What Are the Biggest Turn Offs in Bed?


Nowadays, one can find tons of info on what guys and girls can do to make sex unforgettable, but no one knows for sure what mistakes they should avoid. Maybe you've already mastered all positions, know all the erogenous zones, always have a supply of exotic condoms and different sex toys, and know how to turn a girl on. But this doesn’t give you any reason to consider yourself a super-lover. Sometimes, even the experienced men do something that makes their partners doubt their sexual capabilities. In this article, we’ll tell you about all the typical women’s turn offs and find out what guys do wrong in bed.

sex turn offs

Defining turn offs and turn ons

Alright, what are turn offs? Basically, it’s your lover’s traits, actions, or habits that negatively affect your sexual desire. Turn ons, on the other hand, are things that drive you crazy in bed, making you want more all the time.

Often, sex turn offs are mistakes we make in bed. Even experienced and charming lovers make mistakes from time to time. Your partner can forgive you for the first time, but the next mistake can become the last one in your intimate relationship. But not everything depends on you. Often, your partner’s behavior during sex is affected by various psychological factors. Quarrels and stresses have a negative effect on sexual desire, so things your partner liked yesterday can become turn offs today. No wonder girls try to avoid sex after a tough day at work.

Women’s turn ons and turn offs are always a mystery. There’s an opinion that a woman will never tell her lover about what she wants in bed because he must find this out by himself. And it’s not an easy task, that’s for sure. Usually, ladies are too shy to say what exactly they need to get the maximum pleasure and what can kill their sex drive. But not every guy knows how to recognize what his partner wants.

How to avoid turn offs

First of all, to be sure that you won’t spoil your night of passion, you need to create a romantic atmosphere. Watch your partner and pay attention to her reaction to find out what caresses she likes, what excites and annoys her. If you’re careful and think not only about your own pleasure, you can quickly figure out where she wants your hands to be. All that remains is to stick to the rhythm and change positions in time. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll never learn what the term “turn offs” means. Here are the top 10 turn offs that will help you understand why she doesn’t want you.

Biggest turn offs for girls

No man would be proud to bear the title of a “boring lover,” and no woman would want to spend her life or even a night with a guy with such a reputation. Let's try to avoid this. Here are the biggest turn offs for girls.

1) Socks

It remains a mystery why 99% of guys forget to take off socks during sex. Who knows, maybe they’re too passionate, or maybe they're embarrassed by their feet, but the fact remains. Even if you can’t wait to drag her into your bed, please, find a couple of seconds to get rid of your socks. A naked guy looks ridiculous in socks.

turn offs for women2) Phone calls

You know that you don’t have to pick up the phone every time it rings when you’re having sex, right? According to statistics, fifteen percent of men take a break while in bed to answer the call. It’s better to turn it off before foreplay begins. You don’t need someone else in your bed.

3) Drooling on her

This is one of the most disgusting turn offs in bed. Sure, sometimes it’s permissible to use saliva as a lubricant, if necessary, and this’s normal. But if it’s not the case, keep your “lubricant” off your partner’s body. This can destroy her sexual desire once and for all.

4) Bad smells

Maybe your woman is crazy about you, and you’re the one and only for her, but kissing her after three cans of beer, a taco, garlic, and salami isn’t the best idea. You don’t want your partner to suffocate. Speaking of suffocation, nothing turns girls off more than a man who smells bad. So don’t have sex right after a long day at work or gym, after two days in the forest, and immediately after having sex with another woman without taking a shower, even if you think that you smell nice.

5) Surprise anal

Girls hate when guys switch to anal sex without warning. This disgusting trick makes girls want to learn karate in case someone needs to be explained that the backdoor is closed today.

6) Stupid names for intimate body parts

Don’t give her breasts strange or funny names – they already have one, and everyone is OK with it. Girls don’t give a thing about how you call your favorite parts of the body as long as you don’t do the same with theirs. Your partner is not a child, who plays doctor with you. Sex is for adults. So grow up.

7) Hair grabbing

This is probably one of the most annoying turn offs for women. This trick doesn’t bring any pleasure to her. So stop stealing the ideas from cheap porn movies and start using your imagination. This way you’ll have a much better chance of success.

8) Sexual intercourse that lasts too long

At first, it's so sweet that the guy tries to impress his lover, but then it gets boring, and the girl starts to sink into her thoughts, choosing new wallpaper for the bedroom and making up a to-do list for the next day.

9) Beer belly

If you have excess weight and desperately try to hide your beer belly during sex, this won’t make you look like an athlete. You’ll just look ridiculous. So take the advice: get a gym membership and stop eating 10 hot dogs a day, or stop hiding your belly – you won’t be able to do it, anyway. You’ll just look like an insecure guy with an ugly figure. Don’t turn your own body into one of the turn offs for girls.

10) Jokes in bed

Everyone already knows that you’re a cheerful guy, and you can start your stand-up show right now. But jokes are completely out of place when you make love. Sure, ladies like good jokes and appreciate a sense of humor, but don’t simplify sexual relations with irony. Take it off with your clothes.

Common turn offs for guys

Here are 10 things that a girl can do to kill her partner’s sexual desire.

1) Offer to watch porn and judge him for reacting to it

Most men watch porn, and they do it regularly. And women know it. They think: “Well, I’ll accept it. I won’t laugh at it, and maybe I’ll even suggest that we watch porn together.” What women don’t usually take into account is that all their partners’ attention will be drawn to porn. So here what happens: guys can’t take their eyes off the screen, and the actors become the main participants in foreplay.

And that’s not all. Some women feel insecure when they watch porn with their partners. “We've never done anything like this together. He obviously never got anything like that from me,” they think after watching porn with their lovers, “maybe he wants something like this or thinks that I'm not that liberated for sex, and it scares me.” Such thoughts can turn into one of the serious turn offs for girls.

2) Make loud noises, especially when others can hear

Moans usually turn guys on, but they are scared when the girl screams as if she's being strangled with a pillow. Not to mention embarrassment. And embarrassment together with fear can kill passion. Some girls think that guys like noisy sex because it’s an indicator of their strength and attractiveness. That’s not true. At this moment, the guy is most likely afraid that his neighbors or parents might hear the noise.

common turn offs3) Lean back and watch indifferently

Such mistakes become common turn offs for men. Acting like a dead body isn’t the best strategy in bed. Yes, some women believe that this is how the expression “I’m all yours” looks like. But leaning back and thinking about something else isn’t just boring – it looks like patronizing behavior. A woman shows that just allowing her partner to have sex with her is enough to satisfy him. Ladies, that's not true.

4) Go to the toilet before sex

This is a pretty nasty, but common mistake. If a girl expects oral sex from a guy, she shouldn’t ignore her hygiene.

5) Leave scratches on the partner’s back

In movies, scratches on the back look sexy. In life, they just hurt. Badly. Especially if such torture happens regularly. Ladies, guys aren’t masochists. All this will just make a man scared of another night of love with his torturer. That’s another addition to our list of turn offs.

6) Try something new in bed without discussing it in advance

Bringing something new to sex is great and useful, but it's better to warn about such experiments in advance. Most guys know what experiments fall into this category. Forcing the partner to try something new (and that’s exactly how it looks) without warning is a sign of disrespect to the partner's opinion.

7) Be too concerned about the body

If the girl tries to hide her body from her partner all the time, covering it with blankets and turning the lights off, she won’t be able to turn him on. Hiding her body, the girl not only deprives the guy of visual pleasure (and this is what fuels sexual desire). This behavior is often interpreted as the unwillingness to participate in sex.

8) Stick to missionary position only

Women prefer a missionary position for many reasons. Some of them are justified: it’s not complicated, and you can keep an eye contact. And some aren’t: this position hides most of the body and requires less effort from a woman. If your partner doesn’t want to try other positions, this can ruin your sex life. There are no sex turn offs for guys that would damage a relationship more than monotonous sex. Full participation is very important in bed.

9) Control the partner’s orgasm

Every time a girl asks her partner to wait a couple of minutes to finish together or tries to control his orgasm in some other way, she makes him paranoid. He begins to think that he’s not able to satisfy his woman. All this doesn’t add sexual confidence, leaving a sense of guilt instead.

10) Turn sex into a favor

Among the biggest turn offs for guys, this one is the worst. Agreeing to sex, some women do everything to show that they do a big favor to a man, without getting anything in return. Sex should be mutual, no matter how banal it sounds. If you see that it’s not, don’t be afraid to tell her about it.

In conclusion

As you can see, men and women have different turn offs and turn ons. But both sexes have one common problem: reluctance to experiment. If you’re in a long-term relationship, don’t be afraid to bring something new to your sex life. Sexual life really gets boring, and there’s a lot of things that you can do about it. Try different positions or role-playing. Do whatever you want, if your girlfriend is OK with this. Discuss your fantasies with your partner over a glass of good wine, and you will be surprised how quickly they can come true.

Your mistakes can improve your sex life. And don’t forget that women aren’t looking for Casanova in every man. They just want you to make an effort in the relationship. Fight boredom with excitement and surprises. The most important thing is that you have a partner who would like to change for you, too.

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