest appears in his field of vision, a man tries to become visually taller, larger. When looking at a woman, his expression may change. His body may move towards a girl of interest in every movement that is made. This happens unconsciously and is hardly controllable.

Female Signs

One of these signs is intelligence. Austrian scientists argue that women in the period of ovulation "are getting smarter before our eyes." This can be seen even in a conversation with a lady. However, as it turned out, civilized women, who experience high libido, are becoming interested in muscular men with rough features and hairy chests. Scientists also say that after ovulation, the weight of a brain decreases again, and everything falls into place. Experts advise monitoring the periodic tides of the intellectual potential of a girl thus you will be able to determine the jump of libido.

The next sign of a girl's sexual attraction is her defiant outfit. A psychologist from the University of California is confident that a bright, defiant look speaks of a woman’s readiness to have sex. She conducted an experiment by photographing young girls during and after ovulation. Then she showed pictures to men and asked which girl was more attractive in their opinion. The answer was unequivocal. Men found women to be more attractive during a period of high libido.

No less indicative sign is the fact that women begin to use their hips when walking during the ovulation period. Bernard Fink of the University of Gottingen argues that at the most favorable time for conception, estrogen hormones more actively affect the muscles and ligaments of women. Girls begin to move a little differently, more gently, erotically wagging their hips. It is also proved that during ovulation, girls who are dancing in bars get more tips.

Sexual fantasies get wilder. During ovulation, they do not deny themselves the opportunity to transform. Multiple experiments have proved that in the very two weeks before PMS, girls are more unrestrained in their fantasies. During the ovulation period, girls are also not shy to talk about erotica and watch porn.

The Dutch scientists found out that during ovulation the temperature of a female body rises in intimate places by almost two degrees, and in others by one degree.

Sexual Tension at Work

Now let’s look into some signs of sexual tension between coworkers. If two people are attracted to each other at work, then they will spend as much time with each other as possible. They will get lunch and drink coffee together, do all sorts of stuff just to be near each other during coffee breaks. They may even get their desks together. If office space allows for it, they will glance at each other from table to table, which may affect their work.

signs of sexual tension between coworkersIn general, romances at work are perceived as factors that negatively affect work rate of a person, thus, if you do find yourself sexually attracted to your coworker – try to settle it outside of work, without people looking at you and making rumors. Invite them on a date, make out, don’t let this romance spoil your career.

The sexual tension between friends may get mocked or all sorts of rumors may rise up, be careful in creating sexual tension at work.

How to Tell if Sexual Tension Is Mutual?

How to tell if there's sexual tension, and it’s mutual? You can’t seem to stop looking at each other. Sure, there may be some sense of uncertainty on what exactly a partner wants, but mutual tension will bring you confidence, it will be easier for you to act. How do you know if you have sexual tension with someone? A person gets interested in what you have to say, what you do, they laugh at your jokes and don’t seem to get their eyes off you.

Mutual attraction makes conversations easier, it is unlikely that you will be worried about what you say and how you look during high such attraction. If you find yourself a few feet close to your partner than just a few minutes ago – there’s mutual tension involved in this situation.

In general, one should listen to their intuition and look up the signs that we’ve mentioned above. Let’s now look into how to create sexual tension in a relationship.

How to Build Sexual Tension?

It will appear in its most natural form only when both partners feel safe, and nothing bothers them at that moment. Issues at work or at college will make a person’s mind focus on that topic, not giving them an opportunity to give in to their feelings. Building sexual tension during long periods of stress is practically impossible.

The same goes for mental and physical health. Sure, sex brings good health, but in order to have sex, one should be able to be interested in it in the first place. Mental health is very important since stress and depression will not allow a person to increase their libido. The same goes for unresolved sexual tension, it may hurt you a lot, make you nervous and depressed.

In a relationship it can be built with all sorts of teasing that partner can do throughout the day. Sending all sorts of teasing messages, erotic photos and telling about all sorts of sexual fantasies.

Erotic massage can be a great way to do so, but one must prepare lots of things in advance, turn off all the phones and alarms, notify their partner in advance.

Experimenting with sex is another way to reignite the passion in a long relationship. There are tons of things a couple may introduce into their bedroom, all sorts of toys are available online and IRL.

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