Getting Back into the Dating Scene after a Pause


There are different reasons why people stay away from the dating game for a long time. The most beautiful one is that they were in a long-term relationship. Another one is that they were focused on their studies or career. The question about starting to date someone usually arises when you get over a breakup or when you realize that being single sucks. However, when you’re not engaged in a certain activity for a long time, you gradually lose your skills and the idea of getting back to it scares you. Very often, this is the case with dating. Singles, who feel they are ready for a new relationship, are usually at a loss because they don’t know where and how to start. If you decided to get back into the dating game, the fear of the unknown shouldn’t prevent you from doing it. The following tips will help you make a new start.

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Make sure you moved on.

Before you go out in searches of potential dates or register on an online dating site to meet women, you should be 100% free from the burden of the previous unsuccessful relationship. If you want to find somebody just because you think it will help you to recover from your past relationship, you should know it won’t. You’ll need some time to move on and get psychologically ready for a new relationship. Analyze your mistakes, think what led to your breakup or divorce, draw conclusions, and leave the past behind. How to understand that you moved on and are ready to restart? You’ll find yourself feeling inner freedom and thinking more about your future.

Believe in yourself.

Breakups or long periods of staying single undermine our self-esteem. We feel shattered and depressed at first but it’s possible to regain your confidence. There is a universal recipe: work and positive emotions. Get a new hobby or plunge into work. Surround yourself with loving friends and relatives – they will support you and boost your confidence. Open your heart for positive emotions, feel loved by your nearest and dearest, and soon you’ll believe in yourself again.

Know what you’re looking for.

It’s important to understand what goals you pursue getting back into the dating pool. Of course, you can’t predict anything but you should know what you expect. It’s OK if you don’t plan a serious relationship and just want to meet new women to warm up your social skills. It’s a norm if you look for a casual relationship so far. And even if you want to find your future spouse, you should remember that any relationship starts with some small things.

Embrace failures.

Dating is a game for adults. If you’re not afraid of losing, you’ll be able to play it. If the woman you go out with turns out to be your perfect match, you’re simply a lucky person. But if you have several unsuccessful dates in a row or can’t find an appropriate date for a long time, don’t give up. Good things are round the corner. Try to look in other places and be patient.

first dateGet your friends’ support.

Tell your friends about your plans to start dating again. They should know that you’re open for new acquaintances. Apart from providing their support, some of them might introduce you to their single friends. Also, they know about your past relationships and will come up with a timely piece of advice when you start dating a new woman.

Be open and unbiased.

This time you know what you want and you have a list of requirements for your potential date. But be flexible with that list. You’re mature enough to realize there is nothing perfect in this world. If you meet a woman and she doesn’t meet all of your requirements but you feel a connection, give it a try. If you know that you need a person totally different from all of your previous experiences, look for her in the places different from those where you usually meet women.

Have fun on your dates.

View your dating game as an opportunity to meet new women, remember how to court them, and do romantic things. Focus on your date, get to know her better, tell her about yourself. Both of you should feel comfortable, so set the right mood for the whole date from the start by being courteous and funny. Be able to keep up a smooth conversation and create a positive atmosphere. With every next date, you’ll improve your skills and realize what you really look for in women.

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